Where to Stay in Langkawi?

A few of you have asked what places I’d recommend for accommodation in Langkawi.  Mostly we’ve always stayed on Pantai Cenang, as I like to be within walking distance of cafes and restaurants and right on the beach.  So, of the places I’ve visited so far, here is my personal low down:

Sunset Beach Resort – Super clean and simple rooms. Right on the beach with lush green gardens. Great location for restaurant / bar hopping and value for money.

Beach Garden Resort – Clean, simple accommodations merely footsteps to the beach. Reasonably priced with the added benefit of an awesome restaurant and hearty breakfasts.

Casa del Mar – Beautiful!  Thoughtful attention to details and shiny new facilities including bathtubs, i pod docking stations, flat screen TVs and balconies facing the sea. Classy, stylish and in an excellent location for exploring the rest of Pantai Cenang. Be prepared to pay highly for it though.

Frangipani – Very popular with expatriates and tourists from Europe. Nice pool and beach area but expect to pay tourist prices.

Sheraton Beach Resort – Stunning location with lush greenery, long beaches and rocky bays, full amenities and enormous rooms. It is getting a little old though and seems in need of an update. If you’re a foodie, you definitely need to hire a car so that you can explore the island’s other dining options – hotel food is way overpriced. Room prices are quite reasonable if you search for deals on the internet.

Other picks – While I haven’t stayed at the following places myself I’ve visited friend’s while they’ve enjoyed accommodations in these spots. All of them are a bit more than what I like to pay for a hotel room, but many people coming from the Western world find the expense quite reasonable.

Bon Ton/ Temple Tree – Traditional 100 year old homes, refurbished to maintain their charm but fully fitted with modern day conveniences. Food is good at Bon Ton but if you want more dining options you would need a car to explore.

Westin Beach Resort – Style and service as only the Westin knows how. If you spend that amount on a hotel room, plan to stay the whole time in the hotel to luxuriate in their facilities and get your money’s worth.

The Andaman – Located on ‘the other side’ on one of the nicest and quietest beaches on the island. Tranquil, green and gorgeous. Another place where you should plan to maximize their resort facilities.

Would love to hear your opinions on places to stay in Langkawi too. Add a comment below if you have recommendations.

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  1. You are walking encyclopedia for places to stay at Langkawi!

  2. so i guess that sunset beach resort is definetely my choice of hotel….
    bar hoping is definetely d best activity in Langkawi .. right?

  3. Hmmm Langkawi has a lot of beaches! Is it a small island?

  4. Been to Langkawi twice and for both of the visits, I did not stay along Pantai Cenang because I was on budget trips. Haha. Nevertheless, my stay for the next visit should be one of those hotels. πŸ˜€

  5. Haven't had a chance to visit Langkawi yet, but now I know where to stay if we go. πŸ™‚

  6. Bon Ton sounds more eclectic with the old-world/old-island charm. That might be a good bet, yes?

  7. casa del mar sounds wonderful. if i ever strike the lottery or get a substantial inheritance from a rich dead uncle, i'm gonna be staying there! πŸ˜€

  8. i'm heading to Westin one of these weekends:D

    Actually Berjaya Langkawi is quite good too. Was staying there last Oct.

  9. Im planing for a trip to Langkawi, with my family. We have 8 adults and 7 children, can you please advice where to stay is most suitable.

    Thanks for help. πŸ™‚

  10. I'm planing for a family trip to Pulau Langkawi on this october, with 8 adults and 6 children, seek your advice is if there is any recommended hotel or resort suite us?

    Your kind help and advise is highly appreciate. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi, Im going on my honeymoon in mid October. Would you advise to stay somewhere other than the Four Seasons?

    • Hi, There are lots of fantastic places to stay in Langkawi! The Westin, for example, has very romantic villas and can customize everything to your needs. It all depends on what exactly you are looking for. What are you looking for?

  12. Hi, Im going on my honeymoon in mid October. Would you reccomend I stay at the Four Seasons?

  13. Hi, thanks for your recommendations. Gives me a good starting point in planning for my family's trip to Langkawi. Do you have suggestions of an apartment or hotel suitable for long-term stay?

    We are thinking of a week long trip in December with 8 persons. Hope you can help. Thanks!

  14. Hi, thanks for your recommendations. Gives me a good starting point in planning for my family's trip to Langkawi. Do you have suggestions of an apartment or hotel suitable for long-term stay?

    We are thinking of a week long trip in December with 8 persons. Hope you can help. Thanks!

  15. Sorry Danes, I'm not familiar with hotels/ apartments suitable for long term stays. If you find a good one, do let us know. Hope you enjoy your trip to Langkawi. πŸ™‚

  16. Hi I've just come across this blog and I've had the pleasure of staying at the Four Seasons last year with my family. I would highly recommend the hotel, its stunningly beautiful and a great choice for a honeymoon. Don't let the fact that I came with my family scare you off as they have different areas for family swimming and the adult pool is awesome!! We did feel a little isolated though as the location is far away from Pantai Cenang and not really even close to any good restaurants that we could find. We stayed four nights at the Four Seasons and then another three at The Danna. I hope that helps you with your decision.

  17. I've been reading reviews that Andaman Langkawi's quite run down. Is this true? How did you find the food quality at Westin? Heard that they are the best in terms of food. Any advice?

  18. Hi
    I am planning a trip with my wife and one daughter who is six years old.

    I want to find a hotel which is priced around $100/ and my priorities are as follows
    I want to stay close to the beach or maybe right own the beach
    Also if possible it should be close to the night life and shopping
    I won't be staying in the hotel all the time therefore need a good and hustling bustling area
    Trip in June 2013

    • Hi Asim, Are you talking RM100 or $100 USD? Of the places listed above, Sunset Beach Resort and Beach Garden are the most affordable.

  19. Hi editor, i am planning a trip with my college friends to langkawi,(6of us) we are actually looking at some near the beach hotel with lower budget and decent facilities. Can you recommend us where to stay? Thank you for your effort and hope to get a reply soon..

    • Hi Keith, Of the hotels I know, the two above, Beach Garden and Sunset Beach Resort are the least costly. Do let me know if you find a spot that you love. Wishing you a great time.

  20. Nice comprehensive list. For years i've been longing to visit Langkawi & i just booked a stay at the Westin at the end of May. Recent reviews on tripadvisor & various sites left me with mixed feeling though….i just hope for the best. reading your blog about Langkawi sure alleviates my feelings a bit.

    • Hi Ann, The Westin has undergone renovations since my last stay. Apparently it's even better πŸ˜‰ Hope you have a wonderful stay. Warm regards, Monica

  21. Langkawi boasts many luxury 5-star resorts with private beaches and gardens, but there is something for everyone’s budget with clean and inviting backpacker accommodation still very popular. The island is just waiting to be explored and is best done by renting your own transport and traveling along the lush jungle roads and to the lesser known hidden beaches. Stay there in boutique hotels Langkawi Ambong Ambong Rainforest Retreat. Here’s a look at the most popular destinations on the island to help you decide where to stay in Langkawi
    1. Pantai Cenang
    2. Pantai Kok
    3. Teluk Datai
    4. Tanjung Rhu
    5. Pantai Tengah
    6. Padang Matsirat

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