Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, Bandar Sunway, Malaysia

Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
Mandara Spa Reception

Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, Bandar Sunway
“Transcend. Transform. Trust the Moment.”

Two enormous elephant statues guard the entrance to Mandara
Spa at Sunway Resort Hotel. Upon advancing under the tusk shaped archway, a
jungle-bordered road led us to a narrower tree lined path and small plant-enveloped
parking spaces. A short stroll through the green to the reception had us
disconnected from the urban landscape and the stresses that go with it. We
already had a feeling that this experience would be distinct from the many others
we’d tried in the city.
Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
Main entrance from the road – look for the elephants
With the luxury of such a huge piece of land, Mandara Spa is
gifted with verdant vistas from every angle. The outdoor patio overlooks the
canopy layer of trees, while open treatment room windows are shaded with leafy
mosaics. Far enough removed from the road and hubbub of the metropolis, the
surrounding nature breathes calm and peace.
Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
Entrance to Mandara Spa
Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
Green views from the balcony

Neutral tones and natural materials mark the design of the
lobby and rooms. A balance of spaces, cater for both couples and singles. From
double deluxe spa suites equipped with private bath, steam shower and
relaxation area, to the more simple manicure/ pedicure area, all feature soft
lighting, floral arrangements and the subtle scent of aromatherapy products.
Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
Treatment Rooms
The trickle of running water and gentle Balinese spa music
with soft flutes and wildlife sounds, continued the connection to nature. Upon
seating in the waiting area, we were presented with cold peppermint scented
towels, chilled tea and time to discuss our options with the kindly staff.
Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
Welcome tea
Skin treatments and massage are the highlights of any visit
to Mandara Spa. A comprehensive range of facials suite every skin type and the
massage menu covers the key healing practices of the region. Body wraps, scrubs
and manicure/ pedicure services complete the range of options. Packages are
suggested including a variety of extras such as foot soaks, steam showers and
floral baths, but the staff are flexible and happy to help you design your own
program to suite personal preferences.
Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
The incorporation of Elemis spa-therapies is a key selling
point of any menu item. This luxury range from England has a well-reputed name
and clinical trials to support its benefits. The Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
series is worth a special mention. The story goes that a French cosmetic
scientist was diving off the coast of Malta, when he came across a shipwreck.
Exploring the site he discovered a fan shaped algae and noticed that the wood underneath
where it was growing had remained preserved. After 10 years of research into
its effects, Elemis combined this ingredient with other proven marine extracts
to form its Pro-Collagen range.
Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
Elemis products
The Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial for RM515 grabbed
my attention. Claiming to be “clinically proven” to reduce wrinkles by 94% and
improve skin firmness by 57% after just one treatment, how could I refuse?!
Professional strength formulations were supposed to leave me “firmer, uplifted
and more youthful” – yes please, where do I sign?
Hubby, also wanting a bit of youth back, opted for the male
version, the Elemis Skin IQ+ Facial for Men. At RM495 for 75minutes he was also
hoping for miracles to gift him with the “ultimate skin overhaul with maximum
anti-ageing results.”  The harsh effects
of shaving, travel and environmental pollution, were all promised
counterbalancing with this therapy.
Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
Couple’s treatment room
Both male and female staff work on guests so you can choose
whatever gender you’re comfortable with. We didn’t mind either way, so said we
were happy to go with whoever was available. The facials entailed a series of:
cleansings; creams; hot and cold towels; head, arm and hand massages; masks
and; heating and cooling compresses. We both found the period in the procedure relaxing
in itself, but also the results rewarding. Only time will tell how long the
benefits last, but we both noticed each other’s complexions visibly more supple,
smooth and line reduced following the session.
Mandara Spa, Sunway Lagoon
Natural Scrubs
The main reason we visit a spa though is for massage. Too
many hours on the computer, too much time on our feet, not enough stretching
and insufficient breaks, see us both tense balls of kinked muscle and stress by
the week’s end. So, further into the menu we browsed.
Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
Flower Bowl
Wanting a good body massage but also more attention paid to
my feet, I chose the Spa Sampler (RM290) lasting 80 minutes, combining a 50
minute Muscle Ease Massage finishing with 30 minutes of Fancy Footwork. The
body massage is perfect for active people and those who are not new to a
powerful rubdown. My therapist had strong hands and, while it was a little
painful in a few sensitive areas (mostly my calves), she managed to push out
the knots and kinks through deep tissue strokes. Ginger, clove and nutmeg oil
was the well-recommended blend for this heavy duty muscle workout. The foot
massage ended this component and, while the force was strong enough to actually
have some benefit beyond relaxation alone, it wasn’t the squeal inducing
reflexology that I’ve achingly endured too many times in Asia.
Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
Aromatherapy Oils
Hubby chose the 90 minutes Royal Thai Massage RM305 in the
hope of stretching out some tight muscles and easing some sore points in his
lower back. No oil is used in this massage. Instead clients are dressed in
loose white clothing and treated on a low-lying mattress. This enables the
therapist to use multiple body parts and his/her own weight to increase
pressure. Both deep tissue pressure points and an elongation of muscles are
used to release tension and increase flexibility.
Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
Foot Ritual
Stretched, de-creased, unknotted and revivified, we left
thankful for the excellent therapists, quality products and the ‘not-a-crowded-smogged-overheated-carpark’
amble back through the greenery to our car, that Mandara Spa at Sunway Resort
Hotel had gifted us with.
Mandara Spa, Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, Bandar Sunway
Map to Mandara Spa
Reason to visit:  Excellent therapists, Elemis Anti-Aging
Facials, a green escapade from the city
Mandara Spa
Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
Persiaran Lagoon
Bandar Sunway
46150, Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
+6 03 7492 8000
Open 10am – 9pm

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  1. Oooo..nice. No photos of the masseurs?

  2. what a lovely pampering session!! 🙂

  3. wow, for a split second, i thought that was a REAL elephant in that photo! 😀 the setting does look great, almost like a forest resort somewhere very far away from KL! 😀

  4. I've always passed that elephant whenever the folks and I are returning from Sunway Pyramid (or from the hospital), but didn't know that there was a spa inside there.

    Sunway Hotel has definitely chosen a great place for the spa! =D

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