Jurlique DAY SPA, The Landis Taipei, Taiwan

 Nature+science = beauty

Founded in 1985 by husband and wife team, Dr. Jurgen and Ulrike – scientists in chemistry, herbology, homeopathy and alchemy – the Jurlique skin care range has long held international acclaim for first-rate products. Farming their own biodynamic herbs and botanicals in the isolated and unpolluted environment of South Australia, the product range offers supreme quality formulated with home grown potent living energies. These are the ideals upon which the Jurlique DAY SPA is rooted.
Luxury hotel, The Landis Taipei, is the perfect location for a spa of such merit. Located on the top floor, the spa lounge benefits from natural light and a rooftop relaxation area with greenery and fresh breezes.
Jurlique DAY SPA, The Landis Taipei, Taiwan
Outdoor Garden Table
Jurlique DAY SPA, The Landis Taipei, Taiwan
Rooftop Deck Chairs
Solid timber tables and real stone benches furnish the area, while pale ivory fabric upholsters the couches. A colourful array of flowers and plants are framed as photographs in black iron trim and, products in attractive gift packaging adorn the shelves. Cream fabric drapes from the ceiling lightening the room and at the same time making it feel intimate and welcoming. Sleek metal lamps hang from above providing a warm orange glow. The simplicity in design and connection with nature breathes Australian countryside.
Jurlique DAY SPA, The Landis Taipei, Taiwan
Floral Tea Start
Therapists at the spa are trained by an instructor from the Jurlique headquarters, with quality check-ins happening two to three times a year. With a reputation for excellent skin care products, facials, of all types, are the leading treatments on the menu. Massage, body scrubs and hand and feet care support the offerings.

Jurlique Pure Age-Defying Facial Treatment
(60 minutes, NT$3200)
The promise of diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and, renewing skin was all that was needed to help me decide which facial to choose. Utilizing the Purely Age-Defying Firming Face Oil as a key constituent, the Age-Defying Facial assured anti-aging and restorative effects.
Jurlique DAY SPA, The Landis Taipei, Taiwan
Facial Treatment Room
Snug under the covers of the massage bed in an individual treatment room, cream after cream was applied to my face and removed with moist warm towels. Each had a light natural smell and high moisture content. While the final mask was left on for a longer duration to do its work, my arms, neck and shoulders were massaged turning the beauty treatment into an all-encompassing experience of relaxation. When all the cleaning products were eventually removed, a moisturizing oil tendered the final touches, leaving my skin feeling soft and radiant.
Jurlique DAY SPA, The Landis Taipei, Taiwan
Firming Face Oil
Meanwhile, hubby had partaken in a massage.
Jurlique DAY SPA, The Landis Taipei, Taiwan
Massage Treatment Room
Jurlique Aromatherapy Body Massage (60 minutes NT$4000)
First the therapist introduced herself and offered me whiffs of massage oils that I could choose for my treatment: lemon; lavender; mint and; rosemary. I went with the rosemary as the gorgeous aroma inspired instant calm. Tucked into my warm, comfortable bed the treatment began. Encouraging me to breathe deeply and “just relax” the masseuse began her firm manipulation of my muscles. She was clearly highly skilled and her purposeful technique soon removed knots between my shoulder blades and, soothed my tired muscles. In the sixty minute treatment my entire upper body, with a strong focus on back, was covered. I was sad to hear the words, “Sir we have finished.” I recommend booking the 90 minute session for a complete body rub down. This treatment was a real joy!
Jurlique DAY SPA, The Landis Taipei, Taiwan
Rosemary Cookies and Floral Tea Finish
Treatments are a great way to try out some new products from the Jurlique range. If you enjoy them, they make thoughtful gifts for yourself or a friend. Try before you buy! We took back a citrus and jasmine hand cream, falling in love with their scents and super hydrating properties that worked their magic without leaving a greasy trace.
We recommend visiting the Jurlique DAY SPA on the first day of your hotel stay so that you have an opportunity to return before you leave.

Reason to visit:
a comprehensive range of facials using signature Jurlique skin care products
Jurlique DAY SPA
The Landis Taipei
Top Floor
41, Se.2, Min-Chuan East Road
Taipei 104
+886 2 2597 1234
+886 2 2598 3455
Open 10:00 – 22:00
Last appointment: 20:30

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  1. Looks like a pretty good place to relax in the city, the sunlight would be welcoming during colder months.

  2. the outdoor garden and rooftop deck chairs are a very cool touch! 😀

  3. Heavenly.

  4. Taipei Traveller

    What a lovely place. Thanks for the lead.

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