Shook! Bar, Feast Village, Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Feast village, starhill gallery
Shook! Bar

Shook! Bar, Feast Village, Starhill Gallery

Feast Village is a banquet for the eyes as well as the
stomach. We’ve just had our fill of both at the extraordinary Fisherman’s Cove
(seafood fine dining) in this architectural fantasia of restaurants and, now
we’re looking for liquid refreshment.
The openness of Shook! Bar calls to us. It’s perched on the
upper platform of a split-level, furnishing guests with an unobstructed view to
the central stage, the tables in Shook! restaurant and, the main escalator
entrance. It’s a perfect roost for crowd watching.

starhill gallery, feast village
Shook! Bar
Classic tunes from black and white films, both western and
eastern, sound the background showering the bar with a lively touch of fun and class.
A band plays soft jazz tunes Tuesday to Sunday evenings 7:30 -11:30pm, and
Sunday during brunch from noon until 4pm. We’re already feeling comfortable at
the bar and entertain the idea of returning again to listen to some live music.
The Bar menu inspires us with its cover quote by Cesar Ritz,
“Never say no when a client asks for something, even if it is for the moon. You
can always try.” Well we’re here to ask for some cocktails and hope the
bartender won’t say no. Cocktails are divided into Signature Drinks for Her,
for Him and Middle Things, and a good list of Ultimate Classics. Beers, wines,
spirits, mocktails and, hot beverages complete a comprehensive roll of

Feast village, shook!
Bartender Nasir, Mixing up some cocktails
Valentine’s Day

The bartender assumes we’re on a date and offers me
something he’s just finished perfecting, a Champagne Royal. It kicks us off to
a tingling start with Apricot Brandy and Raspberry Liqueur topped up with Laurent
Perrier Champagne in an elegant flute. Garnished with a bright red strawberry
and two fruit quarters floating on top, it’s effervescently refreshing and not
too sweet.

feast village, shook! starhill gallery, ytl
Champagne Royal
Classic Cocktails
Hubby chooses next and El Presidente (RM36) has tickled his
fancy. Cheekily named in honour of Cuban president Gerardo Machado, who ruled
throughout most of the prohibition years, it’s a drink with a kick. Rum,
vermouth and grenadine make the mix and, a twist of lemon peel floats in the
dark pink liquid.

shook! feast village, starhill gallery
El Presidente
Signature Cocktails –
Things for Her
There’s no hiding hubby’s sweet tooth and his next selection
is from the Things for Her section. Just
For Mary aka Marytini (RM36) blends Belvedere vodka with melon schnapps and
honeydew melon juice. It’s finished with a sprig of rosemary. We’ve heard this
was an award-winning cocktail concocted by a former Shook! bartender. The delicate
balance between fruit and herbs shows us why it was an obvious crowd pleaser.

feast village, starhill gallery, shook!
Just For Mary aka Marytini 
Signature Cocktails –
Things for Him
Shaken, not stirred, the James Bond Martini (RM36) is
assembled with both gin and vodka and a drop of extra dry Vermouth. It’s
supposedly a strong, manly drink. I guess I’m masculine, as I love it. Hubby is
most fond of sweeter unions, but I prefer my liquor straight up, so this mix is
well suited.

shook bar, starhill
James Bond Martini 
Small bites, hot and cold, range from RM10 to RM16 and makes
good bar fodder. If you don’t want to give up your seat, with prime view of the
live music, the restaurant is happy to send over something from their full menu
to satisfy any craving. Our favourites from Shook! are the Dancing Prawns, but
we decide to explore the bar menu and order a few tapas style nibbles.
Grilled Beef Chorizo (RM16) with kalamata olive and mustard
comes beautifully presented. Individual sausage slices are topped with rolls of
shaved cucumber. A bowl of crushed Kalamata olives is in the centre for

starhill gallery
Grilled Beef Chorizo
Goat Cheese (RM16) coated in roasted pistachio proves more
than a mouthful of flavour. We’ve got cocktails, but I bet these tasty balls go
nicely with a crisp New Zealand sauvignon blanc.

starhill gallery, shook, bar menu
Goat’s Cheese Rolled in Pistachio
Smiling because our tummies and taste buds are happy, we wander
off to find out what else Starhill Gallery has to offer.
Reason to visit: great
people watching position; easy set up to talk to other patrons or just your
partner; best spot for enjoying the nightly live music; comprehensive drink
menu; well presented bar snacks.
Shook! Bar
Feast Floor
Starhill Gallery
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2782 3848

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