Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC), Spring Menu, Troika, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC), Spring Menu, Troika
Acme Bar and Coffee – dressed for spring

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC), Spring Menu

Words by Naomi Martin
Photos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)

Kuala Lumpur has a wide range of restaurants, with an equal variety of mouthwatering food to choose from. Among these is a delicious place called Acme Bar and Coffee, a simple western restaurant with a whole new menu for the spring. 

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC), Spring Menu, Troika
Acme Bar and Coffee
Walking into this restaurant gives you a stylish, yet nice old-fashioned vibe. The antique decor is very carefree, and a sign featuring flowers and butterflies made me excited to review the restaurant’s current spring menu. The place was packed with hungry families, which is always a sign of good food. 
Acme Bar and Coffee is situated on the ground floor of the Troika, facing Jalan Binjai. It is right next to the road and a parking lot, making it super easy to visit the restaurant. ABC has an outdoor patio, where most families enjoy their lunch, hoping not to get rained out. The tables on the bottom floor of the restaurant were all full, but there’s more space upstairs and that’s where we sat. 
The waiters led us to our table on the second and topmost floor, which had a very peaceful environment. They let us know what dishes we were going to be tasting that day, and all were specific additions to the spring menu. First, they brought a bottle of Hemisferio Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé wine from Chile. Now, I’m not going to make any comments about it, but those of drinking age said that the wine was light and easy drinking. They had no problem finishing the bottle.

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC), Spring Menu, Troika
Hemisferio Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé –  a lovely spring themed drop –  berries and light citrus on the nose with a full body and a crisp finish. A great ‘all rounder’ for food pairing or just as enjoyable sipped on its own.
The first dish that was brought out was the Nachos Trio Condimento, which featured three different dips for the chips. The spicy duck chorizo dip was the most favored at our table; it was slightly salty with a hint of pepper, giving the dip a nice spicy touch. The smoked onion chutney was sweet, and the texture of the onions was soft, and not crunchy, complementing that nachos well. The last dip was the pea mint hummus and crab meat, which was better on its own, rather than accompanied with the nachos. The dip tasted great by itself, but for my personal tastes I thought it too gentle to pair with the crunchy nachos. 

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC), Spring Menu, Troika
Nachos Trio Condimento
Next, the waiters brought the Moussaka Meatballs in a sizzling hot plate. The meatballs were perfectly dense and meaty, and had a hint of smokiness. The intensity of the tomatoes, cheese and aubergine jam really brought out the flavor of the meatballs, and the garlic bread was perfectly oiled, salted, and seasoned. There was also a nice topping of fried basil, which, as quoted from Monica is “a good way to eat your veggies!” 

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC), Spring Menu, Troika
Moussaka Meatballs
After the appetizers were done with, we were served the Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad. The shaved Brussels sprouts turned out a light base for a salad, and the macadamia nuts inside it provided a nice crunch. It was drizzled with a lime vinaigrette, which added a great tang. Small segments of grapefruit and coconut could also be found in the salad. My dining companions loved this dish.

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC), Spring Menu, Troika
Shaved Brussel’s Sprouts Salad
Time for the main course! The first that reached our table was the Chargrilled Sirloin Steak. The steak was cooked medium-rare, so was pink in the middle. The flavor was slightly smoky, giving it a Southern American vibe. The aubergine jam with chickpeas on the side tasted as if it was cooked in a beef sauce, as the flavors were rich. The texture of the sauce was creamy, and the chickpeas nice and firm. My fellow reviewers thought that the side was so good that it could easily be eaten on its own or mopped up with some crusty baguette. 

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC), Spring Menu, Troika
Chargrilled Sirloin Steak
The second main was the Sea Bass Fruitere. It consisted of a sea bass and several caramelized fruits. The combination provided a distinct contrast of sweet and salty. I personally thought that the sweetness overrode the salty taste, as the fruits were heavily sugared. The fish was nicely cooked, and topped with fish eggs, which provided a fresh burst of the ocean. It was a strongly seasoned dish suitable for those who appreciate rich intense flavors. 

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC), Spring Menu, Troika
Sea Bass Fruitere
Fully satisfied from the mains, it was time for desserts. Luckily, we all have a sweet tooth, so had reserved some tummy space. First out was the Rainbow Fruit Cake. Layers of moist sponge were interspersed with thick cream and berries. This was to Caning’s liking who had no trouble finishing off the last crumbs of the cake. 

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC), Spring Menu, Troika
Rainbow Cake
The very last dish we tried was a Berry Sorbet. It consisted of both strawberry and raspberry sorbets, with fresh strawberries mixed through. The combination really exploded with flavor in our mouths. Adding variance to the creamy texture of the ice cream was a cookie crumble, a great change in mouthfeel. While Caning was licking up the last drops of cream from the rainbow cake, the ladies were scooping up the final melted remains of the parfait.

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC), Spring Menu, Troika
Berry Sorbet
Whether it’s for a nice family brunch, or deciding where to take your friend from out of town, Acme Bar and Coffee is a perfect recommendation. Be sure to stop by soon to try the new spring dishes, as it won’t be spring for long!

Reasons to visit: easy to find and plenty of parking; good quality Western food; inviting decor; kind staff; outdoor patio; Moussaka Meatballs; Chargrilled Sirloin Steak; Berry Sorbet.

Acme Bar and Coffee (ABC)
Unit 1 The Troika
19 Persiaran KLCC
50450 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2162 2288
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  1. Nachos, meatballs!!! Just the appetizers alone would be good enough for my girl. She loves those!

  2. Love the wonderful colors of that rainbow cake, would love to try on that nachos and their guacamole dip too 😀

  3. Oh the berry sorbet looks so berry berry good!
    It's so rich.

    PS: ACME? At first I thought it's some kinda ANZAC-related post! He he…

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  6. Looks good and I like the interior.


  7. Wow! Such creative, pretty and saliva-inducing edibles! I do miss ABC.. Sprouts will finally get some street cred in that funky salad too 🙂

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