Just Caffe, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Run by a bubbly young team of passionate foodies, Just Caffe combines excellent coffee, with simple western fare, value for money prices and, an ethos of doing good.
Located in George Town in a rare position by the coast, seating outdoors benefits from a gentle sea breeze and, a takeaway order can easily be taken to the waterfront, where you can watch the rock fisherman try their luck or muse on life as the boats bob by.
Just Caffe, George Town, Penang
Grab a cup to take away and enjoy your java by the sea
Just Caffe’s interior is bright and happy with occasional plants greening the space. A wall message saying that 10% of profits go to Far East Ministries (who help over 650 children inside and on the border of Burma) lifts our spirits.
Just Caffe, George Town, Penang
Drink Coffee for a Good Cause
Just Caffe, George Town, Penang
Just Caffe
Owner Kelvin, tells of being inspired by international travel but strongly uninspired by academia and the strong pressure to study in Asia where only a few are seen as successful (those with the top grades). He wanted something that he was passionate about and where he could contribute positively to the community.
Starting the business with a friend, he claims they studied at the school of YouTube and graduated from the University of Google. Self-educated by the Internet and hours of hands-on experience, trial and error, and persistence has carried the café to where it is today – a popular place any time of day with a reputation in Penang for serving some of the best coffee on the
A simple menu of paninis, salads, pasta, wraps and desserts support the beverages. We try a couple of dishes from Just Caffe’s Hall of Fame. Veggie Lover Panini (RM10), Pesto Pasta (RM12) and the House Salad (RM10).
The House Salad is a mix of red and green lettuce, rocket, green peppers, grilled chicken, black olives, tomato and homemade dressing – red wine and balsamic vinegar, garlic and oil. A generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese showers the top. The dressing is delicious and the ingredients fresh. We can’t believe the price. It’s a steal!
Just Caffe, George Town, Penang
House Salad
The spaghetti in the Pesto Pasta is cooked perfectly al dente. Slices of chicken, black olives, a pesto sauce and oodles of grated Parmesan complete the dish. Again, we find our tummies and wallets both very satisfied.
Just Caffe, George Town, Penang
Pesto Pasta
Eggplant, green capsicum, lettuce, cheese and pesto fill the Veggie Lover Panini. Toasted and lightly crunchy on the outside, but soft within, it proves another comforting and pleasing item.
Just Caffe, George Town, Penang
Veggie Lover’s Panini
The reason, however, I first heard about Just Caffe was because of their coffee. A fellow aficionado recommended the place, raving about the quality of the brew. Just Caffe uses espressolab’s House Blend of fresh roasted coffee beans. My Café Latte (RM8) is well executed and a fine competitor for recognition in my list of quality cups.
Just Caffe, George Town, Penang
Hubby has been caffeine free now for a number of months, so orders the Iced Vanilla Milk (RM9). It’s simple and cooling and, leaves a huge grin of childhood on his face.
Just Caffe, George Town, Penang
Iced Vanilla Milk
We feel happy here. The ambience is cheery, the staff happy and, the food and beverage excellent value for money. Just Caffe is a gem on the edge of George Town worth seeking out.
Reasons to visit: excellent coffee; good value for money; light western lunch menu.
Just Caffe
52 Green Hall Road
(opposite Segi College)
10200 Penang
+6 04 261 2433
Just Caffe Opening Hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri and Saturday 11am – 10pm
Sunday open 11am – 5pm


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  1. Charity begins at home. Food looks good, love the salad. Place seems kind of deserted though… 🙁

  2. I like their panini sandwich!

  3. Hello, I'm back. 😉
    I just love this concept – killing two birds with one stone.

  4. That Veggie Lover Panini looks like something I'd enjoy. I'll have to stop there soon.

  5. what a terrific cafe, with a wonderful philosophy and beautiful background (with good-looking food at surprisingly pleasant prices too!). thanks for spreading the word about this place 🙂

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