top five restaurants in Bangkok

Top Five Restaurants in Bangkok

This month The Yum List asks friends from around the world to name their five favourite restaurants in a city of their choice. Here’s our first list of personal favourites from Marcus:

Marcus’ Top 5 Thong Lor, Bangkok Restaurants

Mellow, Thong Lor  – Great feel and good food with efficient service.  From decadent, spring rolls filled with cheese and ham to a very well done duck pomegranate salad, there is a lot to choose from. The stuffed pork chop is definitely worth trying.
Surface, Thong Lor – Tucked away behind a car park and in a kitsch garden setting, Surface serves great western cuisine (salads, soups, meats) and good drinks. Highly recommended.
Bad Motel, Thong Lor – In a building that looks like it’s collapsing, Bad Motel might look daunting from the outside, but you’ll find amazing Thai tapas, good service and quirky settings (check out the second floor dining area and third floor toilets).
Ginzado, Thong Lor – Japanese BBQ at its finest. The place may not look like a lot, but they have excellent meat cuts and a good selection of drinks. Just be a bit patient with the service.
Roast Coffee & Eatery, Thong Lor – For big traditional brunches and good coffee to cure the hangover, head to this place. The service may not be much, but it’s an airy, relaxing surrounding (love the high ceilings) with a creative breakfast menu and the coffee is well done (which says a lot coming from me. Hah).
Run by the same people, and great places to go if you like dark bars with a theme to them, good live jazz and great drinks.
The Iron Fairies, serves up good burgers, cold cut platters, salads and drinks in an intimate setting. You’re surrounded by little jars of various metal objects with fairy names on the labels that you can play around with. A live jazz band plays on the weekends.
Maggie Choo’s  is just something you have to experience – hard to describe (think old Shanghai), but it’s uber sexy. Get there before 10pm, grab a table near the stage and take it all in (live jazz that turns into house beats). Tell the taxi Novotel Silom and guys, wear long pants.
Where are you favourites spots to eat and drink in Bangkok?
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