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Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand

Crowning one of the most chic hotels in the city, So Sofitel Bangkok, is the rooftop restaurant and bar, Park Society. Not to be outdone by the fashionable reputation of the property itself, this restaurant brings itsown unique style to the summit with a contemporary wash of design forming an
enticing playground for culinary adventures and social gatherings.

Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok
A mesh of shiny steel, glass and mirrors reflect and distort fibre optic display walls, crystal chandeliers and geometric designs. A menu of contemporary cuisine utilizing western cooking techniques and infusing local flavours provides a well-executed line up of dishes. And then there are the views… located on the 29th floor, encased in a glass box, and overlooking the verdant Lumpini Park, a table window-side is in the least rewarding.

Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok
Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
View from Park Society
Staff are soon at our table and seem to magically appear and disappear at just the right point in time throughout the night. We’d like them to stay a little longer though to give closer scrutiny to their stylish uniforms: designed by Monsieur Christian Lacroix, we think we can gain a few fashion tips from this dapper crew.
Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
Bread Basket
Before we’re even nose into the menu, a choux pastry filled with melted Gruyere cheese and truffle oil brings a lashing of delight to our mouths. Contemplating both the possibilities on the menu and the joy on our tongues, commences the evening very positively.
Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
Cheese Pastry with Gruyere Cheese
It’s Easter the night we dine, so we decide seafood is in order and hence a drop of white to see us through. A Chilean chardonnay, Montes 2013 tickles our nostrils with pineapple and vanilla. Fruit continues in the palate and a layer of light butteriness takes us through to an elegant ending.
Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
A choice of warm breads is served to our table: baguette, wholewheat and soft white rolls. Butter and pesto tag along and we have to remind ourselves not to eat more than the two hot baked goodies we’ve already consumed to save some space for the three-course line-up ahead of us.
An Amuse Bouche of mushroom duxelle with truffle foam on toast and a drop of balsamic does its job of awakening our palates and tuning our interest for the dishes to come.
Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
Amuse Bouche
Two plump rounds of Lobster Tortellini with Crab XO (THB700) come bulging at the seams with crustacean. Wilted greens and mushrooms are tousled with HK-XO sauce, and a foam of lobster bisque tunics the entire dish. It’s a delicate see-saw of flavours and we find it an elegant entrance.
Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
Lobster Tortellini with Crab XO
I have fond memories of SO Sofitel Singapore’s Laksa Risotto and so seeing Risotto Tom Yum on the menu I couldn’t resist an order! Orzo pasta is cooked risotto style with that distinctive Thai soup seasoning, laced with coconut foam and crispy herbs, and surmounted with a firm but tender tiger prawn. It’s pretty fabulous, but I want to fly back to Singapore and do a side-by-side comparison with their laksa version before I hand down a final verdict on which I prefer the most.
Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
Tom Yum Risotto
Sea Tasting Combo (THB1900) furnishes flaky white pieces of pan-seared seabass, coral pink salmon, a fat orb of ravioli wadded with seafood, a succulent scallop, a chubby tiger prawn, rotund mussel, tender squid and sautéed vegetables. A stripe of bisque foam seeks out the corners of our mouths filling any remaining pockets with flavour. It’s a little bit of France and a little bit of Thailand. Spread across an enormous dark grey plate, the portion looks deceptively manageable. As we continue bite after bite however, we soon discover our tummies filling and our forklifting slowing. Despite being seafood, it’s a hearty dish.
Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
Sea Tasting Combo
Besides the seasonal menu, Park Society lists a So Healthy menu with calories recorded aside each recipe, and a promise of nutrition assured with every dish. The steamed Barramundi (THB1500) with a lentil salad and red wine sauce takes my fancy. Moist flakes of fish part with my fork and the textured green pulse base and chopped seasonal vegetables complete a nourishing nosh-up.

Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
A tiny jar of liquid mixed berry jelly topped with passionfruit sorbet cleanses our palates as a separation between savoury and sweet. Reality is though that it’s fresh and sweet and might do perfectly well on its own as a conclusion.
Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
Palate Cleanser
Hubby and I do turn abouts for the dessert. He’s indulged already so attempts to balance out his ending with a lighter finish in the Exotic Fruit Salad (THB300). Having saved a few grams of fat in my healthy main I feel justified in going all out in dessert with the Chocolate Smash Ball (THB350).
Tropical fruits are accompanied by a passion fruit sorbert, almond tuile and strawberry consommé in hubby’s finish. He’s overjoyed with his selection and states numerous times how he “knows the executive chef has a pastry background.”
Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
Exotic Fruit Salad
My sweet indulgence surprises me with a brownie mattress supporting a large hollow chocolate ball and a “hammer” at the ready for the “smash.” I guess I’d dismissed the name of the dessert, “Chocolate Smash Ball” presuming smash as in smashing or wonderful, not literally an instruction to break the orb to smithereens. A few violent thwacks with the chocolate mallet and a salted caramel mousse drizzled in a vanilla sauce and mated with berry compote are revealed. Yum!
Park Society, So Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand
Chocolate Smash Ball
Reasons to visit: chic design atmosphere; breathtaking views; contemporary western cuisine infused with local ingredients; choux pastry filled with melted Gruyere cheese and truffle oil; Tom Yum Risotto; Chocolate Smash Ball.

Park Society
So Sofitel Bangkok
2 North Sathorn Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
+66 2624 000

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  1. Chocolate smash ball??? That is incredible and such wonderful seafood. I'll have the Chardonnay and the Chocolate dessert, and I'll be just fine.

  2. The Sofitel chain is just so chic.
    This is a new addition since I was last in BKK.
    The location is interesting??? That central park!
    Is that area near what was called the Siam Centre
    and where the sprawling Inter-Continental Hotel was?

    My BNE watering hole is the Brisbane Sofitel.

    You will have me cross-eyed and with a tongue to the floor
    with all these exotic delights!
    I don't know how you and your hubbie manage???
    You don't need a third opinion do you???

    • Ah – worked out the location – didn't notice the Dusit Thani before
      and I also think on where the Embassies mainly are located.
      Very upmarket area of BKK!

    • Agreed and the Sofitel SO brand really make an effort to be a little different. There are only 3 of them in the world at the moment – all designed by different architects and designers. Location is stunning right? We felt as though we were in New York overlooking Central Park. And… hee hee Colin… we're always interested in a further opinion. 😉

    • Deleted due to a terrible spelling mistake.
      They are building one in Adelaide, South Australia.
      The plans look very impressive and I dare say the cost
      to stay will be high.
      I think you can google the plans etc.
      Good God how can you compare BKK with NYC??
      At least in BKK you are not likely to be mugged.
      No give me BKK any day over bloody New York.

    • Ha ha! True – do feel much safer in Asia in general than NYC and even some parts of Sydney and Gold Coast these days when we return. Just read that Malaysia is one of the cheapest places in the world for luxury stays. When you compare hotel rates, seems the prices here are a third of what they are at home.

  3. Love the greenery. Wow!!! It sure looks stunning at night with the lights.

  4. Chocolate smashball looks amazing!

  5. I wouldn't mind having a light and refreshing Exotic Fruit Salad for dessert 🙂

  6. The Barramundi looks delicious….if there I would order that.

  7. Gosh, the food looks real good & I would love to dine there too! xoxo

  8. the view from the window is splendid, especially with the juxtaposition of the greenery and the skyscrapers 😀

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