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aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson, Malaysia

Kirsten Durward and Monica Tindall
Of contemporary design, but inspired by Peranakan traditions, aVi Spa is truly something special and unique in Malaysia today. The stunning location reaching out over the ocean, with panoramic vistas, cannot fail to impress. Designed as a secluded sanctuary of stillness and simplicity, you truly cannot help but relax as you enter the space. From the first cool drink and refreshing towel we feel cocooned and totally taken care of. aVi Spa’s healing philosophy encompasses purely natural treatments, with an emphasis on high touch, low tech. For those with less time, or looking for a fun group booking, the upstairs aVi Space offers many hands on relaxation and beauty treatments in an environment that manages to be both fresh and sumptuous, with once again, dramatic sea views all around. The downstairs aVi Suites offer private sanctums, each with spa bathroom and sea outlook, everything calculated to unwind you, even as you undress.
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson
Group Treatment Area
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson
Welcome Refreshment
The treatments fall into three ranges:
aVi Signature – 100% custom made in house, each featuring one of four hand-blended essential oils designed around the four natural elements:
  Valour – for the water element is said to invoke confidence and control fear
  Poise – for the earth element, clams to install balance and alleviate stress
  Lightness – for the air element to encourage release and remove water retention
 Ardour – for the fire element to encourage passion (we are told this one is recommended for couples)
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson
Massage Oils
aVi Traditions – Peranakan inspired treatments using indigenous ingredients and natural Malay-Chinese remedies from the Baba Nonya bring ancient rituals into a contemporary setting.
Au Naturel – a range of products and treatments which are plant based and mostly organic. With a focus on ethical sourcing, the treatments use only the best natural ingredients in the purest most unprocessed form.
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson
Treatment Room
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson
Today we are being truly pampered and will experience a treatment from each theme on the menu. We feel like princesses as we are led into the fabulous premium couple’s suite, where the colour theme of turquoise and fresh white echoes the gently rolling sea that glides beyond floor to ceiling windows. With spa shower and steam room, free standing bath and outdoor relaxation area overlooking the turquoise ocean, the suite is a testament to why aVi Spa receives so many awards. If the treatments are as well thought out as the environment, we are in for a wonderful time today.
Relaxing on a spa bed with a ceiling fan gently whirring above is becoming one of my favourite ways to while away a couple of hours. Here at aVi Spa, the attention to detail is some of the best I have experienced.  I chuckle at the card beside the teal hand wash dispenser, ‘Shhh… Vacations at work.’  Perfect. We begin with a sumptuous foot ritual, immersing our tired toes and heels in generous bowls of orange infused and flower scattered water. Sea salt scintillates, energising the skin before it is sluiced off with a vigorous rubbing with fresh orange slices.
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson
Foot Bath
And so it is time to lay on that tempting bed and give over to pampering once again. Slices of cucumber are gently placed on our eyes and covered with a heavy warm herbed eye bag, while knees are supported with a soft bolster. While I start almost immediately to drift away, the therapist begins to massage a signature concoction of avocado, honey and coconut oil through my hair and into my scalp. This is the 30 mins Malay Strength Hair Treatment (RM139) which promises to both revitalise and strengthen my hair. In the meantime I am enjoying the soothing head massage as the therapists fingers tangle and twist away to the rhythm of the sea.
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson, Malaysia
Couple’s Suite
Hair wrapped in a light cotton cloth, we embark on treatment number two, the aVi Aroma Salt Glow (RM209). Earlier during our consultation we were asked to select our blend of essential oil for the treatment. I have settled on Lightness, a delightful combination of rosemary, basil grapefruit and and rose geranium, while Monica has headed for the sultry tones of Poise containing vetiver, jasmine, ylang ylang. I feel a revitalising zing through my skin as soon as the heady mixture is slathered on. From legs through arms and midriff, then onto shoulders and back, my willing therapist massages away all my dead dry skin while the oil seeps in, moisturising deeply. All too soon it is time to wash off in the spa shower, and I spend a further ten minutes relaxing in the en-suite steam bath before stepping out to join Monica on our private terrace for a cool drink and a refreshing sea breeze.
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson
Spa Deck
Slightly reluctantly, we dress for lunch upstairs, but are soon relaxing in the expansive and soothing surrounds of aVi Lounge, once again feasting our eyes on the ocean’s shifting colours. We enjoy a relaxed and light lunch and while away a couple of hours writing and chatting before resuming our extravaganza of pampering back in the embrace of aVi Suites.
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson
aVi Lounge
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson
Spa Lounge
Our afternoon treatment is from the new au naturel range, and this particular experience is one neither of us has come across before so we are rather intrigued and excited by it. Hot Lava Sea Shell Massage (RM443) is promoted as using the world’s first naturally self-heating massage tool. A large tiger clam shell is first filled with a gel teabag of magnesium, and iron, black lava and absorptive powders including dried kelp and sea algae. Then water with sodium chloride and essential oils is added. The chemical reaction between the two mixtures creates a natural heat that warms the smooth marine polished shell before it is used to massage away all cares and tensions.
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson, Malaysia
Hot Lava Sea Shell
As if we needed more cocooning and aid to unwind, this time our spa beds have been accessorised with heating pads. A pleasant warm relaxed sensation overtakes my body, as I lie face down gazing at the graceful natural arrangement of stones, shells and flowers in the polished white bowl below. Beginning with the breathing ritual, inhaling and exhaling aromatic oil with three deep breaths, I begin to float away on a cloud of delight, soft strains of music drifting through my ears. The polished shells slide easily over my skin, not unlike a hot stone massage without the attendant paraphenalia, and the warmth remains constant all through the massage. The therapist is extremely thorough, moving seamlessly from firm, sure hand massage to gliding and pressing the shells rhythmically over my eager and willing body. We indulge in 90 minutes of supreme therapy, and Monica agrees that she feels incredibly de-stressed, adding only that she is impressed with the skill of both therapists in accommodating her injured ankle without disrupting the flow of treatment. We concur that all four ladies we have met today have been highly skilled and well trained therapists.
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson, Malaysia
Tea and Fruit on Balcony After Treatment
Our final rejuvenating treatment is the aVi Hydrating Green Facial (60 mins RM 291 ++ 90 mins RM 349++). Beginning with a thorough cleansing and toning, the gentle therapist then apples a bamboo serum to calm and soothe the pores, softening the skin and improving texture. As I slide away once again to the lull of the ocean through the open doors, she massages a luscious avocado cream into my face before applying a refreshing peppermint face mask for ten minutes – ten minutes where I am treated to a sensational head and shoulder massage. Believe me here, no time is wasted and every stroke is calculated to add to your joyful experience. After cleansing off the mask a further bamboo serum is applied, then an aloe vera face cream together with eye and lip contour serums. For the third time today we are floated out to our balcony overlooking the sea, and I comment that I would just like to move in here please!  Monica can barely speak, she is in such rhapsody.
aVi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson, Malaysia
Sunset from the Spa Patio
All the treatments at aVi Spa last for the full time advertised, with the welcoming foot rituals and relaxation ginger tea drinking given extra time, just so that you can enjoy the beautiful ambience that little bit longer. We end our day in a complete zone of bliss, with softened shoulders, polished skin and luscious hair, upstairs in aVi Lounge, partaking of high tea and an evening cocktail as the sinking sun lights up the waters. I’ve had nigh on five hours of treatments and a whole day of respite by the ocean. I’m feeling very, very fortunate at this point in time.
avi spa port dickson
Cocktails on the Deck
Sunset Drinks on the aVi Spa Deck
Reasons to visit: total serenity, holistic natural spa treatments, experienced therapists, spectacular location
aVi Spa often offers special packages, together with a hotel stay, so keep an eye on the website.  We’re also excited to tell you about the fresh new spa menu which will be launched soon, where spa packages will be wrapped with a special set menu.  We tried it – delicious!
aVi Spa
Avillion Port Dickson 
3rd Mile, Jalan Pantai
71000 Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan
+ 6 06.647.5740



  1. Hmmmm!!

    A bit of over-the-top opulence I think. It certainly couldn't be cheap at that location
    and with the interior fittings and drinky-poos!!
    The over the sea "spa Lounge" would be ideal for launching off for water skiing
    or just good old diving and swimming.

    Oh dear another "Hmmmmmm" – Ardour Oil ?????
    I say no more. Wink wink nudge nudge!!!

    El Colin Cordobes, the middle triplet.
    PS: Has junior Cordobes been buying any oils lately??
    Wink nudge – nudge wink!!

    • Cheeky cheeky!
      Gorgeous location and again I must say, with the state of the currency at the moment, now is an excellent time to visit Malaysia. Foreign currency will stretch a long way.

    • CHEEKY ????? Moi. Nein Mein Frau – what is that in Spanish?? I think Frau is Senora?
      Problem for me is – travel insurance – my busted back.
      No airline would touch me with a forty foot pole.
      I do love your location maps – that for me is a real bonus.
      Anyhow it just shows that I read every little word – even what is on lotions, ha ha.
      The VERY observant Middle triplet, El Cordobes Colin.

  2. Wish there is one good one here. Lots around…like those at Bukit Bintang in KL, no, thank you.

  3. Spectacular view! The spa lounge looks like a place that i would spend my entire evening there!

  4. A truly idyllic setting and soothing ambiance! The views are absolutely stunning, and I love everything about this place. The furniture, the decor, the essential oils. Wow!

  5. a spa by the sea … beautiful! 🙂

  6. He he… I didn't know Port Dickson could be this blue!
    The sea was rather muddy the last time I was there.
    Some twenty odd years ago! He he…
    The spa lounge is amazing!

    • That was our initial thought too! We were a little hesitant to go as we remembered stories of murky waters and unclean beaches. Not true! At least not now anyway. Can't wait to return knowing there's a beach and fresh air not far from the city.

  7. I could definitely use this spa right now! Wow!

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