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Malkey Car Rental, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Setting foot in a new country for the first time mostly fills me with excitement. A mild apprehension of the unknown however can sometimes hinder my full enjoyment. A sure way to allow the pleasure of travel to take full helm for me is having a prearranged airport transfer. Knowing someone will be expecting me at the arrival hall, with plans to get me to my first destination safely, sets my mind at ease.

After some web investigation into the best airport transfer companies in Sri Lanka, Malkey Car Rental kept surfacing to the top of the list. They have over 40 years in the industry, one of the largest and most varied fleets (more on that in a moment) in the country, and is the only Sri Lankan company to be a ISO 9001:2008 Certified Vehicle Rental Company (which I later discover means they have an internationally recognised quality management system in place). Vehicles undergo regular safety inspections and service is fully guaranteed. Replacement vehicles and drivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event of an emergency. I’d say that gifts peace of mind.

Diverse would be an understatement in describing the vehicles under Malkey Car Rental’s service. From luxury cars, to family sedans, 30 seater buses, 4WDs and the classic and vintage fleet, there’s something for all predilections. Hubby eyes the restored Austin A40 Devon and the red Skoda Roadster (1950) Open Top with envy, while I smile at the flower paintwork on the Beetle Van while browsing their website. Cars are available both for self-drive, or with a chauffeur.

We’ve reserved an airport transfer and our first trip is with a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. A driver awaits our arrival at the airport with a name-board. I’ve also been given in advance his name and handphone number in the case of any confusion. All was arranged on line, and prices are transparent with a clearly defined list. Everything is communicated clearly and upfront, leaving no surprises.

Malkey Car Rental, Sri Lanka
Grateful for Some Assistance at the Airport

As we exit the terminal and are enveloped by the crowds and touts offering a variety of promises, we’re filled with gratitude for our Malkey Car Rental driver who whisks us through the throngs and swiftly into a pristinely kept Prado. We’re not only impressed with his skill and attention to safety on the road (all western conventions of road rules followed – including indicators and the avoidance of tailgating), but too the quality of the highway from the airport to Colombo. For a country recently recovering from internal turmoil, it apparently has been working hard to get some quality infrastructure in place.

toyota prado
Malkey Car Rental, Sri Lanka

Dropped off safely to our hotel, we follow with a whirlwind 36 hours of exploration, tasting and sipping in Colombo. The evening before we leave, I again receive a message indicating the pick-up time, driver’s name, and contact for our departure. It too goes off without a glitch, only this time our ride is a Jaguar XF.

VIP airport transfers Colombo
Malkey Car Rental, Sri Lanka

The driver pulls up to our seaside location and the blue of the ocean seems to reflect off the shiny white paintwork. We’re happy we have a midday flight so that we can appreciate the sleek design of this set of wheels. We’re grateful too for Malkey Car Rental who’ve started and ended our Colombo trip in safety and style.

Malkey Car Rental, Sri Lanka
Safe Ride

Reasons to reserve: over 30 years experience in the industry; high safety standards; prompt and efficient communication; a comprehensive range of vehicles to choose from.

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  1. I have friends who will want to rent a car and explore on their own everywhere they go. These days with the apps on their smartphones, very easy to get around.

  2. Colin Huggins

    Holy Catfish – that’s a bloody short trip!
    Ah you and Caning Cordobes Jnr. are being too
    pampered – pick up limos!!! Tut tut.
    Much more fun with innumerable hassles at
    airports / rail stations way back before this digital age.
    In Europe it was straight to “Kiosk 50” ( I think this was
    the name???) at stations / airports for accommodation
    advice and bookings etc etc.
    Of course the first stop for an overseas holiday / trip the booking
    and confirmation of a hotel or pensione room was imperative – one
    didn’t want that hassle on arrival!
    I can think of plenty of others eg: You land in Tokyo and your bags have gone
    tripping off to Johannesburg! I guess you know that feeling – ha ha.
    El Colin Cordobes

  3. I love the white car!

  4. I like the layout for this new site! Well done!

  5. Firstly – a lovely photo of you Monica, good to see you on the ‘page’.
    The site is user friendly, easy to navigate and all things work, so much work has been put into it – Congratulations.
    The light coloured car, for yes and no..

  6. You travel like a queen. 😉

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