Sapore, Ampang

Sapore, Ampang, Spanish & Italian Restaurant

Words: Heather Onderick Photos: Monica Tindall

Those of you romance language connoisseurs will know that the word Sapore means flavor in Italian.  A recent lunch at Sapore uncovered a bouquet of fresh flavors across a diverse menu offering hot tapas, cold tapas and main courses, plus a selection of cocktails that will definitely lighten up your week.

Sapore, Ampang

Located in the row of trending restaurants just between Jalan Ampang and Ampang Hilir, off the corner of the Hulu Klang, Sapore is nested in a row of must-try restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.  Having said that, Sapore is one of the few on this strip that comes with a unique combo of a fine dining chef, serving up bistro size portions with reasonable prices.  Nothing on this menu is too heavy and because there are so many dishes to choose from that is ideal because you can try a number of things.

Sapore, Ampang
Sapore, Ampang
Drinks at Sapore

Our afternoon lunch started out with one ruby red cocktail, the Sapore Crimson Pink house special and another grapefruit colored Sangria.  The Sapore Crimson Pink is not for the faint hearted.  If it’s been a long week and you need a strong cocktail to help relax and take the edge off, this is a smooth and dangerous cocktail that includes tequila, gin, vodka, whiskey and rum, with passion fruit juice and a splash of red wine.  The Sangria was balanced, and topped off with fresh squeezed orange juice which gives the taster the satisfaction of drinking liquid sunshine.

Sapore, Ampang
Cocktails at Sapore
Cold Tapas

Shortly after our drinks arrived, a lovely slate of cold cuts arrived. For those who have a soft spot for charcuterie, this plate did not disappoint.  Garnished with pickles and pickled onions, the board contained heaping portions of chorizo, salchichon, spicy salami, mortadella, porcetta and parma ham and was served alongside slightly toasted homemade Sun-dried tomato bread.

Sapore, Ampang
Cold Cuts

Because Monica, Caning and I were all lovers of embutidos, the charcuterie plate’s contents disappeared in seconds.  Luckily, our next plate appeared magically before us beautifully presented.  The Tuna Tartar with Avocado Guacamole (RM 38), served directly in the avocado, with sliced shallots, lemon, and capers.  Citrus infused creamy guacamole complemented the savory tuna making each biteful happiness.

Sapore, Ampang
Tuna Tartar with Avocado Guacamole
Hot Tapas

After sampling some cold tapas, it was time to warm up.  The Prawn Rolled with Pork Bacon (RM 32) drizzled with Chilli Oil and garnished with rosemary were a sizzling and soft addition to the meal.  A touch of spice partnered well with the buttery and fresh from the sea tasting prawns.

Sapore, Ampang
Prawn Rolled with Pork Bacon
Vegetarian Dishes

Our veggie friends would be enamored with the next dishes that were served.  First came, the sunshine yellow, Spanish Tortilla (RM 18), with softened onion, well cooked potatoes and creamy cheese that folded out of the tortilla like a fondant.  This was one of my favorite dishes on the menu and a nice interpretation  of the often dense Spanish Tortilla.

Sapore, Ampang
Spanish Tortilla

Right after we polished off the Spanish Tortilla, a fluffy comfort food followed. The Corn Polenta, Funghi & Truffle Oil (RM 16) was velvety and the oyster and beech mushrooms added a soft welcome texture.

Sapore, Ampang
Corn Polenta, Funghi & Truffle Oil
Spanish Wine at Sapore

During our tapas, we were offered two Spanish wines. One was an Airen, which was a white wine, oaky and dry, similar to a Chardonnay and the other, a Tempranillo, a dry red wine which often blends well with food to enhance the dining experience. Sapore have four wines available by the glass: two reds and two whites from Italy and Spain.

Sapore, Ampang
Wines by the Glass
Pastas at Sapore

With the chef slowly bringing us from more Spanish flavors into Italian flavors, we moved onto the pasta dishes and main courses.  There is something for everyone but we tried chef’s favorites.  The first, Pici Pasta with Minced Pork, Mushrooms, Green Peas and Cream (RM 36) was served with a kick in the form of spicy green chili paste.  This added spice gave the traditional flavors in this dish a distinct personality.

Sapore, Ampang
Pici Pasta with Minced Pork, Mushrooms, Green Peas and Cream

The Pappardelle with Wild Boar & Pecorino (RM 38) presented itself at the same time as the Pici.  The sauce was a warm, tomato, meaty ragu-like consistency over al dente handcrafted pappardelle noodles.  An ultimate comfort dish, this pasta is clearly made with love.

Sapore, Ampang
Pappardelle with Wild Boar & Pecorino

For those who prefer meat in place of pasta, the obvious choice is the Rabbit Confit with Corn Polenta (RM 98).  Made with rabbit flown in from Spain, and gently marinated in rosemary, garlic, salt, the tender meat was distinctly seasoned and gives diners an opportunity to have an earthy game dish which isn’t always to find in Malaysia.

Sapore, Ampang
Rabbit Confit with Corn Polenta

To finish off this sweet meal, we ended with a deliciously creamy Creme Brulee (RM 18), drizzled with a raspberry caramel sauce over apple compote and grated lime.  To get the wonderfully creamy texture, the chef explained that he steams the brulee cream for 1 ½ hours.

Sapore, Ampang
Creme Brulee

If you are looking for an authentic Southern European spread, with good portions and presentation with flair, Sapore is worth a visit.

Reasons to visit: Come for the unique, fluffy Spanish Tortilla with oozing cheese and the balanced, citric caramel accented Creme Brulee; stay on for friendly service and value-for-money Spanish and Italian cuisine.

Sapore, Italian Spanish Restaurant, Ampang
18 Persiaran Ampang
Desa Pahlawan
55000 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 4266 6362


  1. The shrimp wrapped in bacon looks fantastic, and the presentations are very creative and attractive.

  2. It must be rather an Spanisch than Italian restaurant. I love these creative hot and cold tapas… I even learnt Spanish 1 year long…. Nice review anyway. Beautiful place and gorgeous meal there…

  3. It all looks delicious 🙂

  4. I enjoy Italian and would love to try Spanish. Oooo…creme brulee, I like!

  5. Yes, there are a lot of good eats on this street. Like you said, rabbit isn’t always easy to find here (I’ve eaten it only once but that was only in bits cooked with Bomba rice), so I’d love to try a whole rabbit one day! ^_~

  6. I am trying to skip lunch and all the food photos are making me hungry!

  7. I must rush out and buy some oranges, they sound delightful in freshly squeezed in Sangria. I have always enjoyed rabbit, even going back to when I was a very small child and my Dad, during the years when my parents only had a few coupons to by meat after the war, used to go our regularly on the moor to shoot a rabbit for the pot. Of course they are easily available her in France. Have a good day, cheers, Diane.

  8. Everything looks good here. I am eyeing the cold cuts, prawn rolled with pork bacon and pastas. I have never eaten rabbit before and I wonder if I could without thinking of cute bunnies!

  9. Everything looks fantastic! Love the photos!
    Have a great day! xoxo

  10. Rabbit Confit with Corn Polenta catch my eyes…
    Creme Brulee is the best…

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