The Spirit of Kata Rocks - Gin Story – Craft Gin Thailand

The Spirit of Kata Rocks – Gin Story – Craft Gin Thailand

Monica Tindall

You know an establishment takes itself seriously as a destination for pleasure, glamour and parties when they produce their very own gin! The Spirit of Kata Rocks is a beautiful craft gin featuring botanicals native to Thailand produced by the team behind the stunning boutique villas, Kata Rocks Phuket.

This hand-crafted, ultra-small batch gin is distilled to celebrate high-quality produce unique to Thailand. Beginning with a base of Peruvian juniper berries and Angelica wild ginseng, it is finished off with the character of Thailand in an abundance of native herbs and spices. Lemongrass, coriander seed, bergamot leaf, Sichuan pepper, green pepper, cardamom, white mugwort, pomelo and lemon peel, Thai basil and oolong tea (coming from the very north of Thailand) interweave their way around the palate strengthening or weakening depending on individuals and mixers.

The Spirit of Kata Rocks Gin Story

We’re sitting on the deck of the bar at beautiful Kata Rocks Phuket ready for a gin story guided by the team’s food and beverage manager, Michael. With views overlooking the infinity pool that drop down to the Andaman Sea and nothing more but a few boats and the sun sinking into the horizon, the setting couldn’t be more adept for a cocktail.

“Are you ready for an adventure?” asks Michael, our Rock Star gin guide. If it involves Kata Rocks very own gin made with Thai botanicals… of course! And, if it’s with uninterrupted views of the Andaman Sea… absolutely!

Michael informs us that there are three steps in the Kata Rocks Gin Story: 1. Gin on the Rocks, 2. Gin and Tonic, and 3. Kata Rocks Secret, a hand-crafted cocktail.

The Spirit of Kata Rocks - Gin Story – Craft Gin Thailand
Michael kicking of our gin story

The Spirit of Kata Rocks – The Opening

1. Gin on the Rocks

The crystal clear liquid is first appreciated for its clarity followed by its complexity of aroma. Each time we go back in for another nosing we discover something new. It is extremely aromatic and our initial thoughts turn straight to Thai cuisine. It enters the mouth smoothly with some spice in the middle and then balances out in the finish. It’s not a common, burn the back of your throat experience, but rather quite suitable as a porch-sipper, supping, observing, and watching life slowly pass by.

The Spirit of Kata Rocks - Gin Story – Craft Gin Thailand
The Spirit of Kata Rocks Gin Story

The Spirit of Kata Rocks – The Middle

2. Gin and Tonic

A typical gin and tonic is dry, opening the palate and making a great aperitif. The addition of strawberries from Chiang Mai to the Spirit of Kata Rocks gin in this version, I think, makes it more palatable to a wider audience. The fruit takes a little edge off the bitterness and the strawberries sure do look pretty in the big bowl glass.

The Spirit of Kata Rocks - Gin Story – Craft Gin Thailand
Kata Rocks G&T

The Spirit of Kata Rocks – The Conclusion

3. Kata Rocks Secret

Our journey concludes with the Kata Rocks Secret, a craft cocktail and signature of the resort. Cucumber, Thai sweet basil and lime juice enhance the fragrance. Topped up with a little Sprite and soda, Michael says, “While the aromas are playing with your nose, the bubbles are playing with your mouth.”

The Spirit of Kata Rocks - Gin Story – Craft Gin Thailand
Kata Rocks Secret

Mirroring Michael’s image, Kata Rocks and its craft gin combine for the perfect playground for those who appreciate a striking location, friendly service and a team committed to providing a distinctive food and beverage experience. The Spirit of Kata Rocks, rocks!

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  1. The sea, the pool and a drink…
    What else could one possibly ask for?!

  2. Bottle looks like one of those men’s fragrances.

  3. Gin on the rocks works for me 😉

  4. The spirit of kata rocks sounds exciting!

  5. The spirit of kata rocks sounds exciting!

  6. That’s a pretty nice bottle… minimalist but classy. The Kata Rocks Secret must be really refreshing! 😀

  7. Think I will give this place a miss. Gin makes me soooooooo depressed I just want to sit and cry!! Cheers Diane

  8. caning jaramillo

    This place really Rocks!

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