The Picha Project Christmas Delivery Catering

The Picha Project – Christmas Meal Delivery & Catering

Photo: Rich Callahan
Words: Monica Tindall

Assisting to rebuild the lives of refugees, The Picha Project “empowers marginalized communities in Malaysia through a sustainable food catering and delivery business.” The team provide a platform for families to utilize their cooking skills and assist in supervision, quality control, packaging, marketing and delivery of the product. By facilitating a way for communities to earn a regular income, they are “putting food on your table,” as “you are putting food on theirs.”

As we approach the holiday season and our thoughts turn to think about all we are grateful for, we are thankful to have The Picha Project to assist with end of year celebrations. Taking the labour out of catering for family and social gatherings, the families from The Picha Project have come up with a number of set meals to deliver to your home.

Kawlah’s First Christmas by The Picha Project

Kawlah’s First Christmas (RM359 for 8 – 10 pax) includes a rosemary and thyme roast chicken, Middle Eastern spiced macaroni, baked lamb and eggplant and classic hummus. This is the meal we try and find the chicken moist and flavourful, the hummus creamy and delicious, and we all really enjoy the baked lamb and eggplant which reminds us of moussaka.

Dalia’s Merrytime Spread by The Picha Project

Dalia’s Merrytime Spread (RM399 for 10 -12 pax) is a combination of sweet potato and lamb cottage pie, spiced roast chicken stuffed with basmati rice, tabouleh, musakhan rolls, falafel and for a sweet ending, pistachio cake.

Rania’s Grand feast by The Picha Project

The third of the Christmas sets, Rania’s Grand Feast (RM769 for 10 – 12 pax) takes the celebration up a notch with a 4 – 5kg roast turkey. Sides include mixed veggies, lentil pasta, beetroot hummus and baklava. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

The prices listed in the menu are inclusive of delivery and orders can be made via their website up to two days before needed. Booking earlier though is well advised to ensure you grab a set before they’re sold out.

The Christmas menu is available for order from the 1st of December, 2018 until the first week of January, 2019. As long as orders are received within that time, they can cater for dates up until the end of January.

Reasons to order from The Picha Project: delicious meals that you don’t have to do the work for; a chance to support a social enterprise in improving the lives of those less fortunate than yourself.

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  1. Wish we could have something like this here.

  2. What an incredible project that benefits the frequently forgotten!!

  3. Just read about the Picha Project a few days ago, thought it was very inspiring.

  4. Lovely sharing, dear! Happy holidays! xoxo

  5. Sounds like an excellent project. Hope that you have a good week, cheers Diane

  6. That sounds very convenient. I wonder if there is such a thing for Chinese New Year hee..hee..

  7. In any social impact business a portion goes to the NGO before remainder is given to the beneficiaries – how much / what’s the percentage taken from the Picha team before passing on to the refugees? 20%, 50% – simply needing to know where the money goes to ins supporting such cause.

    • So very little goes to the girls that are running this. I haven’t asked for permission to share but the amount they told me is so very tiny. It is a very worthy cause.

  8. It sounds wonderful. If I lived a nearby I would love to have a home delivery from them 🙂

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