Best Dessert in Langkawi

Best Dessert in Langkawi – Straits & Co @ The Danna

Anna Chew & Monica Tindall

Colonial is played out in Straits & Co in The Danna Langkawi. One of three restaurants on the property, Straits & Co serves a well-documented high tea, bringing back memories of a bygone era of British-Malaya, and one of the best desserts we’ve tried in Langkawi. More on that soon!

The restaurant is a beautiful Straits-inspired space overlooking the expansive infinity pool, with motif tiles and rattan furniture. We can enjoy this in the comfort of air-conditioning or take a pavilion in the breeze on the deck outside.

Straits & Co The Danna
Straits & Co The Danna Langkawi
Straits & Co The Danna
Straits & Co The Danna Langkawi

The afternoon we visited called for a cool welcome drink. The Detox Special, with mango puree, kiwi, pineapple and mint leaves was light and a good counter to the tropical heat. It also served as a bit of healthy balance to what we had come for – dessert!

Straits & Co The Danna
The Detox Special

Straits & Co. – Have We Found the Best Dessert in Langkawi?

We’d heard rumblings about the talented pastry chef at The Danna and had already sussed out the beautiful dessert counter. It’s a display that made us forego the local savoury fare and begin with the end in mind – dessert.

The banana fritters have a reputation – apparently, one is never enough. It’s not advisable to share this dish or else risk troubled relations with your dining mate. Nope. Order this one all for yourself and consider it a starter, main and dessert all in one.

Their fritters, a twist on a local treat, are coated with cereal and quickly deep-fried producing a coating that is crisp but not oily and a centre that is soft and moist. There’s a vanilla sauce for drizzling – with evidence of real vanilla beans used in the tiny black dots in the cream – for a spoon of extra indulgence.

Best Dessert in Langkawi
Banana Fritters – Is this the best dessert in Langkawi?

The fritters are part of the high tea set, at RM128 for two. They come with your choice of Dilmah tea or Lavazza coffee. A duo of scones (on our visit one plain, one blueberry) are accompanied by jam and cream and also included in the set.

More Than Banana Fritters

While we’re wondering if banana fritters are the best dessert in Langkawi, we thought it wise to check out some of the other sweet treats – just to make sure it wasn’t a one-hit wonder. So, a scoop of their homemade ice-cream, the Salted Caramel Walnut (RM21 scoop), was our next order. Despite the presentation looking like a child’s birthday party complete with marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles, the ice cream was definitely of adult dreams. Creamy with a refined nuttiness, the pastry chef struck the perfect balance.

Best Dessert in Langkawi
Salted Caramel Walnut Ice Cream

Now back to that dessert counter. A compact selection of meticulously formed edible artworks make choosing a challenge. We picked out a trio of macarons – I swear it was for a variety for the photos, not solely that our sweet desires could not resist temptation. Cinnamon, pandan pistachio and strawberry were moulded with an elegantly crisp shell that gave way to a softer centre. The creams inside each also had a strip of jelly, showing just how much attention to detail is paid by the chef.

Straits & Co The Danna
Macarons – Cinnamon, Pandan Pistachio and Strawberry
Best Dessert in Langkawi

And, we couldn’t possibly end without trying something chocolate, right? Choices. Choices. In the end, the Caramel Top (RM15) won out with its Ferrero-inspired half-sphere nutty chocolate base. This delicate ball encased a double layer of aerated caramel mousse with a jelly middle. As suspected, it looked great but tasted even better.

Straits & Co The Danna
Caramel Top
Best Dessert in Langkawi
Inside the Caramel Top

Tea & Coffee To End Our Afternoon Tea in Langkawi

To round off, both tea and coffee offer their own aesthetic pleasure. Flower tea served in a glass teapot humours as a tight bud slowly opens up to a full flower immersed in hot water. Alternatively, first, ogle their beautiful Elektra coffee machine – a golden double boiler – before sipping on an espresso paired with one of the many sweet treats.

Straits & Co The Danna
Flower Tea

Reasons to visit Straits & Co: to try the best dessert in Langkawi – the banana fritters!; the service is attentive and genuine; the beautiful Straits décor are highly Instagrammable; very good desserts and high tea.

Straits & Co.
Best Dessert in Langkawi!
The Danna, Langkawi
Telaga Harbour Park Pantai Kok
07000 Langkawi
+6 04 959 3288
[email protected]

What do you think is the best dessert in Langkawi?

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  1. Love those old school marble top tables and rattan chairs. That looks like a blueberry scone beside the banana fritters? Ah yes, you did mention that! I’d prefer those, not really a fan of banana fritters.

  2. Love that floor reminds me of the 70’s
    Coffee is on

  3. They have certainly made goreng pisang very glamorous!

  4. How long is this holiday at Langkawi? You’re making me jealous!

  5. The interior is great and the food looks very good too.

  6. That the best banana dessert I ever seen. I could imagine how it tasted like when bite it!!

    Wish to revisit Langkawi. My last visit was many years ago, before I got married and my eldest is 13 years old!

  7. Pisang goreng + scone? He he… Only in Malaysia, right 😉
    I actually quite like their deco, like a posh kopitiam.

  8. Oh, these desserts are such a delicious tease! My keto diet would forbid just about every one of them. But if my guard was down, they would be devoured. 🙂

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