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Kiki-Lalat Local Lager & Craft Beer Ipoh

Kiki-Lalat Craft Beer Ipoh

Monica Tindall

Despite their Facebook page listing them as a wine bar, Kiki-Lalat is all about local lager and craft beer (with a wine lounge upstairs – Asip!).

Owner Sunny says the name is inspired by a childhood brand of clothing, Kiki-Lalat. Kiki means a small group gossiping and lalat means flies. He thinks flies gather together to drink and they are always found around todi, one of their specialities. He also thinks people remembering the brand will feel a certain type of nostalgia and camaraderie

Look for the rattan chairs and Nyonya-mosaic tiled pavement for a clue to the entrance. The old shop lot has been minimally renovated and you’ll find lots of antiques here, including an old, yet functioning, printing press. Adding to the surreal experience is track after track of pumping 80s hits.

Kiki-Lalat Local Lager & Craft Beer Ipoh
best bars Perak
Kiki-Lalat Local Lager & Craft Beer Ipoh

Kiki-Lalat Menu

Local Lager

Local brews are on tap at Kiki-Lalat along with a fridge of imported craft beers. Starting with local is lighter on the pocket and a good bridge from drinking regular beer to elevating your game to craft.

Our first refreshments are icy-cold, the perfect anecdote to an afternoon exploring Ipoh’s old town. Todi (RM 15), an alcoholic beverage fermented from the sap of the palm tree, is brewed locally. It offers fine bubbles and a sweet and tart balance in the mouth. If you have a sensitive nose, however, pinch it and drink quick as the aroma is rather pungent. Lemongrass (RM 15), an infused beer, offers more of a light beer bouquet and is fresh entering the mouth with a whisper of lemongrass in the finish.

best bars Perak - Kiki-Lalat
Todi and Lemongrass Beer – Kiki-Lalat

If you find either drink too much on its own, then try mixing them. Half and half is a highly palatable combo. Together, the astringency is softened and juicy citrus comes to the forefront.

Or, cut the pervasive smell of the todi by adding mezcal. The smokiness of the agave spirit dominates but the fresh undertones take you to the finish. It’s a simple but tasty cocktail.

Lastly from the on-tap and local brews list, we try a glass of Black Mafia (RM 18). This black IPA is 6% alcohol with a base of malt flavours overlayed with light caramel notes. There’s also a coffee version called Wake Me Up infused with Ipoh coffee.

best bars Perak
Black Mafia – Kiki-Lalat

Imported Craft Beer

I highly recommend beginning with local inspiration but those who love craft beer should be delighted to find an outlet in Ipoh. The range changes depending on how recently Sunny has visited KL. We take a bottle of Belgian Ale, Barista, Chocolate Quad (RM 40) as suggested by the bar team. Smelling just like a block of chocolate, the sweet and bitter flavours carry over to the palate and a fine mousse softens in the mouth. Ata. With a whopping 11% ABV, sharing is a good choice.

Kiki-Lalat Local Lager & Craft Beer Ipoh
Belgian Ale, Barista, Chocolate Quad

Bar Snacks

Bar snacks are available from a nearby shop that partners with Kiki-Lalat. We try the Karaage Chicken (RM 18), which a special recipe tweaked for Sunny. It sports a crunchy edge with moist meat inside. The winning trait, however, is the addition of turmeric. They’re fantastic bites with beer.

best bars Perak
Karaage Chicken

Kiki-Lalat Ipoh Review

Pricing wise, Kiki-Lalat is an easy introduction to the craft beer scene. Local brews are a must-try and the fridge of imported beers always offers something new to taste. The mood is vibrant, fun and happy. It’s a great spot for a cold one. Look it up when you’re in Ipoh.

Reasons to visit Kiki-Lalat Ipoh: fun local brews – must try the todi mixed with lemongrass or smoky Mezcal; charming setting; friendly team; craft beer in Ipoh!

27 Jalan Bijeh Timah
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
[email protected]

Kiki-Lalat Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 5 pm – 12 midnight
Saturday & Sunday: 3 pm – 12 midnight
Tuesday: Closed

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  1. I do not drink a lot of beer but I have to say I really enjoy one on a hot day. Keep well, cheers Diane

  2. No connection to Kiki Lala, the baby products, I’m, sure.

  3. I had some interesting flavour just the other day.
    Orange and elderflower beer.
    Rather refreshing.

    PS: Malo means bad in Spanish. I am imagining St Bad!
    Of yes, I just remember the etymology of “mal”, which also means “bad”
    Eg, malfunction, malnutrition, dismal and of course, Malaysia (ha!).

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