The Prestige Hotel Penang

The Prestige Hotel Penang, Boutique Feel Georgetown

The Prestige Hotel Penang

Monica Tindall

Inspired by the movie The Prestige with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, The Prestige Hotel in Penang is full of intrigue. It’s high-end illusion though, not your pull-a-rabbit-out-of-the-hat style of magic. Designed by the same team responsible for Macalister Mansion, the overarching theme is evident in the concept but not overdone. It’s a stylish hotel that makes you look at everything twice, actively looking for a hidden play in the layout.

The colonial façade opens to a white lobby and reception counter, silver and arched in shape. There’s a print of symbols of iconic sites from around Penang (also found in the elevators) that makes me wonder if there is a hidden message to be unveiled.

A circular maze is laid in the tiling of the floor yet the rest of the lobby looks innocently plantation in style. Rattan furniture covered in soft pastels are attractive and do well with the white backdrop.

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The Prestige Hotel Penang
Lobby – The Prestige Hotel Penang
The Prestige Hotel Penang
Lobby – The Prestige Hotel Penang


Hallways leading to rooms are lit, carpeted and painted in such a way that they resemble a never-ending room of mirrors.

Rooms in The Prestige Hotel Penang give the illusion of floating beds and a shower cubicle resembles Houdini’s escape box. The toilet is separate, almost hidden into the wall as if behind a secret door. Even the amenities are printed to make a puzzle. Take out all of the pieces and see if you can fit the boxes back together to complete a picture of the frontage of the hotel.

There is no sleight of hand with the comfort of the room, however. The shower runs high-pressured, instant hot water. The bed and coverings are superb (a little on the firmer side for those who like additional support). Blackout curtains and double-glazed windows keep the outside from coming in. High-speed Internet, Smart TV, individual air-con control, and complimentary refreshments in the mini-bar make for a highly agreeable experience. Espresso machine, quality TWG tea and a jar of local candy don’t go unnoticed either.

Soft pastels add subtle colour to the light grey walls and white linens. Architraves extend beyond door and window borders to form lines on the walls. A chrome frame overarches the TV and cabinet adding to the art deco feel and also provides a space to hang clothes. We especially appreciate the reduction of single-use plastic and the lux feel given by large refillable pumps of soap, shampoo and conditioner.

where to stay Georgetown, Malaysia
Hallway Resembling a House of Mirrors
where to stay Georgetown, Malaysia
“Floating” Bed & Houdini’s Escape Box Shower Cubicle
The Prestige Hotel Penang
Loft Room – The Prestige Hotel Penang


Outside of the room, one of the highlights of The Prestige Hotel in Penang is the saline pool on the rooftop. With its infinity edges, the water seems to spill over into the sea that fills the strait between the island and the mainland. There are some indoor and outdoor meeting spaces up here too, making inspiring locations for business or pleasure.

A small gym holds quality cardio equipment with a cross-trainer, two treadmills and a bike. Additionally, a single all-in-one machine for strength work makes the most of a compact space. Towels, water and sanitizing wipes are provided.

where to stay Georgetown, Malaysia
The Prestige Hotel Penang
Event Space
The Prestige Hotel Penang
Rooftop Pool – The Prestige Hotel Penang
The Prestige Hotel Penang
Rooftop Pool Deck

The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse is The Prestige’s very pretty all-day-dining venue. Mirroring its name, the walls are indeed all glass and white frames mirroring garden trellises add patterns to the walls. The mosaic floor flows in curved lines and rattan and green-leather furniture are punctuated with cushions in tropical-leaf print. Jazz tunes add to the upbeat mood.

Breakfast at The Glasshouse is a choice of five a la carte dishes supported by fruit, juices, yoghurt and a nasi lemak station. Hubby is happy with an omelette one day and eggs benedict the next. I opt for the salad bowl with a poached egg filled with greens, avocado, feta and chickpeas. Coffee and tea are free-flow.

Later in the day, The Glasshouse serves a mix of local and western dishes for value-for-money prices. Healthy bowls are currently a special at only RM15 for a complete meal. Afternoon tea at The Glasshouse is another item that should make the budget-conscious happy. Priced at RM68 per set it serves two people and comes with tea and a selection of sweets and savouries.

Adding fun to any experience is The Glasshouse’s Nitro Tea (RM 15). Chamomile and barley tea can both be made bubbly by injecting it with nitrogen. Prepared tableside, I imagine it will be an Instagrammable moment for many, besides being refreshing.

where to stay Georgetown, Malaysia
Breakfast – The Prestige Hotel Penang
The Prestige Hotel Penang
The Glasshouse
where to stay Georgetown, Malaysia
Afternoon Tea at The Glasshouse
where to stay Georgetown, Malaysia
Nitro Tea

The Prestige Hotel Penang

We spent a lovely weekend at The Prestige Hotel Penang. Service was friendly. The location is super, rooms are stylish and furnished with high-quality pieces, and the subtle inclusion of illusions adds something especially memorable to the stay.

Reasons to visit The Prestige Hotel Penang: excellent location in Georgetown; on-site undercover secure parking; a stylish hotel with the fun of a few illusions stylishly integrated into the design.

The Prestige Hotel
8 Gat Lebuh Gereja,
10300, Penang, Malaysia.
+604 217 5888
[email protected]

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  1. So classy! Gotta go and watch the movie and compare.

  2. Such a lovely place,
    and I love that movie THE PRESTIGE
    I still remember David Bowie as Tesla.


  3. I could lose myself at that rooftop pool with the great views! The escape box shower intrigues me.

  4. Hello Monica,
    Thank you for providing a detailed descriptions of the hotel. I like the fact that hotel has some healthy option (The salad bowl with a poached egg filled with greens, avocado, feta and chickpeas – a balance meal with protein, complex carbs, fiber & healthy fat)!!!

  5. Caning Alexis Jaramillo

    Wonderful hotel and lovely photos!

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