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Solh Restaurant & Bar, Ampang

Solh Restaurant & Bar, Ampang

Words: Jacob Weber
Photos: Rich Callahan

I might be about to offend an entire district here.

But it’s just that … well, let’s face it. 

There hasn’t been much of a “scene” in Ampang for… a while.

Solh Restaurant & Bar is here to change that.

Before I go on, I should point out that there are lots of great F&B options in Ampang. We’ve written about many of them on The Yum List.

But when it comes to a beautiful alfresco space that’s more beachside Bali than KL city centre…

A modern Mediterranean-meets-Middle-Eastern menu that’s designed for sharing in large groups…

Quality natural wines, creative cocktails, and craft beers … 

A jazzy house soundtrack which you’ll be nodding along to after a couple of shots of their special Persian arak…

You’ll see what you’ve been missing when you get there.

Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Entrance to Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Artwork by Christina Using Upcycled Materials
Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Lovely Fresh Space
Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang

Solh Restaurant & Bar, Ampang

‘Solh’ is the Persian for ‘peace’, and this open-air-hidden-garden-type space tucked away off Jalan Damai is a very peaceful place to be on a sunny afternoon. KLCC rush hour traffic isn’t even an afterthought.

The impressive open space, sheltered by a giant glass-and-steel canopy, works with nature rather than getting rid of it – which we love. Tall trees sparkle and shine with their fairy-light necklaces; funky modern artwork peers out from behind the leafy plants, not in place of them.

In fact, you can break it down to the four classical elements all synchronised in marvellous, delicious harmony: Fire, in the form of the wood pizza oven and grill; Water, tinkling away in the courtyard fountain; Wind, breezing through the open area; and Earth, the surrounding greenery you’re relaxing into. There are long, unfussy benches for big groups (all with a great view of the pizza oven), a craft beer bar bang in the middle of the courtyard, and a chic lounge area indoors where head bartender Brandon is coming up with the goods.

While he’s shaking things up, I start proceedings with a crispy craft beverage. The Beer Farm Pale Ale (RM35) is the current selection on tap, and my timing is perfect because it’s the ideal easy-drinking ale for this weather. When the kegs run dry, owners Christina and Vandai will replace them with a new beer. Keeps things refreshing – literally.

Mediterranean Food Kuala Lumpur
Craft Beer on Tap – Solh Restaurant & Bar

Cocktails & Craft Beer Ampang

There’s a generous drinks menu here, including an entire page of signature cocktails, so we get a few of those. Solh’s Passion (RM42) is described by Christina as a ‘kickstart cocktail’, and we can see why; it’s a lively tropical number featuring passion fruit-infused rum and orange zest. Tastebuds activated, we move onto The Emerald (RM38), a fragrant, floral, and frothy cocktail with a rum base, melon liqueur and a little citrus. It’s sweet and refreshing and blends perfectly into its environment. A wild Dragon-Tini (RM48) appears – I know only a few of you will get that joke, but I’m standing by it – and it’s another fruity number with a sharper edge from the bourbon and rosso vermouth base that goes down a treat.

Mediterranean Food Kuala Lumpur
Solh’s Passion
Mediterranean Food Kuala Lumpur
The Emerald

We’d be doing the signature cocktails a disservice if we didn’t finish with a Persian King (RM36) – a cocktail specially crafted with the house’s own Persian arak made with dates. It’s awesome. Fiery and velvety smooth all at once. Vandai insists on a round of shots of the stuff afterwards. And who are we to turn down such warm hospitality?

Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Persian King
Mediterranean Food Kuala Lumpur
Arak Shots

Then, more colourful cans of craft beer arrive from the large cooler inside. As proof of Solh’s commitment to quality alcohol, you won’t find the usual suspects here. No Carlsberg; just craft. When your beer garden is this good, you’d better have the beer to match.

We crack open a Sunmai Honey Lemon Lager, which is as smooth and refreshing as it sounds. A Ransack the Universe from Canada’s Collective Arts Brewing is equally suited to its surroundings, with tropical notes of mango and citrus, a light body, and a crisp finish. The North x Dig Brew – a collaboration between two well-known UK craft breweries – is a sweet and juicy West Coast IPA with floral, herbal and tropical notes that blend together beautifully.

Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Assortment of Craft Beer – Ampang
Mediterranean Food Kuala Lumpur
Hard to Beat an Chilled Craft Beer on a Warm Afternoon – Solh Restaurant & Bar

Modern Mediterranean Food Ampang

You could easily come here for the cocktails alone – heaven knows the atmosphere and environment are just right for a solid session – but you’d be really, really missing out on some excellent mezze-style Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes.

The menu here is designed for large groups to share; order a selection to make sure everyone gets a favourite, and dig in. Everything – from mezze plates to grilled meats to incredible pizzas – works better when you’re together. They can also cater many dishes to vegans and vegetarians, so it’s even more inclusive. Bonus points there.

Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Margherita Pizza

We start with a few small plates. The Spanish Tomato Garlic Shrimp (RM28) is Solh’s elevated take on the Spanish classic gambas al ajillo, using harissa sauce for some tongue-tingling, filling-sizzling Middle Eastern heat.

The local flavour works similarly well on the Mussels with Chickpeas in Spicy Turmeric Stew (RM32), with the turmeric giving the tender white mussel flesh a subtle spicy kick. The Crispy Chat Potatoes on Spring Onion Aioli (RM22) will be a firm favourite with fans of finger food of any kind; dangerously addictive little morsels which go so well with that sauce.

Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Mussels with Chickpeas in Spicy Turmeric Stew
Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Crispy Chat Potatoes on Spring Onion Aioli

It’s a (very) tough call, but the Persian Lamb Stew (RM29) might be our collective favourite. It’s absolutely stunning. The lamb is cooked to tender perfection, and the rich stew could have come from your mother’s own kitchen. Heartily recommended.

Mediterranean Food Kuala Lumpur
Persian Lamb Stew – Solh Restaurant & Bar

Something more substantial arrives in the shape of the Farmer’s Cart Pizza (RM38), which is excellent; a base of chewy, flavourful, 2-day-fermented dough that’s burnt in all the right and delicious places, topped with organic kampung eggs, baby spinach, pesto, arugula and feta cheese. A winner from top to bottom and tip to crust.

Mediterranean Food Kuala Lumpur
Farmer’s Cart Pizza

Vandai’s Chicken Wings (RM34) come hot from the grill – and hot they are. They’re made with a traditional Persian marinade for some extra heat and spice, and the accompanying sauce is another winner.

Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Vandai’s Chicken Wings

The Arabic Grilled Sea Bass (RM58) is also rather special – a saltwater sea bass cooked just right, with a mild and slightly sweet taste on the flesh. There’s another exceptional sauce to add a subtle warm finish if you feel like it.

Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Arabic Grilled Sea Bass – Solh Restaurant & Bar

To finish on a light note and ease into dessert, we have a Strawberry, Spinach & Avocado Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette (RM34), which comes with homemade ricotta. It’s a light and fresh summery dish that’s still satisfying – it could be down to the delicious, sharp, tangy strawberry vinaigrette.

Mediterranean Food Kuala Lumpur
Strawberry, Spinach & Avocado Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette

Rosé All Day 

Right on cue, our generous hosts whip out a bottle of wine to help us wash down the mains. The Chateau d’Ollieres Coteaux de Varois Rosé 2021 is a crisp, dry rose from a 200-year-old wine estate that uses organic manures and still harvests grapes by hand. Red summer berries with a gentle, sweet spice greet the nose, and it’s fresh and full of acidity on the palate with a short finish. It goes exceptionally well with the sea bass, shellfish, and salad.

Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Chateau d’Ollieres Coteaux de Varois Rosé 2021

Dessert Menu – Solh Restaurant & Bar

As the sun goes down, we wrap things up with a Saffron & Cardamom Crème Brûlée (RM23) – and what a note to end on. It’s garnished with pistachios, strawberries and blueberries; there’s lots of taste, texture and contrast happening here, and the crisp sugar topping is perfectly torched to offer that satisfying ‘crack’ when you dive in with your utensils (fork/spoon/face-first, depends who’s watching).

Solh Restaurant & Bar Ampang
Saffron & Cardamom Crème Brûlée – Solh Restaurant & Bar

Solh Restaurant & Bar Review

There are many great F&B outlets in Ampang.

None of them is doing what Solh is.

There’s just something about this space. It might be the unfussy wooden benches and comfortable rattan sofas that provide ample seating for large groups in the beautiful courtyard.

It could be the mezze plates, wood-fired pizzas, and flame-grilled meats that are perfect for sharing with old and/or new friends.

It may be the friendly staff, quality alcohol selection, and decent playlist.

In fact, just like the best way to work your way through the menu at Solh’s – It’s a combination of all of them.

Reasons to visit Solh Restaurant & Bar: beautiful alfresco space in Ampang; suitable for large groups and gatherings; outstanding Mediterranean and Maghrebi cuisine designed for sharing; creative craft cocktails, craft beer, and natural wine selection.

Solh Restaurant & Bar
Damai 88 residence, Jalan Ampang off Jalan Damai, 55000 Kuala Lumpur

Solh Ampang Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 5pm-2am
Saturday & Sunday: 12pm-2am

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  1. The Persian Lamb Stew looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Leanne Harvey

    This was outstanding. We had to travel a little way but was well worth it. Would choose casual with a great vide, wonderful food and lovely ambiance over fine dining any day. Thanks for the review. We will go back for sure.

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