best restaurants in Porto, Portugal

The Door – Rua Das Taipas, Porto, Portugal

The Door – Porto

Monica Tindall

Right in the centre of the historic district in Porto, The Door brings good times, great food and delicious drinks to visitors and locals alike. Despite being in the heart of the action, this is by no means a “tourist” restaurant meant for one-time meals. Instead, a growing number of locals have made it their “regular”, and tourists staying for more than a few days make repeat visits.

The cosy restaurant is alive with Latin tunes from quality speakers – not loud and intrusive, but just enough to cause some toe-tapping and inject a cheerful mood. Polaroid photos of guests line one wall in “everyone’s space”, and natural wines, gin infusions and a collection of vinyl records add interest to the rest. Across the street, there are several tables under shade cloth and a few standing tables against the wall – inviting places to gather and enjoy the city’s cool vibes. 

best restaurants in Porto, Portugal
Alfresco Area
best restaurants in Porto, Portugal
The Door

The Door Menu

Business partners Afonso and Patricio have created a small bites menu with dishes ideal for sharing. Here you’ll find recognisable favourites given a little flair and personal touch by the Portuguese and Argentinian team – “The Door” to their world. Just celebrating one year of opening, they have found the recipe for success with 5-star Google reviews, a happy lunchtime crew, and a crowd with great energy in the evenings.

best restaurants in Porto, Portugal
Afonso & Patricio

Drinks Menu

The vibe is so happening at The Door we can’t help but indulge in a tipple or three at lunch. One of their specialities is house-made gin infusions, so that’s our first order. Gin Tonico de Ananas & Gengibre (EUR 9.50) – pineapple and ginger-infused gin topped up with tonic – is an excellent start. It looks impressive, presented in an enormous bowl glass piled high with a garnish of cubed pineapple and a slice of ginger. It also makes a perfect aperitif with its fresh flavours and hint of ginger spice.

The Door also has a handful of well-chosen cocktails. The Porn Star Martini (EUR 9.50) with vodka, passion fruit, lime and agave is a little sweeter and fruitier than the G&T but nicely balanced with the zip of passionfruit. 

Portuguese craft beer, cider, homemade sangria, and an awesome selection of boutique natural wines compose the rest of the menu. Afonso knows the producers personally, introducing each one as if a good friend.

We have a pet nat to begin and later switch to a natural red. Luiza Luiza, Bojo do Luar, Pet Nat Rosé is fermented in clay amphora pots. It’s funky, fun and lightly effervescent. With 10.5% alcohol and its fresh profile, it’s an excellent choice for a lunchtime tipple. Later, the red APRT3 Monda Tinto (EUR 30), a blend of Castelao, Tinta Pinheira and Bastardo- Setubal grapes, is balanced and round with plenty of red fruits both on the nose and in the palate.

For a small restaurant, The Door has an impressive range of wines by the glass. Including Port wines, there are over 20!

The Door Rua das Taipas Oporto
Gin Tonico de Ananas & Gengibre
The Door Rua das Taipas Oporto
Pornstar Martini
Natural Wine Bar Porto
Luiza Luiza, Bojo do Luar, Pet Nat Rosé
The Door Rua das Taipas Oporto
APRT3 Monda Tinto

Food Menu

On the table, we have sourdough bread from a local baker with a trio of accompaniments – chives butter with crispy onions, Alentejo olives and tapenade, and piquillo red peppers with black tobiko.

The Door Rua das Taipas Oporto
Bread & Toppings

Our first plate, Oysters with Oscietra Caviar (EUR 9.50), is “wow!” Coming from Aveiro, just 40 minutes north of Porto, the molluscs are plump and extremely clean. Aveiro is an area where the river meets the sea, so the oysters benefit from a mix of fresh and salt water, gifting them a mildly sweet and salty profile. The crown of black sturgeon caviar enhances the taste of the sea and adds a pleasant pop to the mouthfeel.

best restaurants in Porto, Portugal
Oysters with Oscietra Caviar

Ceviche (EUR 10.50), a new item on the menu, presents chunky pieces of locally-caught sea bass in leche de tigre (tiger’s milk, the traditional Peruvian citrus marinade). Red onion, black tobiko, parsley and corn contribute texture and flavour. Mini herbed focaccia toasts are dry and crunchy, a distinct contrast to the wet sauce of the fish.

The Door Rua das Taipas Oporto

We move from the sea to the land with Black Angus Carpaccio (EUR 10.50). Delicate slices of beef from the Azores (apparently, there are more cattle than people on these Atlantic islands!) are gently seasoned with mustard and black tobiko aioli, capers and rocket. Balsamic cream and Grana Padano cheese top it off, creating a tangy and savoury finish.

The Door Rua das Taipas Oporto
Black Angus Carpaccio

If you’ve been to the countryside of Portugal, you may have noticed that besides rows and rows of grapes, there are also rows and rows of corn. Much of the harvest is exported, but we’re thankful some remains as The Door’s Roasted Corn (EUR 6.50) is a delicious order. The cob is first boiled and then finished in the oven with lots of butter. Layers of torched provolone and halloumi cheese with oregano and salt bring it all together.

The Door Rua das Taipas Oporto
Roasted Corn

Given the young chef at The Door is Argentinian, it makes sense to try some of his empanadas (actually, we’ve heard a rumour that there might be a small empanaderia coming soon!). One is a traditional rich, saucy stewed beef, chorizo and boiled egg version (EUR 9.50, 2 pieces, hearty enough to serve as a small meal). At the same time, the second is a nod to Portuguese cuisine stuffed with sardines and roasted peppers (EUR 8.50, 2 pieces). Chimichurri sauce has been fermented, adding complexity and depth of flavour to the classic herbs, olive oil and garlic accompaniment.

The Door Rua das Taipas Oporto

Lastly, Foie Gras (EUR 10.50, 2 pieces), although I don’t usually choose it, is one of the best renditions I’ve tasted. The buttery bites of liver are seasoned with salt and pepper and served atop a thin apple slice, with a Port reduction of ginger, apple and lime zest. It’s a magnificent seesaw of sweet, rich and indulgent with fresh tartness. It’s recommended to take the entire spoon in one bite. 

The Door Rua das Taipas Oporto
Foie Gras

The Door Review

The Door in Porto’s historic district is worth knocking on. The cosy restaurant has great energy, delicious food and drinks and a vibrant, upbeat team. If you live in the city or stay for more than a few days, we guarantee you’ll want to return.

Reasons to visit The Door, Porto: awesome location in the historic centre of Porto; a happening place not just for tourists but for locals looking for an upbeat vibe and good time; great small plates; fantastic boutique producer natural wine list; homemade gin infusions; over 20 wines by the glass.

The Door
Rua das Taipas 94 a 96
4050-598 Porto, Portugal
+351 910 573 099
@ thedoor.porto

The Door Opening Hours
Wednesday 7 pm – 12 am
Thursday to Monday: 12 pm – 3 pm & 7 pm – 12 am
Closed Tuesdays

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