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Le Mirch – Rooftop Avenue K, Indian Food & Bar

Le Mirch – Avenue K – A Taste of India with an Iconic View

Words: Theresa Hogan Leahy
Photos: Han Sen Hau

Derived from the Hindi word for “chilli” or “pepper,” Le Mirch embodies the fiery essence of its namesake in many dishes. However, this contemporary Indian rooftop restaurant with a spectacular view of KLCC has something to delight every palate. Located on the fourth floor of Avenue K, adjacent to Superpark, Le Mirch features an array of indoor and outdoor seating that can accommodate shisha enthusiasts, romantic first dates, groups of friends and families. The restaurant includes two private dining rooms with gentle sliding doors that maintain an air of exclusivity.

Indian Restaurant & Bar Rooftop Kuala Lumpur alfresco seating area with plants
Le Mirch KL Avenue K Rooftop
Indian Restaurant & Bar Rooftop Kuala Lumpur green seating area
Le Mirch – Rooftop Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur
Indian Restaurant & Bar Rooftop Kuala Lumpur private room round wooden table
Private Room – Le Mirch Avenue K Rooftop

Le Mirch Cocktail Menu

During my visit with fellow food enthusiasts Monica and Han Sen, we were warmly welcomed by Ashique, who skilfully concocted three cocktails for us at RM 45 each. Among them were the Calcutta Coup, a crowd favourite, the intriguing Julio Goes to Bombay with its tequila and turmeric blend, and the signature Le Mirch Gin and Tonic. After a demanding day, these drinks were a refreshing reward. Still, let me focus on the Calcutta Coup – a true mixologist’s masterpiece. A mix of white rum, yoghurt, and unsalted butter rests for days in the cold, then is filtered with coconut water. Adding citric acid, salt, and natural sugar syrup creates a captivating milky smooth profile. The cocktail was presented in a glass that offered a dual-tasting experience, with one side rimmed in salt, sugar, and coconut shavings. It resulted in an exquisite taste that lived up to its notoriety.

Indian Restaurant & Bar Rooftop Kuala Lumpur Bartender Ashique pouring cocktaill
Bartender Ashique
Le Mirch KL Avenue K Calcutta Coup cocktail
Calcutta Coup
Indian Restaurant & Bar Rooftop Kuala Lumpur Julio Goes to Bombay yellow cocktail with dehydrated lime garnish
Julio Goes to Bombay
Indian Restaurant & Bar Rooftop Kuala Lumpur Gin and Tonic in bowl glass with lemon garnish
Le Mirch Gin and Tonic

Le Mirch Menu

To start your authentic Indian journey, the Chaat Trolley (RM 44, 2 pax) is a fantastic choice. This selection presents perfectly sized Indian street food, including Soulkadhi, Palak Pata Chaat, and Gol Gappa. Originally hailing from Uttar Pradesh, chaat has become a Southeast Asian staple. Under the knowledgeable guidance of Jacki, the floor supervisor, our chaat experience was skillfully prepared table-side. Among these delectable choices, the Palak Pata Chaat stood out with its blend of tempura spinach leaves, pomegranate, and coriander, dressed in three mouthwatering sauces of mint, tamarind, and yoghurt – a tangy delight that left a lasting impression.

Indian Restaurant & Bar Rooftop Kuala Lumpur Chaat Trolley of Indian small bites street food
Chaat Trolley
Indian Restaurant & Bar Rooftop Kuala Lumpur chef preparing Pani Puri
Pani Puri

Progressing to the appetisers, we opted for the Beetroot Chop (RM 48). As a beetroot enthusiast, I was surprised to learn that beets are native to Indian coastlines and are a typical side dish in Indian cuisine. Here, however, it was the star of its own show as a crumbed beetroot dumpling stuffed with cheese and nuts, elegantly accompanied by a pouring of gazpacho sauce. The dish’s visual allure left us reluctant to indulge, but not for long.

Le Mirch KL Avenue K Beetroot Chop  with vibrant red sauce
Beetroot Chop – Le Mirch Avenue K Rooftop


For the main course, we had the Fish Alleppey (RM 85), the classic Butter Chicken (RM 75), and the vegetarian gem, Paneer Mathini (RM 55). Jacki, our gracious host, particularly endorsed the fish curry, his personal favourite. A lavish portion of fish was smothered in a raw mango curry sauce and placed atop a bed of mitagai podi condiments, also known as “gunpowder” due to its explosive flavours.

The Butter Chicken was perfectly roasted and rested in a tomato butter gravy, accompanied by boneless chicken croquettes. This iconic dish has its origins in practicality. In previous times, cooks would make tandoori chicken at the beginning of the day, and to prevent it from drying out, the familiar butter chicken gravy was used to maintain the moistness of the chicken, creating the dish known the world over.

As for the Paneer Mathini, a slightly sweet dish from New Delhi, it arrived adorned with flowers and nuts. Once again, Jacki was on hand to pour the butter, tomato, cashew, and Indian spice gravy, which contrasted with the mild taste of the paneer.

Le Mirch KL Avenue K cutting into Fish Alleppey
Fish Alleppey
Le Mirch KL Avenue K pouring sauce over beautifully plated Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken
Le Mirch KL Avenue K and vibrant orange sauce
Paneer Mathini

Carbs & Wine

We ordered Rice Lamb Mass Biryani (RM 55) and a delectable, flaky Paratha (RM 25) to complement our dishes. The biryani, a fusion of traditional Rajasthani lala mass curry and fragrant basmati rice, accompanied by chicken gravy, was a substantial and satisfying meal in its own right. Our choice of Italian Rosé, the Torresella Pinot Grigio Rosé (RM 36 per glass), proved an excellent pairing with its light and fresh character, augmenting the delicately spiced flavours of the cuisine.

Le Mirch KL Avenue K Rice Lamb Mass Biryani
Rice Lamb Mass Biryani – Le Mirch Avenue K Rooftop
Le Mirch KL Avenue K Paratha in basket
Le Mirch KL Avenue K Torresella Pinot Grigio Rosé bottle and glass of wine
Torresella Pinot Grigio Rosé

Indian Dessert

After the sumptuous feast, my companions from The Yum List and I managed to indulge in Kaju Katli (RM 30), a traditional Indian dessert made from cashew nut paste. It is a popular dish, particularly during Diwali – the Hindi festival of light. Our Kaju Katli was presented with a twist and adorned with a dark chocolate mousse, making it extra special.

Le Mirch KL Avenue K Rooftop Kaju Katli & Masala Chai
Kaju Katli & Masala Chai
Le Mirch KL Menu & Prices  - Vegetarian Appetizers
Le Mirch KL Menu & Prices – Vegetarian Appetisers
Le Mirch KL Menu & Prices Non-vegetarian Appetisers
Le Mirch KL Menu & Prices – Non-vegetarian Appetisers
Le Mirch KL Menu & Prices
Le Mirch KL Menu & Prices – Vegetarian Main Courses
Le Mirch Kuala Lumpur Menu & Prices
Le Mirch Kuala Lumpur Menu & Prices – Non-veg Main Courses
Le Mirch Kuala Lumpur Menu & Prices
Menu & Prices – Sides & Bread
Le Mirch Kuala Lumpur Menu & Prices
Menu & Prices – Rice

Le Mirch Review

While Le Mirch undeniably offers captivating views, it’s not just about the visuals. The restaurant also impresses with its hearty portions; leaving this establishment hungry seems nearly impossible. The menu encapsulates the essence of India, offering a delightful festive ambience. With exciting cocktails and the Chaat Trolly, it’s easy to envision Le Mirch becoming the sought-after dining destination in downtown KLCC.

Reasons to visit Le Mirch: fantastic rooftop views; great cocktails; delicious Indian recipes presented beautifully; must try the Chaat Trolly; excellent location to bring guests; convenient location in the city centre with parking in the shopping mall, an easy walk from KLCC and the KLCC LRT station just downstairs.

Le Mirch
Level 4, Rooftop – Avenue K,
156, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Link to Google Map
+6 019 668 4528 @lemirch.asia/

Le Mirch Opening Hours
Daily: 11 am – 11 pm

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