Vér - The Bar at Nadodi Kuala Lumpur

Vér – The Bar at Nadodi Kuala Lumpur

Vér – The Bar at Nadodi KL, Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur

Words: Matt Brown
Photos: Han Sen Hau

Opening on June 1st of this year, Vér – The Bar at Nadodi KL adds yet another gorgeous place to enjoy a drink at the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur. Created in gorgeous detail to complement the newly launched Nadodi restaurant, Vér continues with the theme of enchanting visitors with flavours and memories from Southern India and Sri Lanka. Guests are encouraged to explore the histories and impressions of the bar’s creators – Vér means ‘roots’ in Tamil – and through clever use of ingredients and other elements of their past, it achieves its mission masterfully.

Vér - The Bar at Nadodi Kuala Lumpur
Vér – The Bar at Nadodi
Best Cocktails KL
Lounge with a View
Best Cocktails KL
Vér – The Bar at Nadodi

Vér – The Bar at Nadodi KL, Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur

It’s a credit to the Cinnamon Group, who have launched another distinctive and high-quality operation onto the KL food scene, that they have sought to further promote the tastes and culture of a region many of us might not be very familiar with. Bar Manager Apurav and Mixologist Pavel are the two inventive brains behind the menu on offer. They have toiled with recipes, themes and their own childhood memories for months to deliver a series of unique cocktails that embody the spirit of Vér – The Bar at Nadodi KL.

Vér - The Bar at Nadodi Kuala Lumpur
The Fanciest Ice Cubes We’ve Ever Seen

Vér Bar KL: Seven Stones

There is an impressive level of detail to every aspect of Vér, from the moment you enter through the doors and feel transported to another world to the ability of the cleverly designed space to offer spectacular views of KLCC park as well as dark and private nooks to lose yourself in, no matter the time. Of particular note is the beautifully produced special menu that showcases the hard work and nostalgic themes behind the whole concept. Housed in a four-tiered box labelled Seven Stones, after a famous and much-loved childhood game, this is worth your time perusing and selecting a special choice.

The different drawers pulled out each feature four cocktails and one mocktail and are themed around the bar’s roots. Stones is the first layer, based on famous games from the childhoods of Pavel and Apurav. The second drawer is Hitters, which features mixes inspired by the tastes of favourite childhood desserts. Seekers is third, with odes to going out on an adventure as a child and finding fun experiences in the everyday. Finally, Nomadic Classics offers four famous classic cocktails, all crafted with a unique twist.

Vér - The Bar at Nadodi Kuala Lumpur
Attention to Detail is Evident in Every Cocktail

Cocktail Menu


From the Stones section of the menu, we order the Three Nought Four and Snakes and Ladders. All cocktails are RM55++ (with mocktails RM35++), and an added bonus of ordering from this part of the box is that they come with games that can be played as you sip.

Three Nought Four is a solid start to the evening, with rye whiskey, clarified butter and sesame all combined and then slow-cooked sous vide-style for an hour to embed and merge the flavours. They are mixed with jaggery, a homemade palm sugar cordial, and topped off with some ambrette smoke. This very smooth and woody drink is paired with a deck of cards for playing its namesake game (don’t ask me the rules, though, as my notes made no sense, and somehow I still won).

Snakes and Ladders comes in a tall glass and combines a citrus juice blend, soda, kesum leaf and bourbon whiskey with nannari sherbet, which is famous across India for any child with a sweet tooth. It comes garnished with a little ladder and gummy snake – who knew that basic candy was such a great pairing for a refreshing and grown-up cocktail?!

Best Cocktails KL
Three Nought Four
Best Cocktails KL
Win the Game, Get a Shot – Vér – The Bar at Nadodi
Best Cocktails KL
Snakes and Ladders


Moving on to sample drinks from the second drawer, Hitters, we start with the Mango Bite, which contains mango distillate, lemon and clarified mango cordial. It’s as refreshing as it sounds, and the garnish is dehydrated mango leather and cucumber gel inside the mango bite , which adds even more layers of flavour to the drink.

Also garnished with something well worth stealing from your friends is the Peach Kulfi. Known as traditional Indian ice cream, kulfi is made using only full-fat cream milk and no eggs, so it is more solid and slower to melt than usual ice cream. This is a good thing with this drink because the garnish is a wonderful little serving of pistachio and peach kulfi that is best consumed with a bite and sip, bit by bit. The cocktail is tequila-based, with allspice, gooseberry juice, and a peach liqueur combination that has been clarified with lactose.

Vér - The Bar at Nadodi Kuala Lumpur
Mango Bite
Vér - The Bar at Nadodi Kuala Lumpur
Peach Kulfi


The Seekers drawer brings us to Rainfall, a cocktail designed with the idea of going out for an adventure and getting caught in the first downpour of the monsoon. Vodka, cacao husk, raicilla (like tequila and mezcal, a product of the agave plant), fresh beetroot and a hint of kaolin clay all combine to evoke the petrichor-earth scent of the first few drops. Garnished with a meringue cloud, it’s another fresh, clear and well-thought-out creation from the bar.

Vér - The Bar at Nadodi Kuala Lumpur
Rainfall – Vér – The Bar at Nadodi

Nomadic Classics

Our final drink, from the last drawer in the Seven Stones box, Nomadic Classics, is, of course, the Fenugreek Negroni (RM60++). This is Indian dry gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) and fenugreek seeds in a local spice evolution of the classic drink that Monica is always keen to try. This level of experimentation and creativity were well balanced and met with her admiring approval, as was the fanciest ice ever placed in a glass we had ever seen, with textures and imagery covering every face.

Vér - The Bar at Nadodi Kuala Lumpur
Fenugreek Negroni

Food Menu

Almost as eye-catching as the drinks on offer are the items available to eat – of course, they would have to be coming from the Nadodi kitchen. The Spiced Lamb Cigar (RM55++) features smoked pulled lamb, black garlic and mint chutney and is worth ordering simply to see the incredibly beautiful little garden that sits atop each one.

The Yellow Cheddar and Local Spinach Croquettes (RM35++) are as equally dazzling, if not even more delicious, with the tasty cheese and spinach mix combined with jalapeño, russet potato and truffle aioli making them among the best croquettes we’ve ever eaten.

For more of a sharing plate, the Local Artisan Cheese Platter (RM80++) features a selection of five locally crafted cheeses, honeycomb, fruits and nuts and is a nice way to graze for a while as you enjoy your surroundings.

Vér - The Bar at Nadodi Kuala Lumpur
Spiced Lamb Cigar
Vér - The Bar at Nadodi Kuala Lumpur
Yellow Cheddar and Local Spinach Croquettes – Vér – The Bar at Nadodi
Vér - The Bar at Nadodi Kuala Lumpur
Local Artisan Cheese Platter

Reasons to visit Vér – The Bar at Nadodi KL: expertly executed in style and substance, this is a brilliant new addition to the KL bar scene. The added experience of South Indian history and memories is a lovely touch shared with genuine passion by the warm and friendly staff. The drinks are balanced and unique without being too showy – plus, any chance to win a game and have a free shot is always a plus! Whether you’re lucky enough to have a reservation at Nadodi next door or not, Vér – The Bar at Nadodi KL will add something special to your night out.

Vér – The Bar at Nadodi KL
Level 7A, Four Seasons Hotel, 145 Jalan Ampang
50450, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 17-296 9520

Vér – The Bar at Nadodi KL Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 4:00 pm – 2:00 am
Closed Sundays

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