Cotta KL hidden cafe Mont Kiara

Cotta KL – Hidden Rooftop Cafe Mont Kiara

Cotta KL – Hidden Rooftop Cafe Mont Kiara

Words: Stephen Reid
Photos: Rich Callahan

Cotta KL is a hidden gem on the rooftop of the Verve Shops in Mont Kiara, accessible by a glass elevator that offers a panoramic view of the area. The restaurant is surrounded by a cosy courtyard where you can find various wellness services, such as Pilates, acupuncture, and hair and nail salons. These businesses complement Cotta KL’s vision of providing healthy and delicious food in a relaxing and elegant environment.

Cotta KL hidden cafe Mont Kiara
Cotta KL Hidden Rooftop Cafe Mont Kiara

As you enter Cotta KL, you are greeted by a lush green display of tropical plants contrasting with the minimalist and modern interior. The restaurant is spacious and bright, thanks to the vast light boxes that hang from the ceiling. These are not just decorative elements but also a clever way to illuminate the food and make it look more appetising and photogenic. The owner, Ivan, used to work as a photographer’s assistant, and he knows how to use light to enhance the visual appeal of his dishes. Our photographer, Rich, had no trouble finding the perfect angle to capture the food we tasted, as the lighting was so optimal that it felt like we were in a photographic studio.

Cotta KL hidden cafe Mont Kiara

This restaurant is more than just a business for its lively, enthusiastic owner, Ivan. He shared with us his lifelong love for cooking, which started when he was a little boy. His mother taught him how to whip up breakfast on weekends so she could sleep in a little longer. This smart move by his mother sparked a flame that led Ivan, as a grown-up, to try to woo a girl with a scrumptious breakfast. He learned how to make homemade ricotta cheese from YouTube. The cheese was creamy, and the breakfast was stunning, but unfortunately for him, he found out that the girl he was trying to impress was lactose intolerant and couldn’t eat it! No matter, it was to prove a helpful skill that came in handy during the pandemic when Ivan lost his previous business and had to start anew with nothing other than his homemade ricotta cheese.

Cotta KL hidden cafe Mont Kiara
Cute Cafe Mont Kiara

Cotta KL started as a small shop in Damansara Heights in April 2021, with only three dishes featuring ricotta cheese. Thanks to an investor, the cafe moved to Mont Kiara in February 2023, expanding its menu to include more delicious food from the finest (mostly) local ingredients. The kitchen still shines with ricotta but also makes its own Greek yoghurt and granola. It boasts freshness, with salads (grown in-house), pasta and desserts. Cotta’s menu is simple, but every dish shows its love for quality and flavour.

Cotta KL Drinks Menu

Cotta KL serves the MilkyWay Espresso blend from Ghost Bird Coffee Company, a medium dark roast of 80% Brazillian Cerrado and 20% Indonesian Mandheling beans. The roaster recommends this blend for milk coffees, as it has a rich body, a chocolatey sweetness, a nutty aftertaste, and a low acidity. I had a long black RM 10; I enjoyed its smooth and balanced flavour. Monica tried a latte RM12 with oat milk (+RM4), which she said had a soft, rich, creamy taste. Rich plumped for a Salted Caramel-flavoured Coffee (RM17), a hint of salt balancing the sweetness from the caramel.

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Oat Milk Latte
Cotta KL hidden cafe Mont Kiara
Long Black

I sampled one of the four varieties of Kombucha stocked by Cotta KL and supplied by local artisanal producer ‘Wild’ – Chrysanthemum Goji (RM 15). It was a refreshing and floral drink that combined the benefits of kombucha and herbal ingredients. It was light yellow and had a delicate aroma of chrysanthemum flowers and goji berries. The taste was slightly sweet, tangy, and earthy, with hints of ginger and mulberry leaves. Other flavours include Pandan and Lemongrass, Strawberry & Watermelon, and Lychee & Rose.

brunch Verve Shops

Although Cotta KL currently doesn’t serve wine, Ivan told us that customers are welcome to bring their own bottles without a corkage fee, provided that they are spending a minimum of RM150 on their food order.

Open Face Sandwiches

We began our meal with The Classic (RM 21), a signature open-face sandwich that Ivan, the chef, once made for his sweetheart. A generous dollop of smooth ricotta, made in-house, covered a crisp slice of toasted white sourdough. Crunchy walnuts added texture and contrast, while sweet honey from Spain and delicate flower petals added a touch of romance. Jules, our friendly and attentive waiter, served us this delightful dish with a smile. Rich and I agreed that it was perhaps a dish we may not have chosen from the menu; however, after sampling and enjoying the balance of flavours and quality ingredients, we could see why it was a firm favourite with customers.

Cotta KL hidden cafe Mont Kiara
The Classic – Cotta KL

Monica couldn’t resist the Fig Daddy (RM 29), a witty name for a mouthwatering open sandwich. It was a generous slice of crunchy sourdough, toasted to perfection and smeared with creamy ricotta cheese. On top of that, there were juicy figs that had been dehydrated and then rehydrated with a sweet and floral syrup of honey and chrysanthemum. The figs had a jam-like consistency that contrasted with the crunchy bread and the smooth cheese. Diced local pears were also cooked in a caramel sauce to add some freshness. Ivan explained that this was his way of minimising food waste by preserving the figs when they were in season. Monica was impressed by his creativity and sustainability and even more by the deliciousness of the sandwich.

Cotta KL hidden cafe Mont Kiara
Fig Daddy

Chuck Mooris (RM 28) is not just a sandwich; it’s a masterpiece that Ivan rightly feels has helped in the success of his restaurant. The Australian beef is smoked twice over six hours, giving it a mouthwatering aroma and taste. A tangy chimichurri sauce, made in-house, adds a burst of freshness and spice. The beef rests on a bed of smooth ricotta and crunchy sourdough toast, creating a delightful contrast of textures. And to top it all off, a perfectly cooked sous-vide egg and juicy cherry tomatoes added a touch of colour and richness. No wonder this is the restaurant’s most famous dish. You have to try it for yourself.

Cotta KL hidden cafe Mont Kiara
Chuck Mooris – Cotta KL

The final open sandwich we tried was the Tuscany (RM 27). This savoury sandwich features a medley of mushrooms, sundried tomatoes infused with capers, Sarawak black pepper, balsamic reduction, fresh basil, sous vide egg, and a layer of freshly made ricotta on toasted sourdough bread. The mushrooms were tender and juicy, the sundried tomatoes added a tangy and sweet contrast, and the capers provided a salty and briny kick. The Sarawak black pepper added a subtle heat and aroma, while the balsamic reduction provided a rich and glossy finish. The fresh basil brought out a touch of freshness and herbaceousness, and the sous vide egg was perfectly cooked, with a runny yolk that oozed over the bread. Packed with an umami flavour, it’s a delicious vegetarian brunch option.

brunch Verve Shops


Next, we sampled a duo of salads. Firstly, Mai’s Tofu Feta Bowl (RM 25) was a delicious and nutritious bowl of crisp organic greens harvested and grown on the premises, creamy ricotta made in-house, tangy feta from local farms, firm tofu marinated in herbs and spices, crunchy nuts and sweet sundried fruits for a burst of flavour, all topped with a rich balsamic drizzle and extra virgin olive oil. This vegetarian dish will satisfy your taste buds and your health goals—perhaps aimed at all customers with fresh, glowing faces who flooded in from a class at the adjacent Pilates studio!

brunch Verve Shops
Mai’s Tofu Feta Bowl

Secondly, we had The Rocket Bowl (RM 16), a refreshing and light salad showcasing the ingredients’ freshness and quality. The homegrown rocket leaves had a peppery and nutty flavour that contrasted nicely with the sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes. The balsamic dressing added a tangy and acidic touch that balanced the flavours and enhanced the overall taste.

brunch Verve Shops
The Rocket Bowl


If you are looking for a hearty and satisfying pasta dish, I’d recommend the Mushroom Ricotta Pasta (RM 29) at Cotta KL. This dish features three kinds of local mushrooms, each with distinct flavour and texture, smoked and gently sautéd to bring out their earthy aroma. The mushrooms were tossed with freshly made ricotta cheese, adding a creamy and tangy contrast. The ricotta cheese was also seasoned with Sarawak black pepper, a prized spice that adds a subtle warmth and a hint of pepper. The pasta is spaghetti cooked al dente, with a firm bite and a chewy texture. The dish was topped with sous vide egg and cooked precisely to achieve a soft and runny yolk that coated the pasta with a rich and silky sauce. The dish was finished with fresh rocket leaves, adding a peppery and refreshing crunch.

brunch Verve Shops
Mushroom Ricotta Pasta

Cotta KL Snack Menu

Peruvian Chicken (RM 25) gave us a taste of Peru with oven-baked chicken thighs seasoned with garlic and herbs. The homemade Greek yoghurt adds a creamy and cooling contrast to the spicy jalapeno peppers, while the crispy sourdough bread complements the tender meat and the tangy sauce. This was Rich’s favourite dish; he loved the flavours and touch of heat.

brunch Verve Shops
Peruvian Chicken

Brekkie Bowl

The Granola Bowl (RM 9) is a new and delicious option at Cotta KL. You can taste the freshness of the granola, which is baked in-house with honey and mixed with creamy overnight oats. You can customise your bowl with various fruits and toppings or try the daily fruit special. We enjoyed the juicy strawberries on ours. For an extra RM 3, add some homemade Greek yoghurt for a tangy twist. It was clear that this was a big hit with Monica as she eagerly finished every scrap in the bowl.

Cotta KL hidden cafe Mont Kiara
Granola Bowl

Dessert Menu

Cotta KL offers a delicious selection of cakes from local sources, not from factory-made suppliers. We love this touch of authenticity. But we also wanted to taste one of their homemade desserts and chose their house-made Panna Cotta (RM 19). We picked the Blueberry flavour, but you can also get Strawberry. The pannacotta was silky and wobbly, with a burst of tartness and freshness from the blueberries.

brunch Verve Shops
Panna Cotta

Cotta KL Review

Cotta KL is a delight for anyone who loves fresh ricotta and a good story. It’s a bright, modern, and spacious cafe that welcomes you with a friendly staff and green setting. The menu is small but well-crafted, featuring dishes that showcase the light, creamy, and silky smooth ricotta made daily on-site.

Reasons to visit Cotta KL: loads of meat-free options; good coffee; welcoming staff; lovely green setting; I loved the Chuck Moorish, Mon would reorder the Granola Bowl, and Rich was pleasantly surprised by The Classic.

Cotta KL
L6-1A Verve Shops Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6011 2321 2125

Cotta KL Opening Hours
Daily: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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