best bakery cafes in Kuala Lumpur

Huckleberry Petit, Bakery Café The Intermark Mall

Huckleberry Petit – Bakery Café at The Intermark Mall KL

Words: Fatiha Faidzan
Photos: Rich Callahan

Those familiar with the Huckleberry brand will be thrilled by their petit new grab-and-go kiosk at The Intermark Mall. Ideal for busy urbanites looking for something fast yet fulfilling, Huckleberry’s signature fresh pastries, rustic bread, artisanal cakes, craft coffee and more are available here. They also have sandwich and pastry platters to make office meetings more delectable and whole cakes with happy birthday signs for that special day.

best bakery cafes in Kuala Lumpur
Huckleberry Petit at The Intermark Mall KL

Huckleberry Petit Menu


A variety of sandwiches on various styles of loaves make easy lunches and grab-and-go meals. We begin with signature buttery croissants, generously filled to create the perfect croissant sandwich. They have the Egg Salad (RM 11.50), which has boiled eggs, Japanese mayonnaise, capers, and gherkins, or the Chicken & Jalapeño Salad (RM 14.90), which has their house-made roast chicken and pickled green chilli salad. Both get a thumbs up from the three of us (me, Mon, and Rich).

Huckleberry Petit The Intermark Mall KL
Egg Salad Croissant
Huckleberry Petit The Intermark Mall KL
Chicken & Jalapeño Salad

Their 7-seed loaf sandwiches are filling, taste great toasted, but still taste good even when eaten cold, so they are your best bet for a takeaway you won’t eat straight away. Choose between the Grilled Chicken Pesto (RM 14.90) or Tuna Salad (RM 12.90). Both are delicious, but their house-made pesto is a special treat. 

best bakery cafes in Kuala Lumpur
Tuna Salad Sandwich

The Brekkie Delight (RM 10.50) is a perfectly sized mini sandwich with challah bun, affectionately known as the Bunwich, that is enjoyable any time of day. Holding a fat piece of omelette and oozing with mayo, it’s a satisfying little bite.

best bakery cafes in Kuala Lumpur
Brekkie Delight

Recommended to be eaten while fresh and hot, the Focaccia Melts of Huckleberry Tuna (RM 22.90) or Truffle Mushroom (RM 24.90) are a comforting quick fix when you’re hungry and want something that just hits the spot. The focaccia is nice and spongey and particularly delicious straight out of the toaster.

Huckleberry Petit The Intermark Mall KL
Huckleberry Tuna Focaccia Melt
Huckleberry Petit The Intermark Mall KL
Truffle Mushroom Focaccia Melt

Assortment of Breads & Pastries from the Counter

You can also bring home your choice of bread from a variety of freshly baked loaves so you can make your own delicious sandwiches from the comfort of your home. Mon is a regular purchaser of their sourdough, saying that she loves the crust, spongey middle, and its reasonable price point. She also reports that the seeded loaf is excellent for sandwiches and loves their homemade sugar-free nut butter, too. And, oh, the granola gets more high praise.

best bakery cafes in Kuala Lumpur
Variety of Nut Butters

Those with a sweet tooth are bound to spend quite some time drooling over the mouth-watering display of cakes, loaves, desserts and pastries. You could spend weeks here trying something new daily and still not get to everything.

There are so many pastries that narrowing down our choices is challenging. Ultimately, we decide on two, consoling our tummies that we can always return another day to try more. The Pain Au Raisin (RM 13) is delightfully sweet and crisp with a generous sprinkle of raisins. Still, it is also light enough to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or just on its own. The Vanilla Bun (RM 13) has been recently added, layered with vanilla custard and cardamom finishing, which gives it a nice little twist. It’s fun to pull apart and just right for sharing.

Huckleberry Petit The Intermark Mall KL
Pain Au Raisin
Huckleberry Petit The Intermark Mall KL
Vanilla Bun

Of the prettily decorated cakes, the Awesome Blackout (RM 20) is their bestseller and a chocolate lover’s dream with decadent layers of chocolatey goodness. Creamy and rich, their Burnt Cheesecake (RM 19) melts in your mouth with every bite. For those that prefer a gluten-free option, they have you covered without compromising on taste with their Zesty Lemon Cake (RM 19), Chocolate Chip Banana Loaf (RM 10.50), and Flourless Chocolate Coconut Loaf (RM 11.50). They’re superbly moist and flavourful, warranting repeat orders. 

Awesome Blackout & Burnt Cheesecake
Awesome Blackout & Burnt Cheesecake
Huckleberry Petit The Intermark Mall KL
Chocolate Chip Banana Loaf & Flourless Chocolate Coconut Loaf

Drinks Menu

Huckleberry Petit at The Intermark offers a wide range of healthy, refreshing smoothies and juices. From their range of smoothies, we tried The Mango Tango (RM 19) with the addition of Organic Baobab Powder aiding digestion. With a scoop of Vital Proteins collagen, the Watermelon Collagen (RM 24) smoothie cools you down on a hot day. If you prefer juices, there’s always the Green Goddess (RM 16) or Carrot Ginger Zinger (RM 16), which taste as healthy as they sound. Mon is a big fan.

best bakery cafes in Kuala Lumpur
Mango Tango Smoothie
Huckleberry Petit The Intermark Mall KL
Watermelon Collagen Smoothie

If you want a quick zing that packs a punch, the Jamu Shot (RM 12) is a sure way to perk you right up. Other bottled goodness includes their Huckleberry Kombucha (RM 15.90), available in Calming Jasmine or Vitality Green Tea bases.

Huckleberry Petit The Intermark Mall KL
Health Shots, Cold Brew Coffee & Juices

Coffee drinkers can enjoy a Flat White (RM 12.20) or Cold Brew Coffee (RM 11.50) made with Huckleberry’s unique in-house blend. A special beverage menu item worth checking out is their Superfood Sips, which are the Matcha Latte (RM 17), Turmeric Latte (RM 12.90), and Beetroot Latte (RM 13.80). Some would say they are an acquired taste, but they certainly are worth trying at least once.

Huckleberry Petit The Intermark Mall KL
A Rainbow of Healthy Lattes

Huckleberry Petit Intermark Mall Review

 When you have so much to do and so little time, but you still want a good meal, this is your perfect choice. While dine-in services are not available, customer service is via a dedicated WhatsApp number to place orders at the outlet ahead of time for pick up. Anyone who has visited a Huckleberry knows they are serious about their food, putting great thought and attention to detail with each freshly made pastry, sandwich, or beverage. Their baked goods are made with premium ingredients that are pork-free and alcohol-free, and they also consider other dietary requirements with a gluten-free selection of items. 

Reasons to visit Huckleberry Petit at The Intermark Mall: excellent bread, pastries, cakes and loaves; healthy fresh juices and smoothies; decent coffee; great sandwiches; easy grab-and-go lunches and light meals.

Huckleberry Petit at The Intermark Mall KL
Lot 1-33, Intermark Mall
Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 123 727 335 (WhatsApp)

Huckleberry Petit at The Intermark Mall Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday: 8.00 am – 9.30 pm

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