Mezze KL Medan Damansara

Mezze KL – Medan Damansara, Bar & Lounge

Mezze KL – Medan Damansara, Whisky & Gin Bar and Cigar Lounge

Words: Monica Tindall
Photos: Peter Tan

We have fond recollections of Mezze in Medan Damansara, with a cozy restaurant downstairs serving French cuisine and fine wine, complemented by an upstairs bar that extends the evening’s enjoyment. However, it’s been a while since our last visit (a decade ago!), and we’re excited to rekindle that flame.

Mezze KL Medan Damansara
Mezze KL Medan Damansara
Gin Bar & Whisky Lounge Kuala Lumpur

Mezze KL

Six years ago, the outlet underwent quite a transformation, closing the ground-floor restaurant and extending the first-floor bar to double its size. Our initial impression is of a chic, contemporary space with a variety of seating—bar stools, dining tables, and coffee-table-style arrangements with lounges. Shelves are lined with an impressive selection of wine and spirit bottles from around the world, gently backlit, and a team dressed in black buzzes around, ensuring guests have everything they need.

While the focus may have shifted from a rustic French bistro to wine, cocktails, and an expansive collection of whiskies and gins, rest assured that a delectable array of food remains to keep you in your seats. Adding to the allure, live bands grace the stage every Wednesday and Friday night from 9 pm, making it a vibrant destination for all.

Craft Cocktails

Lounge Manager Suresh is helping us with recommendations today, and bartender Zym is shaking up our cocktails. The Japanese Dream (RM 45) is the first to wet our lips. I don’t mind a drop of tequila, and I know the guys behind Ocho Blanco, confirming an excellent base. Served in a Champagne flute with a twist of lemon peel, it looks just as elegant as it tastes. However, beware! The tequila is accompanied by sparkling wine, plum bitters, lime, and jasmine, disguising the strength of this bevvy.

Mezze KL Medan Damansara
Bartender Zym at Mezze KL
Mezze KL Medan Damansara
Japanese Dream

Hinting at a little comedic action, The Kingsman (RM 45) is served over ice in a highball glass with a slice of dried grapefruit capping it off like a hat. It’s another excellent base with London No.3 Gin, the protagonist, supported by Angostura bitters, grapefruit, pineapple, lime and orgeat. It’s another excellent, well-balanced mix.

Mezze KL Medan Damansara
The Kingsman

Wine & Beer by the Glass

For those preferring simpler libations, five wines are available by the glass at RM30 and RM 32, and draft beer starts at RM18 for a half pint.

Whisky & Gin

One of the standout features of Mezze KL is the extensive collection of whisky and gin, with well over 100 labels of each! There are your usual suspects here and some fantastic hard-to-find boutique labels, too. Even better, most are available by the glass, so you can expand your tastebuds and order several. If you’re not so confident, ask the knowledgeable bartenders for suggestions. Alternatively, choose a classic like Negroni (my fave) or one of their signature creations like My Friends (RM45). The latter is founded on Gordon Gin shaken with orange juice, Cynar, pink grapefruit juice and St. Germain Elderflower. It’s another delicious mix, pointing to the expertise of the bartenders at Mezze.

Gin Bar & Whisky Lounge Kuala Lumpur
Negroni – Mezze KL
Mezze KL Medan Damansara
My Friends

All of the above has certainly lubricated our entrance, but now it’s time for a serious bottle of red to match our food. As we foresee many porky dishes in the very near future, I choose Chateauneuf Du Pape, Ferraton Pere et Fils, Le Parvis 2016 (RM 320), a classic GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre) blend. Its complex bouquet of dark stone fruits, freshly brewed coffee and a whisper of spice carry over to a medium body with fine tannins and a lengthy finish. It’s delicious with the delicate flavours of roasted pork but weighty enough to stand alongside some tasty sauces. We’d order this one again without thinking twice.

Gin Bar & Whisky Lounge Kuala Lumpur
Chateauneuf Du Pape, Ferraton Pere et Fils, Le Parvis 2016

Mezze KL Food Menu

Fortunately, the hearty food menu at Mezze provides support for all of the above liquid temptations. Our introduction, Roasted Pork Belly (RM 28), is a well-honed local siew yoke recipe featuring German pork with an incredibly crisp and delicious crackling. It’s been brined for 12 hours in Asian spices and roasted exceptionally well. The tender, crunchy bites disappear all too quickly and even faster when we discover the flavourful house-made garlic and chilli sauce.

Gin Bar & Whisky Lounge Kuala Lumpur
Mezze KL’s Roasted Pork Belly

The siew yoke is a hard dish to follow, but the Artichoke & Spinach Dip (RM 32) is creamy, cheesy, rich, and decadent. It’s best spread over the side of crisp baguette slices—another crowd-pleaser in our books.

Gin Bar & Whisky Lounge Kuala Lumpur
Artichoke & Spinach Dip

The Bacon Aglio Olio with White Wine Sauce (RM 42) is highly recommended. Fine spaghetti strands cooked in a chicken and white wine stock are generously coated in olive oil. Semi-dried cherry tomatoes, fresh red chilli pieces, garlic, and generous slices of bacon are tossed through—it’s good stuff.

Mezze KL Medan Damansara
Bacon Aglio Olio with White Wine Sauce

Carbs are solid food when you’ve settled in for the evening, and a second pasta recipe, Smoked Bacon Carbonara (RM 46), also receives affirming praise. This is the real deal, made from grated cured egg and pecorino and tossed with smoked streaky bacon. It’s rich and flavourful.

Mezze KL Medan Damansara
Smoked Bacon Carbonara – Mezze KL

As we continue to bring home the bacon, and the carbs, the Crispy Pork & Bacon Pizza (RM 48) is worthy of a mention. Only the very edge of a thin crust peeks out from underneath a generous layer of stringy mozzarella cheese, pomegranate molasses, oregano, rocket leaves and, of course, loads of bacon and pork. This guy is flavour-packed, but there’s a spicy honey sauce for adding at will if you want an over-the-top experience.

Gin Bar & Whisky Lounge Kuala Lumpur
Crispy Pork & Bacon Pizza

If burgers are more your thing, then the Gourmet Cheeseburger (RM 48) is a simple and faithful combo. A freshly ground beef patty capped with melty, yellow American cheese, lettuce, smoky tomato ketchup and mustard is squeezed between a Huckleberry brioche bun.

Gin Bar & Whisky Lounge Kuala Lumpur
Gourmet Cheeseburger

It’s time to say goodbye to carbs and hello to hearty proteins with the BBQ Rack of Lamb (RM 110) and the Black Angus Ribeye (RM 55 per 100gm, minimum 250gm). 

The former is nicely presented with four cutlets arranged over a colourful spread of red and orange oils and topped with a green splash of rocket. I hadn’t considered it before, but this rack is actually very decadent finger food! The thinly carved bones are faultless instruments for picking up each piece. They’re nicely charred on the outside and pink in the middle. 

The ribeye features the same expert grill technique and is perhaps a little too well-seasoned. Ask the chef to go lighter on the salt if that is your preference. Thick steak fries and salad turn it into a complete meal.

Gin Bar & Whisky Lounge Kuala Lumpur
Mezze KL – BBQ Rack of Lamb
Gin Bar & Whisky Lounge Kuala Lumpur
Black Angus Ribeye


We conclude with Huckleberry’s Burnt Cheesecake (RM 19). It’s an exemplary model of this cheesecake style thanks to French cream cheese, organic eggs, a lightly burnt crust, and a wonderfully creamy centre. (*Allow 15 min for preparation).

Gin Bar & Whisky Lounge Kuala Lumpur
Huckleberry’s Burnt Cheesecake


While dessert and a cocktail are our ideal finish, others might appreciate Mezze’s list of nearly 20 cigars. Half of them are Cuban, with the rest from other parts of the Caribbean. You can admire them behind a glass-walled cabinet in the lounge area.

Mezze KL Review

Mezze KL offers a great selection of craft cocktails, wine, gin, and whiskey, supported by a tasty and hearty food menu. The service has been welcoming and friendly, and we appreciate the variety of seating areas. We’re keen to return Wednesday or Friday evening to check out the live music and would be happy to pop back in for a craft cocktail, a bottle of fine wine and more of that fantastic roasted pork belly.

Reasons to visit Mezze KL: an impressive collection of gin and whisky; good wine list; expertly crafted cocktails; lots of porky dishes; must order the roasted pork belly.

Mezze KL
132, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mezze KL Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday: 3 pm – 1 am
Friday to Saturday: 3 pm – 1:30 am
Sunday: Closed

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