Cambodian Cuisine Chef Sothea

Lum Orng Farm to Table – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Lum Orng Farm to Table – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Words: Monica Tindall
Photos: Han Sen Hau

In Siem Reap, Lum Orng Farm to Table offers a taste of Cambodia’s culinary past and future. Chef Sothea Seng curates “New Mekong Cuisine,” a menu that highlights both traditional flavours and innovative techniques. Thanks to its on-site organic farm and use of local artisan suppliers, the restaurant’s commitment to fresh, seasonal ingredients shines through. Located just outside the city centre, Lum Orng Farm to Table provides a tranquil escape with delicious discoveries.

Lum Orng Farm to Table Siem Reap entrance gates
Lum Orng Farm to Table -Siem Reap
Lum Orng Farm to Table Siem Reap - pathway to the heritage building
Cambodian Cuisine by Chef Sothea -outdoor dining setting
Outdoor Seating is Popular at Night

Lum Orng, which means ‘pollen’ in Khmer, is a symbol of growth and regeneration for Chef Sothea Seng. His journey as a chef is marked by a deep commitment to preserving Cambodia’s culinary traditions and exploring new directions. Over the past five years at Mahob Khmer in Siem Reap, Chef Sothea has focused on elevating traditional Cambodian cuisine while sourcing much of his produce from his organic gardens at Beng Mealea. Lum Orng signifies a renewal for Chef Sothea as he expands his farm-to-table philosophy and commitment to sustainability, forging relationships with growers and producers from neighbouring countries to feature a diverse range of ingredients in his inventive new Mekong cuisine at Lum Orng.

Lum Orng Farm to Table Siem Reap - beautifully dressed dining tables
Dining Area

Chef’s Table Menu – Lum Orng Farm to Table

The Chef’s Table (USD 85) offers an extraordinary opportunity to dine up close and personal with Chef Sothea or Sous Chef Sous Seav Inh. The exclusive interactive experience is limited to eight diners and features a selection of experimental creations and Lum Orng classics. Occupying a secluded level with panoramas of verdant gardens, this space features a lounge area and a breezy balcony. An entire evening unfolds in this setting – cocktails on the verandah, followed by the degustation menu, and a cheeky nightcap conclusion in the lounge or garden.

Cambodian Cuisine Chef Sothea - Sous Chef Sous Seav Inh
Sous Chef Sous Seav Inh

Cocktail Menu

We dive straight in with produce direct from the garden and artisanal Cambodian products in our craft cocktails. Locally-produced Seekers Gin forms the base of the Siem Reap Paddy (USD 5.50) with rice paddy herbs muddled with brown sugar, accompanied by lime, cucumber and tonic. I love this light, fresh mix. Lum Orng Farm to Table’s crowd-pleaser is the Honey Bee (USD 5.50), made with Cambodian Samai rum, local honey, passion fruit, orange, Cointreau and lemongrass. It is on the sweeter side, but it is naturally so, thanks to real honey and fresh fruit.

Lum Orng Farm to Table Siem Reap Paddy Cocktail
Siem Reap Paddy
Lum Orng Farm to Table Siem Reap - Honey Bee Cocktail
Honey Bee

Amuse Bouche

Small bites from the chef change daily. Today, it’s a tasty combo of minced pork with spices from the garden. Kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass and garlic have been toasted together with rice bringing out the aromas and elegantly seasoning the pork. We place a spoonful of the mince on a betel leaf, add a squeeze of lime and eat it like a mini taco.

Lum Orng Farm to Table Siem Reap Amuse Bouche
Amuse Bouche

Kampot Crabcake

The second course is a delicate Kampot Crabcake. Sweet stone crab is coated in a light crumb and bedded with sauteed lotus seed, corn and mushrooms in a turmeric aioli. Fresh watercress, picked from the kitchen window, adorns the top. It’s another well-balanced recipe, offering a graceful bite.

Lum Orng Farm to Table Siem Reap Kampot Crabcake
Kampot Crabcake

Beef Carpaccio

The following plate is one of the prettiest Beef Carpaccio I’ve seen. The Lum Orng Farm to Table team goes early to a local village to get the tenderloin for this dish. With limited beef supply, the premium cuts are in high demand. The roasted rare beef shavings are wonderfully tender and surrounded by a ring of fresh herbs. There’s something extra here, though, not listed on the menu – red ant larvae. Purposefully left out of the description, the team want guests to try the beloved Cambodian ingredient without preconceptions. The little white cocoons supply petite juicy bursts, adding a light creaminess to lemongrass oil, kaffir lime and birds eye chilli.

Lum Orng Farm to Table Siem Reap Beef Carpaccio with ant lava
Beef Carpaccio

Sandai Fish Fillet

We’re immediately enamoured with the next dish, Sandai Fish Fillet. The seasonal river catfish fillet has been marinated in Kampot pepper and salt and then pan-fried. Underneath the flesh is a sliced and stir-fried heart of banana, and a fabulous Khmer soupy sauce with lemongrass and coconut is poured over upon serving. The fish is moist and flaky, and the sauce is irresistible.

Cambodian Cuisine by Chef Sothea - Sandai Fish Fillet
Sandai Fish Fillet

Lum Orng Farm to Table Crab Congee

Han Sen finds the Crab Congee incredibly comforting. Four types of wild rice – brown, black, glutinous and red – are cooked with tapioca, lotus seeds, corn, crispy shallots, preserved sweet soy bean sauce and Kampot crab. Microgreens and orange tobiko roe make a vibrant and fresh crown that matches the risotto-like texture of the congee.

Cambodian Cuisine by Chef Sothea Crab Congee
Lum Orng Farm to Table Crab Congee

Sorbet Intermezzo

You know a meal has been excellent when we’re even excited by the palate cleanser. In this case, it draws inspiration from what labourers would bring for a meal break during a long, hot day of work in the rice fields. Requiring something that can stay cool and fresh and energise in the warm climate, a common recipe is watermelon and preserved fish. The melon keeps things juicy and cool, and the dehydrated fish is unlikely to go bad in the heat. Chef Sothea has put together similar flavours of sweet, salty and tart in this sorbet intermezzo. Cubed watermelon is combined with sweet basil, roasted pounded Kampot pepper and salt, preserved fish flakes, and lime sorbet with basil. It’s fun, innovative and delicious.

Cambodian Cuisine by Chef Sothea Sorbet Intermezzo
Sorbet Intermezzo

Snapper & Zucchini Scale

Our main dish, Snapper & Zucchini Scale, is another well-plated recipe. The red snapper fillet is covered with finely sliced zucchini resembling fish scales. It’s accompanied by homegrown vegetables and miso-glazed truffle essence – yummy.

Cambodian Cuisine by Chef Sothea Snapper & Zucchini Scale
Snapper & Zucchini Scale

Lum Orng Farm to Table Local Waffle

I wouldn’t have immediately thought of waffles as Cambodian desserts, but the rice and coconut batter cooked over charcoal in a metal mould was once found on nearly every street corner, according to older locals. The waffle is light yet bold in flavour with coconut ice cream, young coconut, and caramelised sauce adding complexity to the sweet, while sesame tuille acts as an elegant garnish.

Cambodian Cuisine by Chef Sothea Local Waffle
Local Waffle
Lum Orng Menu
Lum Orng’s Menu Changes with the Seasons, but here is an example of a current Tasting Menu

Lum Orng Farm to Table Restaurant Siem Reap Review

The Chef’s Table menu has been just the right amount of food; we feel satiated at the end but nowhere near food coma status. The recipes have been delicious, and we’ve discovered several new ingredients to keep on our radar. The setting is beautiful! We dined during the day but have heard and seen pictures of the gardens warmly lit with fairy lights in the evening – magical. Put Lum Orng Farm to Table restaurant on your must-eat list for Siem Reap. Chef Sothea, his delicious local menus, and inspirational goals for sustainability and culture preservation merit support. 

Reasons to visit Lum Orng Farm to Table, Siem Reap: admirable sustainable and heritage preservation philosophy; gorgeous setting; delicious menu.

Lum Orng Farm to Table Restaurant Siem Reap
Thlok Ondong Village, Group 23, Slorkram Commune
Siem Reap, Cambodia
[email protected]
+85510926562/ +85561926562
*vegetarian options available
**al fresco dining available
***private rooms available

Lum Orng Farm to Table Opening Hours
Daily: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm & 6 pm – 10:00 pm
* To support the restaurant’s zero-waste policy, reservations are essential

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