Templation Angkor

Templation Angkor – Pool Villas Siem Reap

Templation Angkor – Pool Villas Siem Reap

Words: Monica Tindall
Photos: Han Sen Hau

Not far from the historical marvels of Siem Reap, Cambodia, lies an eco-retreat enveloped by tropical fruit gardens and dotted with spacious villas – Temptation Angkor. From the moment we step into this tranquil oasis, the world’s burdens seem to dissipate, replaced by a sense of calm and rejuvenation. 

Pool Villas Siem Reap main entrance
Templation Angkor

Templation Angkor

Templation Angkor enjoys a prime location just a stone’s throw away from the majestic Angkor Wat, one of the world’s most renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Despite its proximity to the bustling city centre of Siem Reap, the resort is cocooned in lush tropical greenery, providing a serene retreat after a day of sightseeing.

The sprawling gardens are filled with tropical fruit trees and swaying palms. Mangoes, pomelos, and jackfruit juxtaposed against the verdant foliage create a picturesque scene from a postcard. The sweet fragrance of tropical blooms fills the air, and the gardens provide a sense of tranquillity, a unique effect only nature can induce. The resort’s commitment to sustainability means these aren’t just ornamental plants; they’re a source of fresh, local produce that finds its way onto the restaurant’s menu.

Pool Villas Siem Reap - jackfruit tree in Cambodia
Gardens Filled with Tropical Fruit Trees
Pool Villas Siem Reap - The Green Grounds Are Home to Pet Bunnies
The Green Grounds Are Home to Pet Bunnies

Pool Villas Siem Reap

We have the fortune of staying in a one-bedroom pool villa that can easily be converted into two bedrooms by turning the separate living area into another sleeping area. A Smart TV with international channels and free on-demand movies is a welcome touch. Both bedrooms/ or bedroom and living area, are equipped with separate bathrooms and outdoor showers (instant hot water and high-pressured). I love showering in the great outdoors in the tropics. The master room also features an enormous bathtub. The only thing we’d change is a switch to refillable pumps for bath products rather than single-use miniatures – it would be a better fit for the eco feel of this property.

Sliding glass doors overlook the garden-lined pool with deck chairs and a coffee table setting. The surrounding foliage provides a sense of seclusion (though not 100% private, so no skinny-dipping, please), making it the ideal place to unwind after exploring the temples. The bathwater temperature with powerful jets on one end means the pool gets a lot of use. We even have a floating brekkie inside one morning.

Templation Angkor - One-bedroom Pool Villa
One-bedroom Pool Villa
Templation Angkor - Bedroom
Templation Angkor Master Bathroom outdoors
Master Bathroom
Templation Angkor - Semi-outdoor Bathtub
Semi-outdoor Bathtub
Templation Angkor - Living Room Converted to Extra Bedroom
Living Room Converted to Extra Bedroom
Templation Angkor private pool with sunchairs
Templation Angkor - Floating Breakfast
Floating Brekkie

Food & Beverage

For breakfast, we could choose to dine in the resort’s open-walled restaurant with a small buffet or opt for in-villa dining—floating breakfasts are available, too. Imagine a beautifully arranged platter laden with fresh fruit, pastries, eggs, and juice, all floating serenely in the waters of your private pool—while not so practical, it does make a fun prop for some holiday pics.

If you choose to dine in the resort, the kitchen team at Templation Angkor cooks up both Cambodian and international cuisine. It seems a popular place for events in the evenings – our first night saw elegant white-clothed tables set up poolside for a large group dinner. It is indeed a pretty spot. There’s an ala carte menu for daily choosing, but if you book ahead, the chef can customise a menu for you. We were fortunate to try some royal Khmer cuisine. Further details on that here.

The Culinary Art of Cambodia Cookbook - Cambodian Cuisine
Cambodian Cuisine at Templation Angkor


While the private pool villa is tempting to stay ensconced in, the resort also offers a selection of common facilities for those seeking a bit of social interaction. The enormous swimming pool is big enough to float a boat in—literally—a rowboat is a frequent feature in their social media feed. 

A small fitness room is available for the more active traveller, equipped with the basics for a quick workout. However, the most surprising feature of Templation Angkor is the abundance of pet rabbits hopping freely around the property. These bunnies add a touch of whimsy to the resort and are a delight to encounter during walks through the gardens or even showing up on our pool deck occasionally.

Templation Angkor - giant hotel pool
Templation Angkor sun loungers by the pool
Sun Loungers
Templation Angkor Floating Daybed in the giant pool
Floating Daybed

Room Rates

Prices start from around RM500 per night through various discount travel sites.

Templation Angkor Review

We enjoy our stay in Templation Angkor’s one-bedroom pool villa. The private pool fit with powerful jacuzzi jets is a highlight, as are the beautiful tropical fruit gardens. The property balances convenient access to the sights with quiet seclusion and nature, assisting guests in obtaining the best of both worlds during a stay.

Aerial view of Templation Siem Reap
Templation Siem Reap

Reasons to stay at Templation Angkor: lovely tropical gardens; convenient proximity to Angkor Wat; great private pool with jacuzzi jets; the convenience of a separate living and sleeping area that can be converted into a second bedroom.

Templation Angkor
Rok Rak Street, Sangkat Sla Kram
171201 Siem Reap, Cambodia
[email protected]
+855 12 233 350

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