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Spanish Cellar KL – Event Space & Spanish Goods

Spanish Cellar KL – Event Space & Premium Imported Spanish Goods

Words: Stephen Reid
Photos: Peter Tan

Victor Eduardo Dejesus Iglasias, the founder and director of Spanish Cellar KL, has pioneered the promotion and distribution of Spanish food and wine products in Malaysia, Singapore, and across Asian countries for nearly three decades. He has focused on supplying these premium products to the restaurant, hotel, and hospitality sectors. However, Victor has expanded his reach recently, offering his unique products directly to retail customers on a limited scale and catering events and gatherings. 

Gourmet Store & Event Space Kuala Lumpur
Spanish Cellar KL-Gourmet Store & Event Space Kuala Lumpur

Spanish Cellar KL – Private Event Space

Recently, Victor invited The Yum List to discuss exciting changes to the business, a testament to his commitment to innovation and quality. The unique selling points of Spanish Cellar KL’s products lie in their rich history, provenance, and the stories that make them more than just food and wine but a culinary experience. Located on the ground floor of a residential condominium building in Sri Hartamas, Spanish Cellar has a charming and rustic space perfect for hosting a dinner party, wine-tasting event, or celebratory dinner. 

Victor is not just a wholesaler but the heart and soul of Spanish Cellar KL, always ready to share the culinary gems he’s collected. Each piece in his collection comes with an intriguing tale. On our tour, he led us to a secluded area reserved for fine vintage wines and select Brandies. He showcased a distinguished Brandy, aged over 100 years, cradled in a vintage wooden box with a sturdy clasp. The heavy bottle, now containing a modest amount of dark amber liquid, once slipped from his hands in front of a customer. Miraculously, the bottle remained intact, though the stopper dislodged, causing a spill. Despite the loss, enough of the precious liquid remained to allow us to experience the Brandy’s rich and intricate aroma. This personal touch in sharing his products sets Victor and Spanish Cellar KL apart.

Beyond this rare find, Victor’s collection includes a variety of unopened bottles, like the notable Monte Cristo Spanish Brandy, perfected after over thirty years in American oak barrels. The selection spans a range of options, from budget-friendly young wines to more esteemed aged varieties.

Gourmet Store & Event Space Kuala Lumpur line up of Spanish wine
Spanish Cellar KL – Gourmet Store & Event Space Kuala Lumpur

Gourmet Food & Wine Kuala Lumpur

Spanish Cellar KL is a treasure trove of gourmet foods with a variety that caters to every palate. The chillers and freezers are stocked with enticing items, from sizable Manchego cheese wheels, which caught Monica’s eye, to vacuum-sealed meats, including marinated cuts, cured sausages, and tender steaks. The quality and variety of the products are unmatched, making it a food lover’s paradise. It’s like stepping into Aladdin’s cave, but the treasures here are all about flavour and yumminess instead of gold and jewels.

A long-time friend who passed away a few years ago and lived in Kamena Vourla in Northern Central Greece reminded me a lot of Victor. She would invite you for a drink and some snack, a little something to eat, that would invariably become quite a lot or even a full-blown meal. Still, there was always a little something else that she had tucked away in a hidden pantry or refrigerator, an excellent cheese, ham or sliced sausage. ‘You absolutely cannot leave without tasting how delicious these olives are’, and ‘there is a bottle of something special I have been saving for when special guests are here’. There was always the story that connected just how special this food or wine was, how lucky she was to have come across it, and how fortunate we were to enjoy such a fine thing together; these were the good things in life. She deeply appreciated the quality of the food and wines; she did not want to simply share them with you but also to help you understand why they were so unique. I think she and Victor would have gotten along famously.

After such a wonderful tour of the riches hidden away in every nook and cranny, we were ready to sample some of them, and Victor and Rafiq had Put together a menu to demonstrate the range of produce they had to offer. 

I had to chuckle to myself seeing ‘The Yum List Lunch’ on the menu when we were just getting seated at 4:30 in the afternoon. It’s become a bit of a running joke with some Spanish friends of mine—they’re always ribbing me for my early-bird eating habits. Whenever I set up lunch dates, they tease me about hosting a ‘late breakfast’ and dinner invites before 9 pm? They find it unthinkable! So, calling a 4:30 pm meal ‘lunch’ would undoubtedly get their seal of approval.

Spanish Cellar KL Wine List

To accompany our tapas selection, we shared a bottle of a perfectly chilled Pazo de San Mauro Albariño 2022 Rias-Baixas DO (RM170). Made from 100% Albariño grapes, it has a moderate 12.5% alcohol content. The wine has fruity notes and subtle hints of citrus that lend freshness and complexity. It revealed fruitiness and mineral quality, which paired very well with our seafood dishes. Mon’s favourite wine of the evening brought her immediately back to the coast of Galicia, eating seafood with the smell of the seas in the air.

Pazo de San Mauro Albariño 2022 Rias-Baixas DO
Pazo de San Mauro Albariño 2022 Rias-Baixas DO

Premium Canned Seafood

After seeing all the delicious produce on our tour with Victor, my appetite was in full swing as we began our meal with various tapas-style dishes. First up were two “Seafood in the Tin” specialities: Bogar’s Sardinas De Las Rias Gallegas (RM 20) sardines in sunflower oil, and Spanish Black Mussels Escabeche (RM 22). Though some might baulk at the idea of serving food straight from a tin, the exceptional quality of these ingredients quickly dispelled any scepticism. It’s a broad practice in Spain, with nationals recognising that some of the most premium quality is found in the can. It reminded me of a beloved gastropub in West London, near the set of the TV show “Ted Lasso,” that offers a similar concept—delectable seafood on sourdough bread, drizzled with premium olive oil and a dash of salt. Simple, delicious, and perfect for impressing unexpected guests.

Victor’s take on these dishes did not disappoint. The plump, tender mussels were presented on a crunchy baguette slice, nestled among lettuce leaves and julienned cucumber, and then lavished with olive oil and a sprinkle of chilli flakes. The succulent sardines were artfully arranged on a delicate, crispy flatbread cracker, accompanied by lettuce, a red pepper relish, and generously adorned with olive oil and a sprinkling of aromatic smoked paprika.

Gourmet Store & Event Space Kuala Lumpur Bogar's Sardinas De Las Rias Gallegas
Bogar’s Sardinas De Las Rias Gallegas
Gourmet Store & Event Space Kuala Lumpur Spanish Black Mussels Escabeche
Spanish Black Mussels Escabeche

The salt that was sprinkled? Of course, it is not just any salt, but some of the best salt in the world. While we’re often advised to cut back on salt, Victor, a firm believer in quality ingredients, knows that not all salt is created equal. Enter Añana Salt, harvested from the ancient sea of the Basque Country. With over 6,500 years of history, these salt flats cover 120 hectares of hillside, adorned with 5,000 wood and stone terraces. Once prized by the Ancient Romans, Añana Salt’s artisanal production waned in the 1960s. But today, its again celebrated for its unique geological origins and exceptional quality. He has it available in various sizes; some even flavoured from 70g up to 500g, and also as a ‘Salt Stalactite’ or Chuzo (RM 250).

Moving to the chilled seafood tapas, we next enjoyed some plump and flavorful Boquerones—marinated white anchovies. These little gems were wrapped in delicate ribbons of cucumber, perched atop a slice of toasted baguette generously spread with red pepper relish. A final drizzle of olive oil and a dusting of smoked paprika elevated their taste. You have two options to indulge in these delectable bites: 190g Tub (RM 75), Perfect for a smaller gathering or personal enjoyment, and 1000g Size (RM 250), Ideal for bigger events or if you’re an ardent anchovy enthusiast!

Gourmet Store & Event Space Kuala Lumpur Boquerones

Our next wine was a bottle of O Luar do Sil Godello 2022 D.O Valdeorras (RM 170), paired with our Octopus dish. The wine comes in a clear bottle with a glass stopper; Monica could see herself reusing it as an attractive water bottle when the wine was finished. The wine itself was a pretty greenish-yellow colour. With intense aromas and varietal purity of Godello grapes, strong tones of ripe stonefruits like peach and exotic fruits like passion fruit, yellow flowers, citrus, herbal and balsamic notes.

Spanish Cellar KL O Luar do Sil Godello 2022 D.O Valdeorras
O Luar do Sil Godello 2022 D.O Valdeorras

Spanish Cellar KL Frozen Seafood

Victor was particularly keen for us to try the next dish, a personal favourite of his from the selection of frozen seafood: Pulpo Gallego. This dish originates from Galicia and is the region’s most famous culinary delight. Known as “Polbo a feira”, it enjoys widespread popularity throughout Spain as a delightful tapa. Beyond Galicia, it goes by the more straightforward name of “pulpo a la Gallega”, signifying its Galician roots.

The dish itself features tender, cooked octopus tentacles sourced from the pristine waters of Galicia. Traditionally, these tentacles are sliced into smaller portions and presented on rustic wooden plates. However, in this rendition, the dish takes on a heartier form: the octopus rests atop a bed of rustic mashed potatoes, infused with premium olive oil, and sprinkled with a dusting of smoked paprika and a sprinkle of Añana salt. The result is a mouthwatering blend of flavours and textures—smooth, flavourful, and devoid of any unwelcome chewiness that can sometimes mar octopus dishes.

Victor attributes the exceptional texture to a little secret: the precise freezing process applied to the meat. He conveniently supplies the pre-cooked and seasoned octopus tentacles, ranging from 90 gms (RM 220) to 200 gms (RM 280). They require only a quick warm-up under the grill or barbecue before serving.

Spanish Cellar KL Pulpo Gallego
Pulpo Gallego

The following dish was new to me: Cocochas, a traditional Basque fish stew. The dish is made from stewed cod cheeks and served with a sauce made from white wine, garlic, flour, and olive oil. For those who appreciate rich flavours, ‘kokotxas’ are a must-try. However, given their richness, it’s best to enjoy them as part of a broader menu, just as we did. If interested, the smallest package available is 2 kg, starting at RM 200. I recommend contacting them directly for other quantities, as pricing will differ.

Spanish Cellar KL Kokotxas

We enjoyed a bottle of Seis de Luberri (RM 137), a delightful red wine made from 100% tempranillo grapes with rich fruit flavours, a touch of spice, and a balanced oak influence to accompany our cold cuts and cheeses. A testament to traditional Rioja winemaking techniques, it spends at least six months in American oak barrels, which impart a subtle oak flavour while maintaining its fruitiness. It was an excellent pairing with the cheeses. 

Spanish Cellar KL Seis de Luberri, Rioja, Spain
Seis de Luberri, Rioja, Spain

Cold Cuts & Cheeses 

One of the things I found most appealing about Spanish Cellar KL’s produce was their incredible selection of Spanish cold cuts (beef and pork) and delightful cheeses. Since moving to Malaysia, finding good cheeses has been a struggle. The larger supermarkets often disappoint, offering mass-manufactured processed varieties that don’t quite hit the mark. But at Spanish Cellar KL, it was a different story. Their range was so extensive that I had to ask for a list—it spanned several pages! It’s worth checking out online if you’re a cheese and cured meat enthusiast, as I am. 

Gourmet Store & Event Space Kuala Lumpur  Cold Cuts & Cheese
Spanish Cellar KL Cold Cuts & Cheese

Main Dishes

Iberico Ribs

Bring on the meat! The kitchen had been teasing us with mouthwatering scents; finally, it was showtime. Our plates were graced with tender, juicy Iberico ribs. We also had a simple salad, roasted garlic, cherry tomatoes, and boiled potatoes. But surprisingly—Victor confided that the ribs are available pre-cooked, seasoned, and ready to go. Just a quick warm-up in water, followed by a sizzle under the grill or on the BBQ, and ta-da! You’ve got yourself a feast. Whether hosting a large gathering or a cosy get-together, convenience meets taste here in a way that impressed us all. 

Spanish Cellar KL Iberico Ribs
Iberico Ribs

Young Lamb Churrasco & Baby Lamb Rack 

A little taste test followed; we compared the flavours and textures of the Baby Lamb Rack and the Young Lamb Churrasco. Monica expressed her preference for the young lamb, appreciating the depth of flavour it offered. Both cuts had undergone simple barbecuing, but Monica believed the lamb allowed to graze in outdoor pastures for a bit longer contributed to the meat’s overall flavour. On the other hand, Peter, our photographer, and I leaned toward the more tender baby lamb rack. Our taste buds seemed to favour its tenderness.

Spanish Cellar KL Baby Lamb Rack & Young Lamb Churrasco
Baby Lamb Rack & Young Lamb Churrasco

To accompany the following course, we sampled the Alto Moncayo Garnacha (RM250), a delightful Spanish red wine made from 100% Garnacha grapes. It was deep red with balsamic notes, chocolate, and black fruit flavours. The finish was warm and immensely pleasing, making it an excellent pairing with our succulent beef.

Spanish Cellar KL Alto Moncayo Garnacha, Spain
Alto Moncayo Garnacha, Spain

Beef Chuleta

The final course of our meat feast was a Sirloin Beef Steak. The Chuleta cut is kept bone-in to enhance flavour and juices while cooking. It was particularly succulent and served rare, with a bright, herb-packed chimichurri sauce. As most Spanish beef is raised on their natural diet of grass, these cuts of meat are flavourful and delicious – something grain-fed beef never achieves.

Spanish Cellar KL Chuleta - Sirloin Beef Steak
Chuleta – Sirloin Beef Steak

Just as our meal ended, Victor brought out a delicious Gonzalez Bypass, Jerez, Solera, 1847, as well as a selection of four excellent dry sherries from Gran Barquero. The youngest of which had been aged for ten years, the ‘Fino,’ would be good to enjoy as an aperitif, as we did here, or with jamon serrano. The other three had been aged for 25 years: the Palo Cortado, which falls between an Amontillado and an Oloroso in style; an Olorosso, a full-bodied sherry with deep, complex flavours and the Amontillado, which has nutty character with a touch of oxidation. I’d like to return soon when I could give them more time than is possible for me here, but it was an excellent way to end our meal. 

Spanish Cellar KLReview

The offerings at Spanish Cellar KL take on an added value when considering Victor’s knowledge of the history and provenance behind each dish and bottle. Imagine: the meat doesn’t just taste succulent; it carries the story of a family farm. The wine isn’t just delightful; it whispers of the sun-drenched vineyards from which it hails. Victor’s gift for weaving these narratives transforms a meal into a journey for the senses.

Victor’s background in restaurants shines through, but the exciting news is that his produce is also available for home cooks. While some items come in larger catering sizes, here’s a delightful solution: gather a group of friends (think 6-10 people) and reach out to Victor or Rafiq to host your own private dinner party. This approach recreates our engaging experience, filled with exceptional food and wine. Plus, you can split the larger portions amongst your group. Here’s an insider tip: Victor revealed a special price on produce for those who’ve dined at their charming space. So, grab your friends and shopping bags, and call them to discuss arranging your own unforgettable event!

Spanish Cellar KL Pan De Surtido - Fruit & Nut Round
Pan De Surtido – Fruit & Nut Round – A Perfect, Naturally Sweet Conclusion

Reasons to visit Spanish Cellar KL: Book a dinner or event, and you will receive a discount on purchasing delicious Spanish produce to take home. Grab some wine, a few tins of black mussels or sardines, some cheese, cold cuts, and those succulent ribs to store in your refrigerator, and you will surely impress unexpected guests with your hospitality. 

Spanish Cellar KL
C-0-3, Puncak Prima Condo, Jalan Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +6012 321 1987
WhatsApp: +60124960908
Link to Google Map
*Limited parking in the condo. Parking on the streets around the condo or in Plaza Damas a short walk up the road.

Spanish Cellar KL Opening Hours
*By appointment only

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