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Beauty & Co. – The Gardens Mall

Beauty & Co. – The Gardens Mall – High-tech Facials & More

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Beauty & Co. in The Gardens Mall is a comprehensive beauty facility with 26 treatment rooms under the supervision of a registered physician, Dr. Kathryn Koh Hsien Ju. The clinic offers medical aesthetic procedures, high-tech facials and body treatments, and several services designed to generate beauty from within. The founders have decades in the industry and made some significant investments to get the latest science into the centre, with several machines costing upwards of five million Ringgit! This is my first visit, and I get a feel for the place with a body massage and laser facial.

high-tech facials Kuala Lumpur
Beauty & Co.’s Main Entrance from The Gardens Mall
Beauty & Co. The Gardens Mall Dr. Kathryn Koh Hsien Ju
Dr. Kathryn Koh Hsien Ju

Beauty & Co. – The Gardens Mall

As mentioned, Beauty & Co. is home to cutting-edge equipment and highly trained professionals. The comprehensive menu encompasses everything from relaxing massages to high-tech facials to slimming treatments and injectables. Unlike similar-looking facilities, Beauty & Co. is a registered aesthetic clinic under the lead of a certified medical professional.

The clinic is fronted with a wall of flowers, which is a popular spot for selfies post-pampering, I suspect. There are receptions to the left and right, seating areas for consultations, and tea before and after sessions. One side has 18 treatment rooms, and the other has 8.   

high-tech facials Kuala Lumpur Consultation Area
Consultation Area
Beauty & Co. The Gardens Mall high-tech facials Kuala Lumpur Doctor's Consultation Room
Doctor’s Consultation Room at Beauty & Co.
Beauty and Co The Gardens Mall
Treatment Room
high-tech facials Kuala Lumpur Treatment Room
Treatment Room
Variety of Technology for Differing Needs
Variety of Technology for Differing Needs

Treatment Menu & Prices

On my first visit, I sign up for a body massage and a laser facial. They’re carried out in separate rooms, containing the equipment needed for each. It means I need to change rooms between sessions, but it’s also convenient for a toilet break (facilities are shared) and a leg stretch. Robes are provided, so there’s no need to redress with the switch.

Body Massage 

Beauty & Co.’s Signature Body Massage (90 minutes, RM 350) is customised to each client’s needs. A conversation with the therapist beforehand allows me to communicate my needs, areas of desired focus and body parts to avoid. With 90 minutes, the therapist has time to reach my entire body, and provide additional care for my back and shoulders, which are perpetually tight and in need of attention. 

The massage bed is heated, a welcome feature in the centrally air-conditioned room. It’s also nice to warm up the muscles, readying them for a good kneading. My therapist is confident and quiet. She checks my comfort level and desired pressure but does not chat. I appreciate this – especially following too many sessions with friendly masseuses, who would be lovely company over coffee but provide aural stimulation that is not needed when trying to relax.

Grapeseed oil has better absorption than many commonly used products. To finish, my therapist gives me a warm, wet washcloth bath, removing excess and avoiding any stickiness that can sometimes be present following an oil massage.

high-tech facials Kuala Lumpur Treatment Room
Treatment Room at Beauty & Co.

Copper Bright Facial

I follow the massage with a Copper Bright Facial (70 min, RM 500 introductory price, n.p. RM 600). Beauty & Co. has an extensive range of facials. My consultant suggests Copper Bright for my sensitive skin. She says that some guests call it the “party facial,” coming in for pick-me-up on the day of a big event. However, I know all too well with my sensitive skin not to try something new right before any special occasion. I’m prone to redness and sometimes break out after facials, so give it a week before I need to look my best.

The team uses a 3D camera to shoot my face from several angles. It provides a good baseline for comparison before and after the facial. It shows various layers and aspects of the skin in different modes, such as redness and pigmentation. While some of the perspectives might look like shots from a Halloween shoot, it does provide a clear comparison.

The Copper Bright Facial is a standard manual facial with the inclusion of a high-tech machine. It’s relaxing and cleansing like the common routine but gives immediately obvious and longer-lasting results. My technician, Sukii, cleanses, does the gentlest extraction, and exfoliates before passing the Norseld Dual Yellow system over my skin.

The FDA-approved machine is patented FEM Technology with dual wavelengths (578nm yellow light & 511nm green light). It’s prized for its safety for all skin types, including sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Vascular lesions, melasma, active acne, pigmented lesions, dull skin and bulky lesions are common issues targeted with this laser. One of the most significant selling points is that it’s painless, so no numbing cream is needed. It feels like a warm wand passed over the face – totally relaxing.

Each of two distinct wavelengths – 578nm yellow light and 511nm green light – plays a specific role in achieving the desired results.

The yellow light, powered by Norseld’s patented FEM (Fast Edge Micropulse) technology, delivers a powerful yet gentle burst of energy deep into the dermis. This triggers collagen production, the essential protein responsible for skin elasticity and youthful firmness. The FEM technology ensures minimal discomfort and virtually no downtime, ideal for anyone wanting an efficient use of their time.

The green light component targets unwanted pigmentation issues like melasma and sunspots. By targeting melanin, the green light breaks down these discolourations, promoting a more even and radiant complexion.

After the laser, Zukki applies a mask to my face and massages my neck and shoulders, allowing the mask to do its job. The facial finishes with moisturiser and sunscreen.

When I’m redressed and enjoying a post-treatment cup of tea, Zukki shares the before-and-after 3D photos. While the improvement is evident on a big screen, I can see in the mirror that my skin has more radiance and a more even tone.

Beauty & Co. The Gardens Mall Treatment Room for the Copper Bright Facial
Treatment Room for the Copper Bright Facial at Beauty & Co.
Beauty & Co. The Gardens Mall Cosy Post-treatment Area with giant fake flowers
Cosy Post-treatment Area in Beauty & Co.

Beauty & Co. Review

Cutting-edge technology, highly trained professionals, and a comprehensive treatment menu enable the team at Beauty & Co. to provide a unique and personalised beauty experience. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing massage, a high-tech facial, or a slimming treatment, Beauty & Co. has something to suit every need and preference. As a registered aesthetic clinic under the supervision of a certified medical professional, Beauty & Co. prioritises safety and efficacy, ensuring that clients can trust the quality of the services they receive. With its dedication to using the latest technology and providing a comfortable and welcoming environment, Beauty & Co. is worth checking out for anyone seeking to enhance their beauty and well-being.

Reasons to visit Beauty & Co.: The comprehensive menu of high-tech facials and skilled technicians means you’ll find something just right for your individual needs; a convenient yet private location on the fourth floor of The Gardens Mall; it’s fun and informative to see before and after photos of your skin taken with the 3D camera; with so many rooms and therapists, getting an appointment is usually not a problem; investment in the latest technology means optimised results. 

Beauty & Co. – The Gardens Mall
The Gardens Mall, Lot FF-221B, 4th, Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4th floor below ‘The Gardens Platinum Club’
Take the escalator or lift beside DOME to the 4th floor.
*Link to a Google map here

Beauty & Co. Opening Hours
Daily: 10 am – 8:30 pm

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