Montibello Hair Colour Malaysia

Montibello Hair Products, Malaysia –Hair Bar Estudio

Montibello Hair Products, Malaysia – Hair Bar Estudio

Monica Tindall

Montibello, a name synonymous with professional hair care, was founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 1967. This family-run business has carved a niche for itself with a commitment to quality, innovation, and the specific needs of hairdressing salons. I recently tried some of their signature products in a pet-friendly, vegan-friendly and wine-friendly hair salon in Bukit Jalil. More on all of the above shortly.

Montibello Hair Products, Malaysia
Montibello Hair Products, Malaysia

From Humble Beginnings to Global Recognition

The Montibello founders set out to create effective and reliable hair care solutions. Their initial focus on hair colour quickly garnered recognition, with their Cromatone line becoming a benchmark for quality within the sector.

However, Montibello didn’t stop at hair colour. Within a few years, they expanded their expertise to encompass skincare as well. Today, they stand tall as the first Spanish company dedicated solely to professional, global cosmetics for both hairdressing and aesthetics. While the skincare range has not yet reached Malaysia, Montibello’s hair line is alive and growing here.

A Spectrum of Solutions

Montebello offers a comprehensive range of hair care products catering to diverse needs and hair types. Some of their popular lines include:

  • Cromato/ Cromaxtrem: For vibrant, long-lasting hair colour
  • Decode: Specialised care for damaged hair
  • Finalfine and Finalstyle: Styling products for creating and maintaining any desired look
  • Gold Oil: Luxurious hair oil for deep nourishment and shine

The Spanish Touch in Malaysia

Montibello’s entry into the Malaysian market in 2023 was marked by a successful hair show and competition featuring the work of local hairstylists. This event helped introduce the brand to Malaysian consumers and establish its reputation in the region.

Roy Thean, director and founder of Hair Bar Estudio in Bukit Jalil, was chosen as the brand ambassador of Montibello for Malaysia. As part of this role, he travels yearly to the headquarters in Spain for training and updates on the latest products and developments in the industry. Few stylists in Malaysia have this incredible opportunity to regularly gain insight from international industry professionals.

At Hair Bar Estudio, Roy embodies the Spanish spirit of innovation and passion. He carries a range of Montibello hair products and, with that, the promise of internationally recognised quality.

Roy Thean - Director & Montibello Brand Ambassador
Roy Thean – Director & Montibello Brand Ambassador
Hair Bair Estudio Bukit Jalil - Pet-friendly, Wine-friendly & Vegan-friendly Salon
Hair Bair Estudio Bukit Jalil – Pet-friendly, Wine-friendly & Vegan-friendly Salon

Hair “Bar” Estudio – Bukit Jalil

I’m a regular at Hair Bar Estudio in Bukit Jalil. Roy and I have a similar passion for fine wine and could natter for hours about vineyards we’ve visited and our latest finds. Taking the “Bar” in “Hair Bar Studio” to new heights, you can see walls lined with evidence of his taste for a good vintage and a respectable craft beer or three. Clients with similar interests often bring in a bottle to pass the time while in the process of colours or treatments or waiting for their significant other to complete a session. They share a glass with the director, and Roy often has something to exchange in return.

Bring Your Own Wine & Exchange Drops & Stories with the Director
Bring Your Own Wine & Exchange Drops & Stories with the Director

Pet-friendly Hair Salon KL

Quality products, top-notch stylists, and a love for a good drop have been consistent with my visits. However, Keke, the resident cute cat, is a new addition to the family. After curiously inspecting my laptop and bag and navigating around my seat, she took a spot on my lap, ready for a cuddle. The hair salon is pet-friendly. Well-behaved furbabies are welcome to join the party. There’s a small grassy space out back and a lounge area with cement flooring away from the workstations. It makes for a friendly atmosphere, and I settled right in with my new snuggly friend to consult on what’s next for my locks.

Keke the Resident Cat
Keke the Resident Cat
Hello, Keke the Cat! Pet-friendly Hair Salon in Bukit Jalil
Hello, Keke! Pet-friendly Hair Salon in Bukit Jalil
Pet-friendly Lounge Area in KL Hair Salon
Pet-friendly Lounge Area

Montibello Cromatone

Head stylist Jun Lim noticed my rainbow of blonde, a result of several fun experiments over the past six months. She suggested a colour to cover most of the grey regrowth and return the length to a consistent hue. Not wanting to damage the hair any further—I bleached it several months back, and my locks are still suffering the damage—she suggested a warm brown. It would take me a few shades darker, so no bleach was required. Cromatone 7.63 was prescribed.

Karmen got to work covering the crown& to tips in colour and massaging the product in. After a final check and secondary work through by Jun, the dye was left to penetrate. It was followed by a diligent rinse, and then we moved on to the treatment component of the session.

Montibello Hop Hair Treatment Malaysia

Hot from the docks, Hop hair treatments by Montibello are the latest product to hit Malaysian shores. The vegan-friendly, plant-based protein is fully customisable. This range focuses on high-performance hair care through bioscience, utilising algae to target eight key aspects of hair and scalp wellness, including hydration, nutrition, balance, strength, colour protection, frizz control, volume, and shine. Stylists assess individual needs and then make a cocktail from the range to address each issue.

There’s no waiting for a lengthy, somewhat uncomfortable time under a hot steamer, either. The latest in science is the use of a nano-mist sprayed on the hair for moisture and ultimate penetration. The particles are so tiny that there’s no need for heat to reach the depths of each strand. The results are smooth, frizz-free, and well-hydrated hair. The products smell amazing, too—soft yet enticing. 

Hair Cut

Lastly, Jun gives me some long layers to frame the face and soften the haircut. The cut is just the right amount to give bounce without looking feathery.

Hair Cut, Styling & Montibello Colour Menu & Prices Malaysia
Hair Cut, Styling & Montibello Colour Menu & Prices Malaysia
Perming & Montibello Treatment Menu & Prices
Perming & Montibello Treatment Menu & Prices

Montibello Hair Products Malaysia Review

Hair Bar Estudio offers a unique salon experience that can customise solutions for your hair’s needs with Montibello’s high-quality products. Their stylists are knowledgeable and use innovative techniques like the new Hop hair treatment and nano-mister. Plus, the salon boasts a welcoming atmosphere – it’s pet-friendly, allows you to bring your own wine, and even has a resident cat named Keke for some cuddle therapy. Whether you’re looking for a natural-looking hair colour, frizz control, or just a relaxing experience, Hair Bar Estudio is definitely worth a visit. 

Reasons to visit Hair Bar Estudio: high-quality Montibello hair products; try the latest Hop treatment customised to individual needs; natural-looking hair colours that add shine; pet-friendly salon; bring wine or craft beer and connect with the director over a good drop.

Hair Bar Estudio
Ground Floor, P-9, 01, Persiaran Jalil 3,
Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Link to Hair Bar Estudio on Google Maps
+6 03 9765 3858
**Vegan-friendly products
***BYO wine and craft beer

Hair Bar Estudio Opening Hours
Thursday to Tuesday: 11 am – 8 pm
Wednesday: Closed

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