Peranakan Afternoon Tea One-Ninety Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Peranakan Afternoon Tea, One-Ninety Bar Singapore

Peranakan Afternoon Tea – Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

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Candlenut, the world’s first Michelin-starred restaurant specialising in Peranakan cuisine, has teamed up with Four Seasons Hotel Singapore to offer guests a journey through the flavours and traditions of this culture. The Peranakan Afternoon Tea experience combines the restaurant’s award-winning dishes with the hotel’s renowned hospitality. The menu features a selection of Straits-Chinese dishes showcasing the essence of Peranakan cuisine. These signatures are complemented by classics given a playful twist. 

Candlenut, led by Chef Malcolm Lee, serves refined Peranakan recipes that preserve tradition while adding innovative flair. Located in a former military barracks in Dempsey Hill, Candlenut has become a destination for food lovers seeking an authentic yet modern dining experience.

One-Ninety Bar is Four Seasons Hotel Singapore’s all-day-dining venue. Inspired by the nearby botanical gardens, the restaurant features both indoor and semi-alfresco areas adorned with plentiful greenery. Surrounded by a lush landscape and basking in the warm glow of sunlight, the airy and inviting open-air terrace at One-Ninety Bar is our preferred seat. It’s overcast in Singapore. This, combined with abundant greenery and large ceiling fans, makes the outdoor terrace very inviting. We could spend hours here with the upbeat jazz tunes and water feature humming in the background.

One-Ninety Bar – Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
Peranakan Afternoon Tea - Garden@One-Ninety Singapore
One-Ninety Bar
Pretty Green Patio Garden@One-Ninety
One-Ninety Bar

Peranakan Afternoon Tea, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

We settle in for an afternoon, intrigued by the collaboration and excited to discover time-honoured Peranakan recipes reinvented. Unlike many afternoon tea sets, guests can choose whether to have all the items delivered at once or staggered group by group. Many of the items, such as the scones, are made fresh and baked on the spot, so if you choose the entire set simultaneously, allow a short wait for the best quality.

Peranakan Afternoon Tea Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
Peranakan Afternoon Tea – Four Seasons Hotel Singapore


Candlenut’s chef-owner Malcolm Lee delivers Laksa Crab Cake and Mom’s Chicken Curry with Prata. The latter is more than just delicious; it’s the very inspiration for Chef Lee’s culinary passion. Passed down through generations, it’s a cherished family recipe that’s been a Candlenut favourite since the restaurant opened its doors in 2010. The former pays homage to the beloved local dish. The chef masterfully blends the bold and aromatic laksa gravy with succulent shredded blue swimmer crab, then deep fries the balls until golden brown.

At the same time, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore’s senior sous chef Kok Wah Loke provides Boston Lobster in an achar bun and King Salmon Otak with caviar on lemongrass toast. The lobster buns are petite white rolls filled with pickled veggies and topped with generous pieces of sweet lobster flesh. The toasts are spread with the fish mousse and finished with fresh crab. Both highlight the bounty of the sea with local flair.

King Salmon Otak Peranakan Afternoon Tea One-Ninety Singapore
King Salmon Otak
Laksa Crab Cake
Laksa Crab Cake – Peranakan Afternoon Tea at One-Ninety Bar
Mom's Chicken Curry
Mom’s Chicken Curry
Boston Lobster
Boston Lobster


Coming from Candlenut’s pastry chef, Phaik Choon Tan, are Kueh Salat and Cassava Kueh. A newcomer on the scene (since 2015), Kueh Salat is a Nyonya delight. This two-layered treat features creamy pandan-coconut custard on fluffy blue pea flower rice cake. Craving something different? Try the Cassava Kueh! It starts with creamy custard and then surprises with a light crunch from its caramelised sugar topping – hubby’s fave.

Executive Pastry Chef Audrey Yee serves Chempedak Crème Brûlée, Kaya Coconut Cake and Pulut Hitam from the hotel kitchen. A deep purple rice pudding, “Pulut Hitam,” is a Southeast Asian treat made with chewy black glutinous rice and rich coconut milk. The green cake is layered with sweet coconut jam and a delicate butterfly tuile. Lastly, the crème brûlée is not for the faint of heart. A close relative of durian, chempedak dominates with its vibrant pungency – approach with caution.

Peranakan Sweets on a tray
Peranakan Afternoon Tea Sweets


The obligatory scones are also delivered but with a distinct twist – Rempah Udang Scones with Clotted Cream and Pineapple Jam. Baked fresh, they’re still warm when they arrive. I try to photograph them quickly because scones are always best eaten fresh from the oven.

Rempah Udang Scones with Clotted Cream and Pineapple Jam Peranakan Afternoon Tea One-Ninety Singapore
Rempah Udang Scones with Clotted Cream and Pineapple Jam


Speciality tea or freshly brewed coffee is included in the Peranakan Afternoon Tea. Still, we highly recommend choosing Candlenut’s signature tea blend of oolong tea and butterfly pea flower infused with the aromatic essences of jasmine and pandan. It’s pretty in the ceramic cup with its blue hue and carries gentle floral aromas.

Peranakan Afternoon Tea Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
Oolong & Butterfly Pea Tea

Peranakan Afternoon Tea But Make it Boozy

Guests can add further fun to the Peranakan Afternoon Tea by topping up to include a cocktail (SGD 27). Beverage Manager Gabriel Carlos and Head Bartender Sophia Kang have whipped up locally-inspired craft cocktails, mirroring the Peranakan Afternoon Tea.

Chendol sees the beloved dessert reborn. This playful cocktail blends cachaça, coconut rum, red beans, and pandan with creamy coconut and lime. In Kang’s inspired creation, a taste of Southeast Asia meets Korean shaved ice (Bingsu). Expect refreshing, sweet, and subtle savoury notes, finished with vibrant pandan jelly strands.

Alternatively, Escape to the tropics with the Little Nyonya. This clear cocktail blends Ocho Blanco Tequila with sweet guava, fragrant jasmine, and a touch of nuttiness from soy milk.

Lastly, the Straits Old Fashioned puts a twist on the classic with Michter’s American whiskey, coconut, ginger, spices, and lime bitters. It’s innovative yet timeless.

Each of the cocktails is rather sweet, so if your preferences lie more towards the classics, Taittinger Champagne is also available by the glass. You can also sign up for a Taittinger Champagne tasting flight of three for SGD 168 per person.

Peranakan Afternoon Tea One-Ninety Singapore Straits Old Fashioned Cocktail
Straits Old Fashioned

Peranakan Afternoon Tea Price & Timing

The Peranakan Afternoon Tea at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore is available Saturdays and Sundays, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm, from March 2 until November 24, 2024. It’s priced at SGD 68 per person, including coffee or tea. Top up to SGD 88 to include a Peranakan-themed craft cocktail, or go all out with a Taittinger Champagne tasting flight for SGD 168 per person.

Reasons to try the Peranakan Afternoon Tea at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore: a beautiful showcase of local flavours in a lovely green setting; a chance to try recipes from the world’s first Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant; gracious service; fun locally-inspired, but sweet, cocktails.

One-Ninety Bar at Lobby Level
Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
190 Orchard Blvd, Singapore 248646
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Call +65 6831 7653 or WhatsApp +65 9455 3466
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Peranakan Afternoon Tea Timing
Weekends: 2 pm – 5 pm
March 2 until November 24, 2024

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