Pacific Gourmet, Mid Levels, Hong Kong

Fresh, fine food and fun! The team at Pacific Gourmet certainly make you feel welcome when you walk in. Offering a high-quality range of super fresh kinds of seafood meats, gourmet deli products and wines, they are very knowledgeable about their products and offer the freshest and finest of ingredients – guaranteed. My mouth is still watering thinking about the Tasmanian oysters I devoured, the marinated olives I consumed, the dips and cheeses I tasted and the wine and champagne I quaffed. If only I lived in Hong Kong, I would visit this place every week knowing that I whatever I purchased was top of the line. I’m sure I’d also be a regular to their Gourmet Ed classes where they teach a range of skills such as “how to shuck an oyster.” Don’t have time for a class? The in house butcher, all the way from Oz, is very happy to help you select the best cuts of meat for your dishes and to give you tips on how to best cook your selection.

Pacific Gourmet
Purveyors of Fine Foods
53 Caine Road,
Mid Levels,
Hong Kong
(852) 2898 9000
[email protected]

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