Tanzini, G Tower, Kuala Lumpur

I have a new favourite place in KL! Tanzini – located on top of the G Tower in Tun Razak, is part of KL’s first green hotel. The hotel itself is green and smart designed to conserve energy and reduce impact on the environment while maintaining a high level of comfort. Tanzini offers home-style Italian food with a high focus on fresh organic produce. With that being said it’s notyour typical pizza and pasta KL style Italian fare. There is a lovely selection of dishes consisting of fresh whole foods. It’s rare to come across a restaurant in KL where every dish you try is awesome, but I think I’ve finally found it in Tanzini. Personally, I think a great restaurant can be predicted even before the first dish has been served. If the bread on the table is something special, it suggests attention to detail and I have great expectations for what is to come. Tanzini did not let me down in this aspect. We were served three different types of breads with three dips to go with them. The mushroom and cheese mini focaccia rounds were so tasty I had a hard time controlling myself to not eat them all before the rest of the meal had even begun. Loved the organic omega 3 pan fried barramundi, the mushroom steak and lightly grilled veges. Desserts were hard to choose from so we ended up having three! Cheesecake and passionfruit sorbet were both delish. As if amazing food wasn’t enough, Tanzini also offers great open views of the city. I can’t wait to go back and try their lunch sets. Price wise, the costs are quite reasonable considering the quality of the food and the lovely atmosphere.

Level 28, G Tower
Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
03 2168 1899


  1. I'm sorry to report that I've heard the chef has changed and Tanzini is no longer offering the great food that it started with. I haven't been back recently to check it out for myself, but this message comes from quite a reliable source.

  2. Oh, Monica, too Bad, just wanted to go an try it!

  3. Went back again, nearly a year after the first visit. Ambience is still lovely, food is decent, but not yet worthy again of The Yum List.

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