Nahm Restaurant Bangkok

By Elizabeth Kendle

We enjoyed dinner at Nahm Restaurant Bangkok immensely. We selected the chicken salad from the yum (salad) menu and it was nicely balanced. Out of the curries, we chose the green beef rib curry and it was so spicy and rich but mere male said it was the best green curry he’d ever eaten. We chose a duck soup which was slightly pungent yet plain and the dtom yum soup was tangy. But I liked that and enjoyed every sip with curiosity for the flavours of the elements. Perhaps it was the lemongrass that indulged me. The mushrooms were simply cooked and fresh. The jasmine rice which is served complimentary was delightfully aromatic. I loved the simplicity and decor of this restaurant if that enhances taste at all but as this is the yum list – I just have to recommend Nahm restaurant for yum or ‘aroy’, as the Thai’s say. The complimentary pineapple appetizer was lovely too. Thoughtful is the detail, presentation and care with the food. The staff are professional in explaining the dishes they offer. My mother is Thai and her cooking is fantastic but this was unlike any other Thai food I have eaten. I will be going there again with my Thai friends to get their perspective and see if they agree.Nahm

Metropolitan Hotel
South Sathorn Road
Sathorn Bangkok 10120

Tel + 662 625 3388

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  1. Can't wait to get to Bangkok to try this place. 🙂

  2. Heading back to Thailand early August. Nahm is now on my list.

  3. Do you need to make a reservation for this place?

  4. Do they have sticky rice and mango? That's the best dessert in the world.

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