B Station, Ampang Waterfront

I wouldn’t go out of my way to get to this place, but… if you do happen to be hunting down renovation materials in this grotty part of town, B Station is a very pleasant escape.  With a clean and comfy atmosphere this place is packed with books, ornaments, plants, baskets and lots of cosy little corners. Their specialities are an interesting mix of hotdogs, Korean food and coffee.  I’m definitely not an expert on Korean food, nor hotdogs for that matter, but the dishes we tried were made with fresh ingredients and tasty.  The coffee was also surprisingly good considering it’s not made from 100% Arabica beans – although I’ve been learning lately that some blends with mostly Arabica and some Robusta can be quite appealing.

B Station
Ampang Waterfront
Taman Kosas
03 4280 2054
Joseph – 016 687 3751
David – 010 273 2733

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  1. Looks like a cute find. You're right – it's a challenge finding a clean and welcoming place over that way.

  2. Really? There's actually a place you'd eat at in that street?

  3. I've tried the hot dogs here and liked them a lot. They make their own bread too.

  4. I stumbled across this spot when I was looking for taps. I liked the Korean food.

  5. Sounds like a muddled up mix of food? Hot dogs, Korean and coffee…

  6. is it halal?

  7. yes it is

  8. is it halal ?

    • Hi Suhana, It's been a long time since I visited. I'm not sure. Best to give them a call… but you have reminded me that is something I need to check when I visit and remember to record. Warm regards..:-)

  9. how much of the cafe?

    • Hey there, I haven't been since this post. When I first visited the prices were quite reasonable. Everything as I remember was less than RM20… but now I'm not sure. Give them a call. 🙂

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