Eco Oasis, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Eco Oasis is a peaceful haven only seconds away from the bedlam and bustle of busy Bangsar.  A restaurant, shop, spa and host to various events such as cooking and lifestyle courses, this place provides refuge for the mind, body and tummy. Unlike some organic stores around KL, where a superficial knowledge of nutrition prevails and organic is used more as a marketing tool than a way of life, Eco Oasis has a different foundation. German owner, Elke Wollschon knows nutrition, lives it, breathes it, is always expanding her knowledge and thus her offerings at the store. She pledges to “never use anything artificial” such as “preservatives, MSG, microwave, transfats or Teflon coated cookware.” This transpires into a fresh menu of mostly plants, whole foods (very few processed items) and a growing raw food menu. Monthly specials and a host of creative concoctions give any health nut plenty to get excited about.
Don’t miss the Black Quinoa and Mango Salad (pictured above) – sweet lush mangos, with the nutty taste and texture of quinoa served in a light dressing with a hint of chili  – my idea of a perfect dish. For a light lunch or starter be sure to sample from the Raw menu the Sprouted Buckwheat Bread with the Parsley Nut Cream. That’s right, raw. The bread is not cooked, but rather dehydrated maintaining more nutrients and giving it a texture between a dense German bread, such as pumpernickel, and a whole grain crispbread such as Ryvita. Topped with a dairy free spread made of blended nuts, seeds and herbs, this plate is a winning combination. For a guilt-free finish, the mango no-cheese cheesecake is hard to beat – a not too sweet thick mousse like topping on a nutty base. The Raw food menu is lactose, gluten and sugar free. Many of these delicious bits are also available to take home alongside other house made snacks such as flax seed crackers, bread sticks and RAWnola.  Free wifi and a green dining area on the back patio cooled by ceiling fans are just fringe benefits.
Be sure to visit their website to check out directions before you head off to find this place.  It’s located in a dead end side street off Jalan Maarof only accessible in the direction coming from Jalan Bangsar, heading towards the Telawi streets. The turn is just before the petrol station – this petrol station is also a favourite spot for taxi drivers to refill with gas so cars are often blocking the entry to the small side street just before it. If this is the case when you arrive drive up the side of them and wave politely.  Someone will let you in to cut across the lane. Once in, there is plenty of street side parking. The bungalow is on the right, number 7. Walk up the narrow steps and you’ll find yourself in an organic sanctuary.

Eco Oasis
7 Jalan Riong (off Jalan Maarof)
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
+603 2284 2393
GPS: 03,07,643 N, 101,40,479 E
[email protected]

*** Sadly this spot has closed down. Keep your ear out though for workshops and programs offered by the vivacious owner, Elke.

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  1. Is this place new?

  2. Oooh, raw food. Just got back from NY and raw food is everywhere. Least expected to find it here in KL.

  3. I love quinoa.

  4. I want to try the first thing on the raw menu – zesty coconut soup. That sounds interesting.

  5. Seriously, guilt free no cheese cheesecake! Is that possible?

  6. The menu looks fascinating. Goji berry ice cream sounds heavenly! 😀

  7. Black Quinoa and Mango Salad sounds delicious!

  8. Went there on the weekend. GREAT recommendation! Loved the coconut soup!

  9. good to see the organic scene is on the rise

  10. Sadly this spot has closed. Keep your eye out though for courses and products sold on line by the very knowledgable Elke.

  11. Yup organic food scene on this rise …..and back down, shut down.

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