Malaysian International Gourmet Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ask anyone 10 years ago about the food scene in Malaysia and you would have heard ravings about the best nasi lemak or laksa stall in some back alley, street corner or under the third tree behind the entrance to the LRT station. The Malaysian International Gourmet Festival has changed all of that though. Striving over the past 11 years to promote the fine dining scene in Malaysia, MIGF has done wonders in lifting the standards, recognizing local talents and putting gourmet cuisine into the hands of the masses.  With the current, “It’s Raining Chefs” tagline, ask the same question again today and more likely than not you’ll hear more fine dining restaurants creeping into, and possibly even dominating, that conversation. Be prepared to be dazzled during the month of October, as chefs around the city showcase their specialities via three to twelve course set menus, many with the option of wine pairing, for very affordable prices. Seriously, please tell me where else in the world you can get a six course meal with wine pairing for far less than $100USD. Chefs are determined to wow you with imported ingredients, superb service and special offers such as free drinks, desserts and discounts when you dine with them this festival. Judging from the gala opening event, quality ingredients and creative cuisine will be a highlight. Be prepared for interesting uses of old ingredients such as watermelon carpaccio and delectable desserts with the perfection of the macaron. Twenty eight participating restaurants around KL provide endless options for inspiring your taste buds.
Visit for information on menus, prices and participating restaurants.


  1. Looks like a great food month ahead.

  2. What restaurants do you recommend trying?

  3. The macaroon photo is making my mouth water.

  4. Thank you for sharing! Very useful!

  5. Looks like a good excuse to get out and do some more eating in KL this month.

  6. I was wondering what restaurant do you recommend? Have you had a chance to sample many of the festival menus yet?

  7. I'm looking for a menu that does wine pairing very well. What do you suggest?

  8. Can't wait for you to review some of the MIGF's restaurants! =)

  9. I missed this last year. I hope to get a chance to sample some menus this time around.

  10. Damn, I'm away this whole month. Looks like I'll miss out this year.

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