Food Haven, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

*** Sadly this place is no longer open

Not so long ago, Ampang would have been the last place I’d choose to go out for a meal.  In recent years though, new and exciting places have been sprouting all over the area. Take Jalan Ampang Hilir for example, we now have not one, but two organic cafes within a few bungalows of each other.  Perhaps not so great for the owners, but fantastic for consumers. I posted recently about Earth Food, this post is about Food Haven, which now occupies the space previously held by Earth Food and is run by the lovely lady who also operates the spa. Besides the progressively green setting and the fact that supporting organic produce is an environmentally responsible thing to do, there are a couple of other factors that will keep customers coming back to Food Haven:  
1.  The Spa – currently expanding with products, treatments and space
2.  Fresh and packaged organic produce (organic breads are delivered Wednesdays)
3. Organic baby food with gourmet blends sounding so delightful that I want to try them for myself such as Quinoa with Capsicum, Mango Chicken & Mint, and Avocado Apple & Lentil. 
4.  The food – wholesome dishes kept simple with the same organic produce sold in the store.  I recently became hooked on their Pesto Spaghetti enlivened with pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes and tender slices of free range chicken. The pesto is of course made fresh and tastes nothing like the overly processed packaged versions all too common around KL. 
Again, lucky us, looks as though Ampang businesses are finally starting to fulfill the desires of the huge number of expats in the area.

Food Haven
12 Jalan Ampang Hilir
55000 Kuala Lumpur
+603- 42523100

*** Sadly this place is no longer open.

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  1. The food does look good, all natural eh 🙂

  2. Is that pumpkin soup? Looks good.

  3. Good to know.

  4. Like the look of that pesto chicken pasta.

  5. Is the entire menu organic, or just some of it?

  6. I want to eat the baby food too.

  7. How can it be that I live only a couple of block away and didn't know about this place? Shall look for it this week.

  8. Can you order gluten free bread?

  9. Do they do healthy desserts?

  10. Any off days?

  11. I'm interested in the fresh bread. Do they take orders?

  12. How long does organic bread last for?

  13. I am new to town and here is one of the only tasty cappuccino's I have had so far….I will however be trying some of your coffee recommendations.

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