Mosaic, Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The newly refurbished all day dining restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental, Mosaic, is sure to titillate the senses with its kaleidoscope of subtle colours, striking patterns and artful lighting. Designed by the award winning Spin Design Studio based in Tokyo, Mosaic as the name suggests, carries the tessellation theme through from flooring to tiling to lighting and displays. Open cooking stations and friendly chefs aggrandize the atmosphere. In the evening you’ll be dazzled by the hundreds of hanging light sources, by day book early and request a seat by the window to appreciate the lush landscaped gardens. 
Mosaic offers both a la carte and buffet meals. Buffets often leave me disappointed. They tend to overwhelm and excite you visually but are generally filled with an endless array of very average dishes leaving you full but unsatisfied with no memorable highlights. Mosaic, though is a different story. Portion sizes on display are small. When items dwindle dishes are freshly replenished. Say goodbye to soggy salads, dried out stews and sloppy presentation. Chef de Cuisine, Raymond Abour Jeily, focuses on quality rather than quantity and with an endless list of 5 star restaurants on his resume, feel assured you’re in capable hands. Local food sections serve traditional Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines, while the international pasta and grill sections offer a few twists and surprises. For me the cheese, grill and dessert sections deserve the limelight. Imported French and Italian cheeses currently dominate with selections from Spain and other countries soon to be joining them. The giant parmesan round is not to be missed and is especially delightful with a dollop of fruit jam. My favourite main of the spread is the marinated fish and veges from the grill, while my tasting partner loved the barbecued lamb and beef. Starters and mains at Mosaic finish at well beyond average, the winner of the buffet for me however is the dessert section. If I could eat only one sweet for the rest of my life it would be the macaron cake. Yes! A macaron the size of a cake – crispy outside, chewy middle, delicious gooey filling – need I say more…
The lunch buffet will set you back RM88++, dinner RM 108++ or RM128++ for the weekend.  Elite membership, gets you two for one dining. 

Ground Floor
Mandarin Oriental
Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2179 8881
[email protected]

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  1. OMG… a macaron cake? This is way to awesome!

  2. I've been wondering about how the new place is. Will have to check it out.

  3. The desserts look delicious. I'm going to get over there this weekend just for that macaron.

  4. That's one enormous parmesan ball!

  5. The macaron cake looks great!

  6. So close to Ampang! I can get here so easily. I didn't realize there were any decent eating places around KLCC. I've been unimpressed with what Suria KLCC has to offer. Good to know there's a decent place nearby.

  7. Tell me more about this Elite card you've mentioned. Have price sounds like a good deal.

  8. What is their breakfast like? I'm looking for good Western style breakfasts in places with nice surroundings for the weekends. While I love rice and noodles in the evenings, I just can't do it for breakfast. Give me pancakes and eggs please.

  9. Reno has come up well. About time that place had a makeover.

  10. Is the lunch and dinner menu the same?

  11. Great that you like our Macaron. You can buy them in The Mandarin Cake Shop as well


  12. Are those cherry cheesecakes in the picture above the macaron?

  13. What's the wine list like?

  14. Do they do a weekend brunch? Are drinks included in the price?

  15. The new design looks great. I also like the Japanese sushi and sashimi section. Small quantities but good quality.

  16. Just tried it out this weekend. Thanks for the recommendation. Like it.

  17. I'm quite fond of the cheese section too.

  18. I was there last weekend as well. Wow the Dessert section is a killer. So many choices.

    Who is the Pastry Chef there?

  19. Cherry cheesecake is my new favorite dessert.

  20. The Japanese seem to come up with the most brilliant interior design.

  21. Do they use organic produce?

  22. What do you have to do to be entitled for the Mandarin Oriental "Elite Membership" ?

  23. What do you have to do to be entitled for the Mandarin Oriental "Elite Membership" ?

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