Edo Ichi, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Gyu Suji Omelette

Yaki Gyouza
Yaki Soba
Tofu Steak
Not to my taste, but something I haven’t seen before – tempura batter bits served as a snack.

My Japanese cuisine repertoire is somewhat limited to sushi, sashimi, soba, curry, shabu shabu, teppanyaki and teriyaki. And even with those dishes I can’t proclaim to have profound knowledge. With this humbling fact in mind, I usually rely on my lovely Japanese buddy to order and explain what’s being eaten. But… with her not around, hubby and I were left to fend for ourselves at Edo Ichi in Solaris Dutamas. While wanting to branch out a little from our usual order, but being positively clueless, we chose randomly. I guess we were in luck this evening (or very hungry) as everything seemed to be uber good. Japanese tofu, yaki soba, gyu suji omelette and yaki gyouza were more than enough to fill our tummies and satisfy our taste buds. A total bill of 62RM seems to be reasonably priced Japanese food to me. The place was full when we dined, but the service fast. A large fish tank dividing the dining area made for more intimate spaces and you can’t go wrong with an open sushi bar where you can see it all being made fresh to order. This was our first visit, but I would definitely go back again.

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant
A4-G1-1, Solaris Dutamas
1 Jalan Damansara 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 6205 5228

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  1. Looks like you didn't order any fish this time around =)) hhehhe

  2. wow, that looks like a lot of bonito flake shavings, on both the yaki soba & the tofu steak. i love it as a topping on japanese food. it really bathes the recipes with flavor & texture 😀

  3. I Too often choose by random when I'm foreign to the type of cuisine and dats what making the whole dining experience fun! Hehe

  4. Smitten – yeah, the more I learn about the impact what we eat has on our eco system the less inclined I am to eat too much protein.
    Sean – ahh, so that's what those shavings were – bonito flakes – I still have so much to learn with Japanese food
    August – I'm a bit fussy so the random choosing is not such a thrilling experience – I'm always wary that I'll get some animal body part that I'm not so keen on digesting! 🙂

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