Which fish?

I love seafood! I would choose fish over any land animal any day. Our over consumption of products from the sea and unsustainable fishing methods, however, are causing great harm to our oceans. By unconscious eating we are putting the sea and our whole eco system out of balance. The World Wildlife Fund Malaysia has published a great resource to help us make informed choices when it comes to purchasing those delectable sea creatures. Colour coding enables you to see at a quick glance what it’s okay to eat, what you should eat only occasionally and what you should avoid buying altogether.
Here’s the link to find out a little more information about the why and how:
And here’s a link to the downloadable guide: (available in Bahasa, English and Mandarin)
And yet another resource to help us make sustainable choices is the blue MSC label, indicating certification through the Marine Stewardship Council.  www.msc.org
So, look out Pacific salmon, South African hake and Western Australian rock lobster! With MSC approval you might just be making a star appearance on my dinner plate very soon.  


  1. Oh dear, my favorite silver pomfret is on the red list!

  2. i must admit, i think i'm more of a beef/duck/chicken fan compared to a seafood fan, but ya, i have tried to avoid endangered fish like chilean sea bass. i guess that generally, it feels cheaper to eat meat though, since good fish & seafood can be relatively pricier…

  3. We were forced to eat Morton Bay Bugs as children and hated seafood ever since but i recently – in the last few weeks – tried Salmon and it was really nice. After 30 years of being scared of seafood I think it might be time to try it again

  4. Smitten – uh oh!
    Sean – yeah, you're right seafood can be pricey.
    Expat wife – Mortan Bay Bugs – yum! No doubt our childhood experiences with food effect us more than we can imagine.

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