Anyone for Coffee, Mt. Tamborine, Gold Coast, Australia

A year after our last visit, we checked back in to Anyone for Coffee and found more of what we liked originally (regionally grown organic coffee made well) and a few new features too. Menu expansion includes some light meals as well as weekend BBQs on the deck. Hubby loved the fluffy white pancakes and the Mars Bar latte – caramel, chocolate, coffee – just like the bar 🙂 This spot still seems to be the pick of locals for coffee with a steady stream of both fellow shop owners, residents and tourists getting their daily caffeine fix. If you have time you can join Barry and Nerida for a barista course too – whether you’re thinking of making coffee professionally or just want to work that machine you have at home with a little more expertise a few hours of instruction might be just what you need. More info on last year’s post too. 

159 Long Road, Gallery Walk,
Mt. Tamborine,
Queensland, 4217
+61 07 5545 2939

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  1. mmmm, queensland, i've never been. i have fond memories of cafes in adelaide & restaurants in sydney (though it's been too many years, and i've forgotten all their names), but i'd love to explore the rest of what australia offers eventually 😀

  2. Queensland is beautiful with beaches, mountains and forests – the great outdoors. Do let me know when you make the journey. I will be sure that you know where to go to be well fed 🙂

  3. Really Queensland is beautiful….and these dishes looking so delicious
    Barista courses Adelaide

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