Dive – Living Off America’s Waste

Recently I watched the thought provoking film, Dive – Living Off America’s Waste, by Jeremy Seifert. At only 53 minutes it is chock full of facts about food production and waste in the USA. Mind boggling figures and comparisons made me rethink everything I consume and waste personally and left me wondering what are the figures like for the rest of the world. The documentary follows a group of dumpster divers in Los Angeles. These are educated men, not bums on the street, who get the majority of food for themselves and their families from the trash bins of supermarkets. The tremendous amount of food wastage blew my mind and left me feeling sick thinking of the millions of needy people in the world and knowing that most of the excess ends up in landfills (another problem altogether). Does anyone know what food wastage in like in Malaysia? What happens to food from supermarkets when it’s close to the expiry date? Does it get thrown out or is it donated to shelters or non-profit organizations to feed the homeless or others in need?



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