FLOW – What is the state of our water supply… really?

Oh my… Flow: For the Love Of Water, is another DVD that makes you truly think about the state of the world and how lucky we are to live in Malaysia where most have access to a reasonably clean low cost water supply. It seems the human races’ general lack of respect for our natural environment combined with for-profit water companies are quickly leading us down a very sad and unhealthy path. The movie raises the question, “Can anyone really own water?”  What do you think?


  1. Water is not a property, water is not a commodity and it does not belong to anyone. It is a source of life. Unfortunately, big companies like coke, pepsi, spritzer and nestle are raping the nature for profit, to be distributed to their shareholders- and who are these shareholder? Ppl like Warren Buffet, bankers, Invt Managers, pension fund holders..and the list go on and on. We are actually responsible for this entire chaos. We have nobody to blame but ourselves.

  2. It is not only terrible what we are doing to our environment but what we are allowing huge corporations to do too. Where is the control? Who monitors and in whose interest?

  3. You might b interested in this as well – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSxaVcJ1sDA&feature=related
    Happy watching..

  4. I think most people just go blindly about their lives and don't think any farther than their kitchen sink.

  5. You should watch Blue Gold – very informative.

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