Mochi Sweets, The Gardens, Bangsar, Malaysia

Drawn to a hovering crowd, like an insect to the light, I discovered the Mochi Sweets stand in Gardens Mall. Glutinous rice flour pounded into a soft chewy casing and filled with creamy not too sweet ice cream was the cause of the commotion. After making my purchase the vendor told me to wait 30 minutes for the ball to defrost allowing the skin to turn soft before consuming. What? Wait? Sugar in my hands and I can’t have it immediately? I did indeed try to wait but impatience got the better of me and I bit into my Caramel Macchiato Mochi after just a few minutes and nearly cracked a tooth. After failed attempts to hasten the defrost time through rubbing the packet and putting it next to hot food hubby took my packet and enforced the remaining 23 minute delay. Biting into the then ready Mochi Sweet I appreciated that these petite rounds of gummy goodness are worth the wait. Chomping into the quaggy outer layer to release the creamy innards is a real treat.

Mochi Sweets
Japanese Luxury Deli
Food Court @ The Gardens

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  1. i'm wondering if mochi will ever be as popular as macarons in kl! i figure the best of these japanese treats are every bit as enjoyable as the french confections 😀

  2. Good thought… these mochi were good – the thawing time though is for the patient. Macarons – instant satisfaction! I do think it's about time KL got a new dessert craze though.

  3. Yeah, the thawing time irks me too. I don't like starring at my food for so long!

  4. i saw this stall too n there is a lot of ppl around it…..
    it looks good n should be very nice too..

  5. Japanese ice cream?

  6. These bring back very fond memories of Japan. They were a favorite after school snack.

  7. Mochi Sweets have a permenent outlets at THE GARDENS, 2nd floor. Very nice mochi….

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