Afternoon Tea @ The Pressroom, Bangsar, Malaysia

After a day of shopping at BSC, a fitting spot to take a rest and refuel is The Pressroom. The breezy open setting yawning out to a verdant oasis is perfect to regain your breathe and recharge your tummy. Ideally choose a table adjacent to the garden to make the most of the green views and al fresco feel.  This peaceful, familiar setting is clearly a place with a loyal following of returning customers. As we sat and enjoyed the surrounds a number of families streamed in, warmly greeted by name and children excitedly showering staff with hugs.
Afternoon Tea was what we came for and we enjoyed a set for two costing 68RM including: in-house made scones with French jam and clotted cream; an assortment of sweets – noteworthy lemon tarts; a number of finger sandwiches – egg, salmon, cucumber; and a selection of premium loose leaf teas. Coming from a line of country scone bakers with recipes being passed down through generations and having the champion community scone maker as my mother, I feel quite qualified to judge the worthiness of a scone. Best had straight from the oven, steaming hot so the butter melts off your knife, I’m yet to find a restaurant that is able to rival my mum in the scone making field. Putting my clear bias and high expectations aside, in terms of what is out there commercially the pastry chef at The Pressroom has done an admirable job. These scones are light, feathery and well risen. The jam and cream are adept complements to the moisture level and subtle sweetness of the dough. With my mum being so far away, The Pressroom offers an adequate substitute for which I’d return. 
The Pressroom
Lot G110 Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre,
Jalan Maarof, Bangsar 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No.: 603 20958098
Fax No.: 603 20951089
Email: [email protected]


  1. nice and green

  2. I like a good scone. Many you find here are more like rock cakes than the fluffy dough I like.

  3. That long wooden table in the picture at the top looks like a great place for a group of friends to hang out. What are their drinks prices like? Do they have a happy hour?

    • Happy Hour at The Press Room is from 4pm – 8pm Monday – Saturday and all night long on Sunday.

      Beers on tap include Kronenbourg, Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegaarden, Erdinger and of course Carlsberg.
      But something to look out for is the extensive wine list that they carry. They also have a decent cocktail list.

      Operating Hours are from 12 noon – 2am on weekdays & from 8am – 2am on weekends and public holidays.

  4. that's healthy praise for the scones! i've enjoyed the dinner dishes at the pressroom (very well-prepared food), but i've never had afternoon tea here before. i wonder, if there were a scone-making tournament in KL, which eatery would emerge as champion. maybe your mom could be a judge! 😀

  5. the scones seem to be well risen i like them with vegemite

  6. Three years already! It seems like yesterday when they first opened.

  7. Scones … will b great with handmade fresh cream ….
    remind me of the scones i had in Australia.. yummy yummy….

  8. its been some time since i've been to the pressroom. The afternoon tea looks awesome and it means a reason to return quite soon. i hear the scones calling me…

  9. Clotted Cream is the way to go for Yum Scones 🙂

  10. Afternoon tea. If only I had time to have a break in the afternoon, this looks like a place I might enjoy.

  11. So where would you say is the best place for afternoon tea in KL? I like Ritz and MO.

  12. I didn't know they serve high tea here. thanks for sharing..

  13. awesome chandelier!

  14. Smitten – I think the high tea is a new thing.

  15. I usually go to La Bodega next door. Next visit I'll give Pressroom a try.

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