New Mixologist & Cocktails @ Tate, The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Inventive mixologist, Karl at Tate, The Intermark, has been letting his creative juices flow and designing some decidedly memorable cocktails. Using some classic mixers and adding a touch of local flavour some of his newbies are a cheery change to the regular list.
Each comes with its own story…

As described by Karl…“the Benne Angos (first picture), is a drink I created for the Angostura Cocktail Challenge 2011. I didn’t win anything, but I’m happy ‘cos everybody loves my drink! That’s a WIN for me. It was inspired by “Jungle Bird”, Malaysia’s very own and earliest cocktail. Malaysia’s lucky to have almost everything, so it’s easy to source ingredients.” Karl was kind enough to share his recipe with The Yum List so here’s what you’ll need to whip up your own Benne Angos: 
2 ½ tsp       Roasted sesame seeds
7 dashes     Angostura bitters
15ml           Sugar syrup
20ml           Fresh lime juice
40ml           Fresh pineapple juice
50ml           Angostura 1919 Rum
The final pictured cocktail is a recipe by Karl’s friend, and well known New York mixologist, Audrey Saunders of Pegu Club. This was my favourite of the evening – a lychee martini topped with egg white froth –  I loved the Pisco Soury twist accomplished with the foam crest. 
Ally Meet Early (second photo) held the winning combination for my drinking companion who is a bit of a gin fan. It is a delicious blend of Earl Grey tea mingled with the traditional ingredients for a lychee martini. The story of Ally Meet Early is a lively anecdote unable to be done full justice in this space. When you visit Tate, be sure to strike up a conversation with Karl. As with all legendary bartenders, he will more than gladly spin you the tale behind the name and whip you up some tailor made-to-your-own-taste creations. 
Link to previous post on Tate, Dec 6, 2011.

Ground Floor (Look for the hat)
The Intermark
Jalan Tun Razak
50450 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. looks like an interesting cocktail …
    Pineapple + Lime should be a good combination
    Long time didn't drink cocktail

  2. oooh, i think i met karl, but i didn't have the presence of mind to engage him in conversation the way you did. but he did seem very passionate and interested in whether we enjoyed his cocktails (which we did!). KL needs more guys like him. most of our bars seem to be populated by bartenders who dutifully mix our drinks without really taking pride in their handiwork or challenging themselves to come up with something inspiring…

  3. cocktails are often deceiving. awesome colours. awesome taste. and that's when you get "conned" into a few glasses too many and the spinning starts! but nevertheless, cocktails are such awesome drinks to unwind and when with friends. not visited tate's for a few months. were the lights switched on for you during photography? i remember the place being very dim and cozy.

    • Yes! Unfortunately I never realize until I stand up that I've possibly seen one too many 🙂 We actually had cocktails with dessert so we were sitting at After Ate and Karl kindly brought the cocktails out to us so the lighting was much better.

  4. Ooh, I don't drink so much alcohol. Only socially.
    Pineapple is one of my top fave fruit! I like everything about apple! 😉

  5. I love a good cocktail. Especially fruity ones.

  6. I much prefer wine over a cocktail. I find cocktails to be dangerous!

  7. visited Tate a few weeks ago with friends the set up is cool but i didn't like all of the smoke.

  8. lychee martini topped with egg white froth? I understand lychee, but egg white froth?? This is something very new! How does it taste like?? tell me tell me…

    • Have you had a pisco sour? It's a Peruvian cocktail made with pisco (white spirit), lime, sugar syrup, bitters and frothed egg white. It tastes very similar to that drink. The frothy egg white takes the sharpness out of the lime – thing meringue but not sweet…

  9. What are the drink prices? KL is getting more expensive by the day.

  10. pisco sour – i like those

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