Lunch at Living Food Cafe Bistro, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

More gratifying goodness from Living Food: Tomato tapas; fresh juice; new look for the raw pancakes accompanied by blueberry non-dairy icecream in a passionfruit cup; a tasteful trio of zucchini with pesto, bon bon and cashew cream sauces; and finally a happily unsinful raw version of the Canadian Nanaimo treat! See this previous post for more delectable dishes and a detailed commentary on Living Food

Living Food Bistro Cafe
G-04 Ground Floor Menara Tan & Tan
50400 Kuala Lumpur
+6 016 888 9123


  1. Wow! Pancakes look awesome!

  2. i guess that is zucchini not actually pasta?

  3. it's really impressive how they manage to make healthy food look so delicious, even to folks like me who are normally drawn only to meat & sinful stuff. am hoping they continue to do really well, and we'll see branches of living food in bangsar, in mont kiara, and all over KL 😀

  4. blueberry non-dairy icecream? My kind of ice cream…. =)

  5. the food is really unique…
    I m open to new thing…

  6. the food is pretty

  7. Rad – we've probably crossed paths at many restaurants and not even known it 🙂
    Simple Person – definitely worth being open to new things – especially delicious ones that are good for your body too 🙂

    • ah! because he may not be able to recognize you! but, wouldn't you two recognize each other because not everyone would take photos of their meals! 😉 😉 ahhaa

  8. they must be very creative with their food how do you do raw pancakes?

  9. It's unique and looking awesome..

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