Soo Kee, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Going from my healthiest meal for 2012 at Living Food posted yesterday right on to the unhealthiest but equally tasty at Soo Kee today. Well known by locals as one of the best char siew places in KL the evening we visited we saw this dish on every table. My local buddies and a number of foreigners in the know had advised that char siew is really the only dish to order as it is so good that anything else pales in comparison. It comes with rice and a plate of peanuts to nibble while you wait but we had to at least add some greens to balance out the heavily tipped scales – which were fresh and a welcome conscious saving side dish. So… the char siew – basically caramelized pork fat – so sinfully sapid that I wrestled hubby for the last piece and will need to run everyday for the next week to work it off. I later found out that you can ask for a portion with a higher or smaller meat to fat ratio. I don’t know that I would choose differently though – I’m a pretty good runner 🙂 

Soo Kee
373 Jalan Ampang
(near the junction with Ulu Klang by the overpass)
+603 4257 0767


  1. You might have to do quite a bit more running if you make char siew part of your diet.

  2. Fatty! This doesn't look like something that you would usually eat.

  3. mmm pork….

  4. good spot – this is great char siew

  5. littlekheong

    If you guys would like to visit this shop, i suggest you guys think thrice and not twice before you do so. No doubt that this restaurant bbq pork is nice but i really disappointed with the way they charged me. I'd been to this place twice and the first time experience was nice but the second experieced was really bad. In the first experience (12 Aug 2012) me and my wife went to this place for a quite late dinner. We ordered 2 persons portion of bbq pork and two fried noodles for each person respectively. Both my wife and me agreed that the dinner was quite nice so we settled the bill. The total charges was RM37 (fried noodles for RM8 each, chinese tea for two for RM3 and bbq pork for two portion shares was RM18. My wife and I thought RM18 was a bit overcharge but we did not complaint it since we think it's worth it but we asked the old uncle (he is the owner of the shop and he took the order from us) how much per person he charged for the bbq pork and he mentioned RM9. Well, we thought to ourselves, fair enough since the bbq pork was nice. Then yesterday (26 Aug 2012), we tried again the same shop for lunch but this round (this time, an old lady and i guess she is the uncle's wife and she took our order) we ordered a single person dish for the bbq pork. On top of that, we ordered one hokkien noodle and a fried rice with a pot of chinese tea. Both the hokkien noodle and the fried rice were for single person consumption. Then I told my wife that for this round, RM30 (RM16 for noodles, RM3 for the tea and RM9 for the single person portion of bbq pork) should settle the bill and this was based on the last experience we had when we settled the bill. So, we asked for the bill after we had our lunch. To our shock, the total bill was RM35!!! We checked the bill and noted the charges for the SINGLE PERSON CONSUMPTION bbq pork was RM17!!!! We thought there was a miscalculation on the bill so we asked the old lady how much she the charged for the bbq pork and she said RM17. Then i told her, last time we had almost the same dish but for this time, we only ordered single person consumption of bbq pork and the price is RM17?? She mentioned again: RM17!! My wife and I stunned for a while and i told my wife that i will never ever come to this restaurant again before we left this restaurant. My wife and I are really disappointed with the way they charged the bill.

  6. If you're one for "siew yuk" (Roasted pork) then I would suggest to you Restoran Wong Kee around Pudu.

    It's a little pricey and the queue is pretty long but it's worth the money and the wait in the end. Do try! 🙂

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