Biryani @ Fierce Curry House, Bangsar, Malaysia

Fierce Curry House is a mamak with a twist. While the name gives a hint, you’d never guess from the humble entrance what magnificent delights steam away inside. Not only will the solid wooden tables and hand painted mirrors get you reminiscing about the good old times in Bangles, but their Northern Indian home style cuisine will too. (Yep, this is a cousin to the renowned Bangles restaurant that used to reign KL.) But, beware! – there is one dish that you will need rehab for – one hit and you’ll be hooked. After months of R & D in highly reputed private and professional kitchens of Northern India, the victorious recipe for Fierce Hyderabadi dhum biryani was cultivated. This premium jewel of the store is claimed to be the best biryani in KL. With 27 ingredients and some six SECRET additions you will find no other in the city commensurate. Triple A fragrant white rice 15 times more expensive than the regular variety, no msg, no artificial colouring, and cubes of succulent bone free and fat trimmed meat, all fit together to construct this nonpareil creation. The five stage cooking process starts the evening before with the marination of meat, the following morning it is boiled down to a thick consistency, the first batch of spices are added and cooked, and then it is assembled, sealed and steamed, ready just in time for lunch. The pastry bracelet encircling the lid is made of chapati flour employed to seal the steam out and keep the moisture in. The result celebrates every grain of rice, each being consistent with its companions and edible down to the very last granule. Void of chewy charred clumps but bustling with colour and condiments this bold biryani is proving to be a crowd pleaser. Accompanied by yoghurt and dahl, people are lining up to pay the 18RM price tag for this aromatic dish. And… just when you thought biryani couldn’t be bettered… Fierce Curry House throws more intrigue into the mix. In addition to the current fish, mutton, chicken and vegetarian options, your experience will be taken to the ultimate level with lobster, prawn, scallop and venison versions all soon to be steaming up the pot. Borrowing from their catch line, for a brilliantly bold biryani, I tell you “It’s Fierce!” 
Open Tues – Sun 10:30am – 10:30pm 
** It is best to arrive early lunch time if you want to be in the running for the biryani
Fierce Curry House
16 Jalan Kemuja
Bangsar Utama
59000 Kuala Lumpur
+6 019 383 0945
+6 019 220 1945
+6 03 2202 3456
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  1. Thanks! Know what I'm going to try on the weekend 🙂

  2. what? no burnt bits at the bottom? none wasted ? you get to enjoy the whole pot? nice 🙂

  3. Definitely look d best Briyani…
    I m not so keen on Indian food….
    D lid can b eaten? Or just serve d purpose for cooking onli……..

  4. sounds like I know where I'm going for lunch this weekend

  5. gourmet briyani with lobster! awesome! fit for a maharajah, to borrow the old cliche! 😀 and it's pretty amazing that it's gonna be served at an outlet that looks completely ordinary from outside. looks are deceiving, to borrow another cliche, heh 😀

  6. very interesting presentation and of course an equally interesting name for a shop. must bring the hubster for this when his gout eases off. for now its celery and celery and more celery:P

  7. I haven't had good biryani for some time now. looking forward to trying this one

  8. Very interesting way of cooking the biryani. Haven had biryani for quite some time now. Are you a big fan of roti canai? =)

  9. LOL! @ "beware! – there is one dish that you will need rehab for" REALLY? ;))

    I would love to try the best briani in KL! I like nasi briyani! yum!
    BTW, why is it called mamak? is it the same as kopitiam?

    BTW, a suggestion, I think you should split the single super long paragraph into two or three paragraphs 🙂

    • Thanks for the suggestion. Have been thinking about rearranging the photos too… instead of having all the photos at the top and all the writing at the bottom… having more of a mixture with photos interspersed with the writing. What do you think?
      I think mamak just means stall here.

  10. Are their other dishes worth trying?

  11. What do they have for breakfast?

  12. Very good.. Should try

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