Brunch @ Living Food, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This chemical and preservative free is soap is made from the Sarawakian dabai or gana – a unique mini avocado like olive looking fruit found only in Borneo. Renowned for its high antioxidant, phenolic, magnesium, calcium and good fatty acid content, they’re not only edible but make a creamy soap perfect for sensitive skin. These soaps don’t bubble and froth like your typical chemical laden soap, but they will leave your skin feeling clean without any nasty reactions to an artificial base.
Sarawak Laksa made from organic black noodles, bundles of fresh veges and prawns also from Sarawak. Just as you’d expect from Living Food, everything is made from scratch containing no MSG or preservatives. Of note is the accompanying sambal made, not from fried seafood, but from organic fermented soy beans.

 Delicious mixed plate of nut creams and crudites. In the foreground the divine almond butter with dates and buckwheat granola. Dare I say the sweet heavenliness of this combo could even be a replacement chocolate?
Sandwich on organic whole grain bread with fresh coleslaw (no mayonnaise) and a sesame dressing.

Raw Hawaiin Pizza – incredibly addictive with a flax seed base, nut spread and mix of fresh, semi dried and marinated veges.

 Popular breakfast – the buckwheat granola with fresh fruit and almond milk.

 Raw sandwich, avocado, semi dried tomatoes, fresh greens.

 Thick refreshing Revive juice.

 Cheesy breakfast omelette. 
 Mushroom patties.
 Trio of zucchini.
Segafredo coffee.

 New look to their raw pancakes.

Tumeric rice with pomelo salsa, crunchy soaked sprouted dehydrated almonds and trio of organic rice featuring, the difficult to obtain, black rice from Barrio in Borneo.

Wild ferns from Sarawak with a deliciously sweet and tangy dressing accompanied by pomelo salsa.
Raw choc orange brownie. Crumbly and dreamy.
If you haven’t guessed it yet, Living Food is my current hallowed haunt for health food. Ali, the face of the business, greets and not only serves customers with professionalism, but is an encyclopaedia when it comes to raw food. Given an explanation of each dish in detail, customers come away not only topped up with nutrients, but a little more knowledgeable about their bodies and diet too. The chefs Emily and Erin work creatively away in the kitchen devising new dishes, refreshed presentations and experimenting with what local products are in season. The flux in menu keep things exciting and customers reappearing.  Recent posts on Living Food:  26 January 2012 & 11 January 2012
Living Food Bistro Cafe
G-04 Ground Floor Menara Tan & Tan
50400 Kuala Lumpur
+6 016 888 9123
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  1. organic food are really booming ya….
    nice healthy living .. n yet i still eating siu yuk… LOL…

  2. interesting fruits… they look like enormous olives

  3. so you are a healthy nut!

  4. Lovely dining with you as always. We should do another get together soon.

  5. Raw pizza? How does that work?

  6. The food look fantastic! Is the Raw Hawaiin Pizza a winner?

  7. that's quite a unique twist to sarawak laksa! traditionally it's a soupy recipe that can be pretty sinful. the pizza looks really interesting too … i love pizza, but the usual italian and fast-food versions are too much of a guilty pleasure ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Yums!
    I love the look fo the food here! Must head here soon…sigh.. why does it have to be so far from PJ?/

    • Funny, that's what I always say – why is such and such a restaurant it so far from Ampang? ๐Ÿ™‚ Very happy to have this one just around the corner from home.

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