Prego, Westin Hotel, Bukit Bintang, Malaysia

Prego has begun the year with a change in menu, music and prices. They carry on delivering some of their old crowd pleasers but are now offering options for the health conscious by giving a choice of wholemeal and gluten/ dairy free pastas and pizza bases. We tried out the new crab and broccoli pasta and the smoked turkey, asparagus and goat’s cheese pizza. Both were notably less oily than the regular menu which means I adored both and hubby added a little olive oil to get the taste he was looking for. As has always been the case, the service continues to be superb. The prices have increased, but if you have the Starwood Privilege Card you benefit from substantial discounts making Prego an affordable evening out.
Older posts on Prego:  September 1, 2011  & May 30, 2010.
Westin Hotel
Jalan Bukit Bintang
KL, Malaysia
+6 03 2773 8338

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  1. oh dear, prices went up? thats not very good.

  2. eeeek… I've once had goat cheese in a salad and didn't like it at all. It might be the cheese or the bad combination of the veggies in the salad that made the sick feeling in my stomach.

    • Goat's cheese does have a unique taste – especially if you haven't grown up eating softer and stinkier style cheeses. I take it you're not a gorgonzola fan then? 🙂

  3. Crab meat w/ brocolli pasta.. something special…

    • Both the broccoli and crab meat made for a very light but tasty pasta. Yes, it's pricey for KL unless you have some type of discount card such as the Starwood Privilege. If I remember correctly this plate with the wholemeal pasta cost around 50RM.

  4. dairy-free pizzas sound really unique! i guess it's nearly impossible to imagine pizzas like that. after all, dairy = milk = cheese to most of us. both the pasta and pizza that you had look quite scrumptious in any case =)

  5. haven't been to prego for a while it's time to revisit i think

  6. smoked turkey asparagus and goats cheese – sounds like a good combo

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